Haircut Shinga: Features, selection and laying tips

Haircut Shinga: Features, selection and laying tips

Classic Sheggy came to us from the 1970s together with fashion for negligent compound tips in short hairstyles. In the literal translation from English, Shaggy denotes “Lochness” or “laidness”. Abroad, Shingg was something like fashionable laying or hairstyles, and, having reached the CIS countries, took one of the leading positions among the most popular full-fledged haircuts. In this article we will look at the features of the haircuts Sheggy, as well as provide you with valuable tips on laying haircuts with different hair type.


Distinctive feature of the shearing Sheggy in the intentional closer confusion on the head. The effect is achieved by laying a large volumetric crown and compound, which is fixed on the head in a scattered and disordered form.

Shinga is perfect as girls with rare thin hair – She will give them more natural volume and ladies with luxurious thick curls – naughty curls will only complement the image, and milling will relieve the hairstyle from excessive density.

Best of all, Sheggy fits girls with mischievous and looking for adventure character, she will give the image a little maiden naivety and simpleness. Conservative ladies should be abandoned from choosing this hairstyle, a general background of joy and vitality, how will she reward you, leaving all your external protective mechanisms.

Advantages and disadvantages

Any haircut has its advantages and disadvantages, and the sheggy is not at all exception. Let’s look at the main provisions that any fashionista, who wants to make such a hairstyle.


Their haircuts Sheggy great many.

  1. Effective and sloppy laid curls will never lose the relevance and haircuts of the Sheggy type will never be perceived by your friends and acquaintances as something tasteless.
  2. Thanks to the impact technique, the Shinga will be able to come under practically any style of clothing and hair color. This is a universal option for evening walks, gathering with friends and to enter the light.
  3. Hairstyle of this type is one of the simplest in laying. The whole procedure is a long version of the branch and hair thinning, followed by fixation and adjustment.
  4. Daily care for hairstyle – obviously not for Sheggy. This is exactly the type of hairstyle for which the morning and non-heavy hairstyle may look even more advantageous locked. If after sleeping the volume in the haircut will be lost, it will be enough to easily hide my head with my hands.
  5. Sheggy does not require a decrease in the natural length of hair, it can be worn as short-haired young ladies, and girls with long curls. You should not only forget that the longer the curls in the Sheggy, the volume will be hairstyle.
  6. If after other hairstyles, the natural look of the hair will be recovered for several months and more, then in the Sheggy you just stays waiting for the hair will minimally grow.
  7. This is one of the most gentle haircut methods that does not affect the integrity of the curls and the strength of the hair roots.
  8. Sheggy can become an excellent basis for other hairstyles and fashionable onions, this haircut looks wonderful in almost any color background.
  9. No restrictions on the texture of hair, here is equally great to look like light curls and straight hair.


They are much smaller, since the highlight of the Sheggy technology is to some extent and lies in the release of slurry and dishevement in the hair. However, they still have.

  1. Suitable only under a certain type of temperament, with strict and straight female character can create an unpleasant contrast. If we are talking about cold colors in the hairstyle, then this contrast will only play your hand – will give everything more rigor.
  2. Girls with a round face and overweight, the Sheggi is contraindicated, the volumetric top of a lush with a lush hairstyle will even more visually increase the figure and give it unwanted volume.

How to pick up?

Consider the main factors for which any fashionable can pick up the desired version of the haircuts Sheggy.

By type hair

Due to its unique structure, classic sheggy can look great both with straight and curly hair. Many fashion guards deliberately spout Locks to give hair even more sloppy.

However, with naughty and tougy curls, there may be a problem, usually the hair of this type is either thoroughly mounted, or straightened and then stacked.

Along the length of hair

Shinga’s haircut looks best on short and medium hair, as long strands in their weight can be undesigned to straighten up than the whole effect of slurry will spoil. However, you can resort to some tricks in the hairstyle, thanks to which this type of haircut will be successfully looked from any hair length. Let’s consider the features for each length of Read more.

