Haircut sheggy on short hair

Haircut sheggy on short hair

The list of current hairstyles on short hair includes many non-standard options. One of these is hairstyle Sheggy. It is concluded not only by the spirit of rockers of the 70s, but also naturalness. She talks about the originality of her owners, radiating luxurious carelessness, although it is a symbol of the rebellion against glamor. The modern its essence lies in elite careless femininity and fragile attitude of the created image. Consider a haircut More. We thank the network of beauty centers OLA for the information provided.


This short hair haircut is the embodiment of your direct translation – “shaggy”. In fact, it is a distinguished strand with different lengths and lying chaotic. This hairstyle is almost universal, as any girl may choose a suitable modification. True, it will have to take into account the features of a certain appearance.

Shinga Shinga comes not only to girls, but also quite mature women. In the second case, it is done for a small correction of age-related changes, which helps look younger and incent.

Pros and cons

Such a haircut is characterized by plenty of benefits. The main ones are:

  • giving volume with thin securing hair+
  • Ability to maintain the initial length of the hair+
  • Use with any form of face+
  • Universality relative to different hair structures+
  • Permissibility of execution at any age+
  • variety of styling+
  • Ability to easily adjust appearance.

Shearing Sheggy is a multi-layer and fairly structured, so the competent master can easily give thin hair the required volume. In this case, hair will not need to carefully lay.

For women who want to refresh or fully update their image, the final hair length is very important. Sheggy is distinguished by negligence and different length of strands, so if you wish, you can leave the initial length of the hair unchanged. This will not affect the final result.

In addition to the fact that the Sheggy comes to all types of person, with its help you can hide some flaws of appearance. Girls with a round face she will help visually pull the oval and hide full cheeks. An excellent option is such a hairstyle for masking of skin defects and wrinkles on the forehead.

She also suits girls of small growth. No matter how surprisingly, but with such a hairstyle they will seem a little higher.

Another problem is often disobedient hair that are very much and have a rigid structure. Competently made haircut turns such disadvantages in advantage when laying. Such a haircut almost no need to form after washing. Just sucking hair.

In addition, this haircut may serve as an excellent basis for different styling, including for solemn cases or secular events. And its variability allows you to change images and styles depending on the situation and onions.

Hairstyle Shinga in classic form implies the presence of a long straight bang. However, the modern guru of hairdressers are offered to use other options for bangs, and also believe that the Sheggy will be perfectly looked and without them.

But there are some minuses even with this haircut. In the case when the hair is strongly shaking, their mobilion will need to be performed very often. It is necessary in order for the deliberate negligence haircuts did not turn into frank negrimity.

Such a hairstyle is quite difficult to fix it yourself, as it is necessary for this not only special tools, but also the ability to comprehend and profile short hair on the back of the head. And this is not even taken even some masters. Therefore, when losing the shape of the form, it is necessary to update it in the hairdresser.

At the same time there is a short hair length, at which frequent cutting of the haircut may be impossible.

In some cases, it is necessary to wait for the time for the hair rustling of the desired length.

Who fits

Sheggi is a universal haircut that any woman can do. The fact is that changing the depth of branch, the length of the hair and the scale of thinning strands, the wizard will create an option that will suit the specific appearance.

The basis of such a selection is the owl of the face, as well as the presence of a violation of proportions on it. So, a short haircut is best to choose women with an elongated face. For Pukhlishki beauties, the presence of elongated strands will be an excellent solution. A significant milling will help balance the violation of proportions.

This haircut is most suitable for owners of bright appearance. She emphasizes the expressiveness of the eyes, cheered, as well as the puffles of the lips. The classic version of the Sheggy suits the owners of the aristocratic appearance.

Subtleties of execution

In order to perform a haircut Shinga, it is necessary to take into account the individual features of the face, adjusting the degree of puff. When working, the master pulls individual strands in different directions at an angle from 45 to 90 degrees, which creates the volume. The size of the captured curls is different, which helps to portray carelessness.

There is a specific scheme of actions with such a haircut.

  1. Moisturized and combined strands divide zal. That is, they are separated and hardened with clamps hair in dark, occipant, temporal and paint zones.
  2. Then the selected curls are captured and with a delay at the selected angle.
  3. You can evenly cut all zones or make an arbitrary length in each of them. In the second version, the hair looks moving and alive.
  4. When the base shape of the haircut will be created, you can proceed to Fillin. It is worth noting that there are not deep filin curly hair, because it can create an excessive puff.
  5. Increasing the shape adjustment and face framing.

SHESHBBI WORK CLASS Look in the following video.

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