Haircuts Potted : Features, selection and laying tips

Haircuts & Potted & : Features, selection and laying tips

It is enough to remember the heroes of Russian fairy tales to imagine a haircut, unreambally referred to as “under the pot”. They were worn by male representatives, but she was carried out exactly along the edge of the cap. Similar caps decorated and men’s heads in the Middle Ages, when the motto was uniformity. Then hairstyle lost its relevance until the 60s of the 20th century and returned already including in the women’s variation. Short concise haircut has become one of the opportunities to achieve equality to women.

They were chosen and choose still confident, bolders.

Today, thanks to the returned fashion on geometry, this haircut is experiencing a new peak of popularity. Not only female, but also children’s haircuts of such forms.


The haircut “under the pot” is still called “Cap”. It looks pretty strictly in classical interpretation, has the following distinctive features:

  • Smooth bang line in the area of ​​eyebrows+
  • Volumetric “Hat” of hair is in zones of the backbone, themes, macushki+
  • Rear view gives the opportunity to see the neck in all its glory, as it is assumed that it should be maximally open+
  • Length can be medium or short+
  • It is possible to accomplish both open and closed versions of temples+
  • Bang can go into sections covering ears+
  • The face is quite clearly allocated, as if it is in the frame of the strand+
  • The thick type of bangs can adjust the features of the face, hide age-related changes+
  • It is important to take into account the type of strands and face when the version of this haircut is selected.

Modern hairdresser art gives you the opportunity to interpret this hairstyle under your individual features and tastes. Shared bottom, bundlebards, raised mass of strands or extended – versions quite enough, especially since modern coloring methods are able to add a real drive and chic to the composition: bright shades, coloring.

There are several basic variations of haircuts under the “pot”.

  • Classic. It is this option that most often we see on children. Singing such a hairstyle smooth, smooth lines, ideal, however, it is permissible to inclusion in the bangs of a ribbon type. It can be diagonal, which increases the number of suitable types. In the occipital zone (right under the cut) fuck extra strands. The sample can be located in the center or be side.

  • Asymmetry. This variation responds with the latest fashion trends, in such a hairstyle, asymmetric lines can be made in the form of a ribbon cut, which must be unwitted. If your strands do not differ in thickness, this species will be more appropriate. Asymmetrical strands may be present in the design of Benchnbard, bangs. The main thing is not to use all asymmetric lines at once and make them as smooth as possible.

Interesting move – asymmetrical bang with thin elongated strands from each sides.

  • Elongation. Such a pot is slightly “consistent” haircut Kare, only much shorter, and the length of strands around the circle is absolutely equal. A short bang can be knocked out of the overall composition, it should be slightly above. Excellent move – shaved strands below cut. Such a clearly performed bright haircut is suitable only to perfectly oval.

  • Glam Rock, or Minimalism. It is performed in the ultra-screw version, which can be supplemented with ripped strands, smoothly cut or asymmetric. Required shaved bottom, form is preferred oval. This version will only suit those who have been ready to go on the correction in a few days, because it is often necessary to fit the thrust strands.

However, the hairstyle will look very unusual for a long time, but it will be another.

  • Originality. As a rule, in this version we meet bright staining, monochrome or complex. This season is especially popular red and orange gamma, blue, pink, yellow. You can allocate partially strands in the bang zone do all over the mass of the hair. The main condition of the harmonious image – Measure. Even the brightest, catchy image must be kept under certain framework.

Most often, this hairstyle is recommended for children up to three years. Strands during this period of life are heterogeneous in length and structure, too thin, often confused. In addition, it is necessary that the children’s head looks neatly, well maintained, but just. The more confused strands, the shorter there should be a “pot”.

In kindergarten, you can continue to perform such a haircut, if the child is not against, but in school, it is better to refuse. It is unlikely that the child himself wants to look like a kid in this difficult growing period. In addition to this reason, stylists allocate other disadvantages of such a haircut at school age, such as strands. Optimum option – classic short haircut.

Do not try to perform such a haircut on wavy strands.

