Haircuts and hairstyles on medium hair for women after 50 years

Haircuts and hairstyles on medium hair for women after 50 years

Dream of every woman, regardless of age, looks beautiful and young. Hair, as you know, are an indicator of the health status and female well-being. They first react to changes occurring in the body and life of a woman. Unfortunately, age is no exception. Over time, the hair is losing glitter and leafness, as well as color, length, the structure changes, seeding. Using means for staining, chemical curling and styling, a woman, of course, improves external beauty, but also causes irreparable harm to its hair.


For women older than 50 years, a huge number of haircuts will suit. After all, age is not a reason to stop watching fashion trends. To be beautiful and modern will help the right haircut. You can choose any, but it will not hurt to remember several features.

  • Hair condition: structure, density, density. With age, hair thinning occurs, falling out, dryness and fragility appears. Ecology, sun, stress, heredity, menopause lead to the inevitable destructive consequences. Choosing a female haircut, you need to consider these features. Although there is, of course, happy with luxurious hair, which preserves a magnificent shock throughout life.
  • External facial and neck changes, which are manifested primarily by loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles, folds, second chin.
  • Figure of woman, her manner dressing, makeup and hairstyle are a single ensemble that should be consonant and not contradict each other. Therefore, it does not look heavy styling with sportswear or long loose hair on elderly woman.
  • The presence of seeds is almost inevitable. The first gray hairs of girls appear, and they are becoming more and more to fifty. There are rare beauties, famous models that are not spoiled by gray hair. Most likely, this is due to a successful combination of the skin shade and eye color. Most often they do not paint them at all or a little tint. Basically gray hair, even in young years, add age and besides the hairstyle.
  • Hair color plays a significant role in the appearance of a woman. Even the most successful haircut with an unsuitable shade of hair will not decorate a woman at any age. Caution should be treated with dark, almost black tones that can make a face visually older. Various shades of red do not choose women with a ruddy or lightly with a red face, as well as with freckles. Ash or beige shades if it does not make a person, then make it less expressive and faded. Bright colors and an insane combination of shades is also worth leaving young girls – after all, age implies solidity and elegance.

Suitable haircuts

With the help of hairstyles, it is easy to look young even after 50. Do not stick to the long years of one model. Changes face form, hair structure, preferences. Yes, just want novelty and experiments. Fix the error in haircut or hair coloring is always possible. Change of image and style greatly reflects not only the inner world, but also raises the mood. It is only possible to choose a haircut to the form of a face to look beautiful. When a woman is satisfied with his appearance, her mood is changing radically, posture, light appears in the eyes.

Classic haircuts, loved by many generations of women, we are modified with time, new tools and techniques appear. New shade on hair or differently treated hair ends dramatically change the image.

Stripping from the peculiarities of age, haircuts on the middle hair are best suited for women after 50 years, as they are able to hide wrinkles, imperfect sulfur face, flaws of skin on the neck. In addition, such hairstyles look at the same time naturally and stylish.

  • Multi-layered. Haircut layers on medium hair looks sophisticated and beautiful.

  • Steps, ladder with smooth transitions from strands to strands. This technique facilitates laying, is wonderful for everyday life and holidays. It is better to give preference to natural, slightly careless hairstyles with a small volume and straight hair tips.

  • Cascade (graduated strands). Technically carried out by creating all the same multi-layered, but without clear sections and lines. Stylish women will appreciate the ease and volume of such a haircut. Face framed by graduated strands with bangs will help look young and elegant. Suitable haircut almost any woman, regardless of the type of face and hair structures. The only exception will be the owner of a short neck. In this case, the length of the strands should be shorter.

  • Care – the most universal haircut on medium length hair for women older than 50. A large number of options will help choose the most suitable. Thus, classic kara with even geometric lines perfectly masked the imperfect neck and emphasizes the expressiveness of the eyes. The presence and form of bangs depends on the face of the face, with the help of which the flaws of the skin, wrinkles will be adjusted, the shape of the nose is adjusted, the trampling ears. Sophisticated coloring options, such as coloring, ombre, brighter or painted strands are wonderful. Undoubted advantage of Kara to shoulders – naturalness and ease of care.

A variety of kare has dozens of options: classic, elongated, “on the leg”, with bangs or without, asymmetrical, graduated.