On short hair

Haircut sheggy on short hair looks just great. There are several varieties of such a haircut for different styles and hair texture.

  • Sheggy-Bob – The most common option, where the whole hairstyle is a kind of cap of disheveled hair. Its most often can be found on fashion show and in mod magazines. This is the most universal option, which is ideal for both evening bows and everyday campaigns in cinema and regular walks.

  • Sheggy Gothik. Option for true brunettes with winter cold color. In this case, the hairstyle highlights the eyes, lips and eyebrows.

  • Sheggy-retro. Some mixture between haircut Shinga and Kare. In this case, a smooth and straight line is applied to fashionable, the rest of the hair is calculated and casually stacked.

  • Sheggy Ethno. More suitable blonde girls with long hair. This type of haircut is designed to give hair more naturalness and natural gloss.

Short hair has its own classic drawback, such hair is very quickly growing, they are refined, and, therefore, lose the overall appearance of the mess on the top. The smaller the hair on the head, the harder it is to make it possible, indeed, disheveled hairstyle.

On the hair of medium length

It is one of the most popular modern methods of medium length hair.

When laying a haircut Shinga on medium hair, it is worth remembering only one rule: a pleasant and even romantic dishevement hairstyles – this is not the same as ordinary non-heavy slope. Sheggy is an explosion, mess, apocalypse, if you like, but not a mustache with fatty hair and confused strands.

Already with medium hair under the weight and pressure of all curls, the branched strands may not look so wide and randomly, as I would like. In this case, it is recommended to use various styling agents: hairpots, modeling wax, foam, stylers. To give hair a larger volume, you can bind the ends of the curls modeling wax. Sharp tips will only strengthen the effect of chaos in the chapel.

If you are the owner of luxurious wavy strands of medium length, some part of the hair is recommended to straighten and put it with the help of a styler, and leave the rest of the shop unchanged.

On elongated hair

Sheggy does not particularly like long hair, as already mentioned in the article, but this can be cope with some means. We will look at them further.

  • Filling – the best friend of the girl in this case. The biggest minus of long hair for the Sheggy is that they significantly lose all hairstyle, because of what the general image of an increment can be completely lost.

  • Long-haired girls, who have already happened to meet with this type of haircuts, probably came across the problem of too much in hairstyle. The whole secret of the successful hairstyle in the long-haired Sheggy is to bang – it is she who plays almost a 50 percent role from the entire visual weighting of the face.

In this case, it is desirable either completely refuse bangs, limited to a longitudinal survey, or lay bangs back.

  • Another well-known way of laying long curls – through styling agents, even the most magnificent hair due to varnishes, foam and tonics can visually decrease in the amount.

Observing these small recommendations, haircut Shinga even with very long hair will look harmonious and stylish.

In color hair

Shinga does not require any special color variations, bright neon shades, black, brown and golden, red curls can look here. The main snag in maintaining the hairstyles, as well as in the selection of hair tips.

By type of face

Shinga looks differently with each type of person who distinguishes only 5. The relevance of the Sheggy to each we consider below.

  • Rectangular face face. For elongated persons with an acute or oval chin, SheGGi average type (preferably to shoulders) with oblique bangs. Big oblique bangs distract attention from wide and long forehead, the total length of the curl will remove attention from the long and sharp chin. Framing of the face through rounded curls focuses on the eyes and lips.

  • Square face form. Classic option for a square face will be short and medium-sized seggi. If you suffer from too straight lines in your face – it is also worth resorted to the help of oblique, elongated and torn bangs.

  • Oval face – Ideal for any length of the Sheggy and any bang. Ensure that the hairstyle harmonized with your shared bow and mood.

  • Round face Nees a middle-type sheggy, rare or strongly compounded curls are ideal for this option. The main task in the round oval of the face is to get rid of roundness in the hairstyle. This can be solved through asymmetric bangs and light asymmetry in the hairstyle. Moreover, the Sheggy, lowered a little lower chin, will visually pull out your oval faces, make it more smooth and correct.