Advantages and disadvantages

Modern women’s hairstyle “under the pot” is not as strict as its previous versions. However, even the most fashionable version has both advantages and disadvantages. Before making your choice in favor of such a haircut, you must weigh everything for and against. Real highlight haircut “Cap” – a combination of male motifs and female attractiveness. It should at least approach the shape of the face, style and lifestyle.

The advantages of stylists include:

  • relevance, modern image with such a haircut+
  • Practicality (if you correctly appreciated your characteristics of strands, the laying will not be difficult)+
  • Ability to emphasize the features+
  • can be applied both in male variation and in women’s, children’s+
  • men will give youth, children will provide a neat image, girls will look boldly, sexy+
  • There are no age limitations+
  • volume on top visually pulls silhouette.

Among the shortcomings, the following can be distinguished:

  • does not suit the type “Circle” and “Square”, as the face visually expands+
  • Difficult daily laying “Pot” does not require, but the masters will have to attend often (for correction)+
  • not suitable for wavy strands – performed only on direct+
  • If the type of hair is defined incorrectly, daily fixation will be needed using stamping+
  • Such a hairstyle should be avoided full of people, those who have no bright flaws of the face, otherwise they will be put up+
  • there are restrictions on style, since the “pot” will not fit into any image.

How to pick up?

Like any other hairstyle, the “pot” is selected based on the structure of strands, face features.

By type hair

The length of the strand may be short, the extended version will be suitable for medium hair. Do not experiment with these types of haircuts holders Kudrey. Theoretically, this is possible, however, the laying will be very complex and costly. Stylists recommend doing such a haircut for those who have obedient straight strands. It will not be spent in time. If the hair is fluffy, then daily straightening and fixation will be necessary.

Holders of thin hair should pay attention to the torn design.

By type of face

Round and square faces are excluded: their haircut will make even wider. Strictly speaking, the “pot” is recommended to perform only the owners of the facial type “oval”. Since the features will be maximally set off, do not risk those who have rough, outstanding, such as a large or long nose. But the subtle features of the “pot” will emphasize very effectively. Narrow nose, beautifully placed big eyes, soft lines will look harmonious in the frame of a similar haircut.

The main limitation when choosing a children’s haircut “under the pot” – the absence of curly strands and bangs, not closing eyes. If strands are prone to confusing, it is better to choose a shorter option. Children’s haircut should be as comfortable as possible, neat, only when complying with these requirements, you can choose what is going. On the head of the baby, laconic geometry looks simply excellent, especially since the haircut care is minimal.

Most often, such a haircut make boys, but also to active girls she can approach, but in a more elongated variation.

How to care and lay?

If your strands of sufficient density and smoothly lie, there will be no particular effort on laying. The main thing is to adjust the hairstyle in time, in order for the form not to lose its effection. The main goal of laying this type of haircut is straightening, creating the impression of absolutely smooth strands.

For this, special mousings, foams and gels are used, as well as the iron. Great choice – lacquer with radiance.

Strands can be stacked even with hands, so easily achieve a fashionable negligent effect. Enough to take a little gel and process them strands along the entire length. Then dry the hairdryer, along the way, creating that form and the same volume you want to achieve. Another spectacular way to emphasize the structure of the haircut – to allocate separate strands of wax.

In that case, if you decide to make a haircut, being the owner of wavy strands, be prepared for the daily use of iron.

Since this procedure is able to apply significant damage to hair, be sure to use special thermal protection products and regularly make restoring masks.

Beautiful examples

Brilliant smooth hair and effectively laid bangs can give a boyish charm to any right face. The main thing is to actually evaluate the features of the type.

Fashionable clarification of strands in the area of ​​the cap will give the “pot” lightness, dynamism and relevance. Such a hairstyle is particularly well combined with a sports-chic style.

Round cap of strands can close the ears, which makes it possible to correct face features.

Epatage lover can afford a luxurious coloring. It is important to choose the right shades under the original color of the strand: they must harmonize with each other.

Strands of different lengths give the hairstyle expressiveness, effect. Such an image will necessarily rush into the eyes.

The spley of asymmetry is even more emphasized clear geometric haircuts.

      Children’s haircut can also be modern – enough to show a little fantasy.

      Technique haircuts “under the pot” in the video below.

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