  • Bean – no less popular than kara, haircut, which is also universal, popular and loved. For daily wearing, permissible lining with a hairdryer. For festive and special occasions, the same haircut can be laid incredibly beautiful strands. Well suited for wavy and curly hair with their natural naturalness and ease.

  • Elongated bob, which can be done on the hair of medium length or slightly above shoulders with shorter strands. May look natural and careless or, on the contrary, smoothly and elegant.

  • Textured Bob – Classic haircut with graduated texture and small volume.

Too voluminous haircuts can add a couple of years, as they will look unnatural, rash, will make a visual face fully.

How to pick up?

Regardless of age, the hairstyle is chosen, first of all, given the shape of the head and face features: the shape of the nose, ears, features of the neck. It is worth remembering that it is always difficult to evaluate the objectively, so it’s better to turn to a professional.

Several forms of face with characteristic features.

  • Oval, For which almost all hairstyles and haircuts are suitable. It is considered almost perfect. It is not suitable for it too high hairstyles.
  • Elongated oval Completion of more elongated features of a person who is easily adjusted by the presence of bangs to eyebrows. This form has a slightly blurred contour without clear lines and round chin. The face will look shorter if you make curls, side sample, thick bangs. Do not wear straight sample and hair length before the chin.
  • Round face face assumes the same parameters, t. E. Wide forehead and cheekbones. Successful haircut, for example, elongated kara without bangs, visually narrowing and pulling face. Also suitable for various types of bangs: thick, oval, asymmetrical, beveled, with oblique probor. Asymmetric haircuts successfully adjust full cheeks or imperfect features.
  • Square face form characterized by a wide forehead and chin. In order to visually correct it, you need to soften the form slightly and view it to Oval. In this will help the haircut of the ladder, the use of asymmetry, oblique bangs, elongated bob. Do not do haircuts with clear lines and straight bangs. It is necessary to avoid any clear geometric lines that will make a person more severe.
  • Triangular shape or face with a heart characterized by sharp chin and wide forehead. With the help of a haircut of the middle length of hair and thick bangs, the emphasis is transferred to the lower part of the face. Also well suite oblique and asymmetric bangs.
  • Rectangular shape in its peculiarities are close to square, but has a more elongated shape, which should be softened a little and do shorter through asymmetry, oblique strands and framing. It looks wonderful a bean length just below the chin with a small graduation.
  • Rhombid form involves wide cheekbones and pretty sharp chin. Delicate curls will hide noticeable cheekbones. Well looks at a car with graduated strands.
  • Capper shape With a wide bottom of the face, it looks great with haircuts having side samples, torn strands, calibration and mobilip. Do not make short or, on the contrary, too long hair, which will emphasize the features of the face.




For special and solemn cases, it is possible to make hair styling on your own, of course, but it is better to entrust it to a professional.

Fast and easy laying of middle-length hair for every day quite perfect. On a slightly wet clean hair, a necessary tool is applied, for example, mousse or gel. You can do without additional devices of fixation if the hair is sufficiently thick and keep the volume well. For laying usually used a hairdryer or iron. So, with a hair dryer and a round brush, hair is dried in the desired direction. At the same time, they are slightly stretched and screwed. Dried in this way, strands look natural and easy.

When using iron, the hair strands are perfectly stretched, become more elastic and smooth.

In order to create a volume on the back of the head necessary for many haircuts (Kare, Bob, Lanenka) Stacking is worth starting with a nape, lifting hair and spinning them inside. Finishing styling stands on strands at the face, pulling or curling curls. You can pull out separate strands and make accent on them in laying. At the end you need to apply a little hair lacquer to secure the effect and giving shine. With everyday laying, you can use a gel with a wet hair effect.

Beautiful examples

Multidite Bob, as always, handsome and elegant. He looks great and easy to care.

Kare – hairstyle for all times. With a bangs or without it – this haircut is surprisingly suitable for most women. Visually Woman becomes younger than 5-10 years. Naturalness is one of the indisputable advantages of this haircut.

Haircut Page makes the face well-groomed and open, perfectly masks wrinkles and skin imperfections.

Cascade cutting with graded or branched tips creates an image of a modern woman’s booth, which monitors and fashion trends.

About how to look younger than the right hairstyle, see the following video.

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