  • Triangular face. Classic Sheggy On Short Hair This is best suited – the bulk and magnificent macushkin couple with short curls will remove the focus with the acute chin. Smooth or rounded bangs will smooth triangular traits.

It is better to remove the elongated curls directly from the face or simply lay them out for the ears – we can not be visually lengthened the chin.

With a bang

Chewka in a haircut Sheggy performs almost a major role, especially for short hair. It is from the laying of a bang depends on how the hairstyle will be perceived as a whole. Moreover, it is in the haircut of Sheggi Chelka can additionally hide unwanted wrinkles and pimples on the forehead due to a scattered structure, as well as focus on beautiful features.

There are some of the most successful options for bangs for haircuts Sheggy.

  • Oblique, beveled, compound and torn options – They will only complement the effect of romantic mess on the head and grab sharp or square features. If you have a naughty cheeky from thick curls, you can resort to modeling foam and varnishes that will help create uneven effects through glued tips.

  • No less interesting option in haircut Sheggy – Direct and uniform cheeve up to the line of eyebrows or eyes. Such a check will give the contrast image, hobs the big forehead, will focus on the eyes and cheekbones.

Usually if smooth bangs are used in the Sheggy, then with rounded downstairs. This effect is achieved through the use of Porshang.

  • Not uncommon for the Sheggy and the absence of bangs as such. In this case, the girl fully opens his forehead, demonstrates the beautiful sophisticated faces and beautiful eyebrows. This option is most often found in haircut Shinga for long and elongated hair.

Despite its almost 50 years of history, Schaggy still does not slow down in the popularity set. Such an interest in the public is understandable – Schaggy is simple in self-laying, almost does not need to be careful, hair looks natural and vividly, which has always been valued in the fashion world.

With the care of the popularity of smooth and smooth hairstyles, Sheggy took one of the leading position in the beauty market. The most popular Schaggy option in the current season will be Sheggy to short strands with oblique born cruting.

Tips for laying

There is nothing unusual or complicated in the stacking Sheggy, to make yourself such a hairstyle at home can any woman.

General recommendations:

  • Call angle choose yourself – from 45 to 90 degrees, it will be even better here if you get rid of the sequence and uniformity of actions+
  • Hair is worth capturing in an indefinite manner, it is then that hairstyle will succeed+
  • Prepare professional hairdressing scissors for branch+
  • With a haircut of the occipital fraction, it is best to apply for the help of someone else – it will be difficult to keep track of a uniformity of hair cutting.

Step-by-step sequence of actions.

  1. First decide with what intensity you will perform a haircut. Sheggy can be solid, and maybe only part of the hair – for girls who want to approach everything new with reasonable caution.
  2. Locks are carefully combed (preferably before haircut will wash them), wetted with a small amount of water for obedience. Then the whole head is conditionally divided into several parts: Tekhko, whiskey, macushkin, head. To make hair do not interfere with each other, you can fix them with grills or invisible.
  3. Strike stands gradually, with the allocation of thin strands, the angle, as already mentioned, you are free to choose yourself.
  4. Further before you two options: a) cut every zone evenly, observing strictly verified length + b) in each zone choose different hair length. The first option will be calmer and natural, the second is more dynamic and fresh.
  5. After these manipulations, proceed to Film until the convenient body fault.
  6. Stage adjustment, styling with styling funds. Work on stacking check.
  7. If the volume of the next morning disappears, simply shake the hair, beat them with your fingers slightly, you can use the help of a hair dryer.

Beautiful examples

    We present to your attention trendy, Inadequate and original haircut options Shinga with different types, color and hair length:

    • Sheggy on middle hair with bangs laid+

    • haircut sheggy with long curls+

    • Shinga with tight curls+

    • Sheggy with short hair type bob+

    • Shaggy with short hair type+

    • Sheggy with short hair like a kara and torn bangs.

    About how to cut the haircut Shinga, look in the following video.

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