Haircuts debut: features, pros and cons

Haircuts debut: features, pros and cons

Haircut debut gives big scope for self-expression to representatives of beautiful sex. It is not surprising, because it provides a wide range of options for modeling and allows not afraid of hair rustling. On the basis of the debut, you can create absolutely any image, women will look impeccable in any situation.


The debut is a rather complicated multi-level haircut, characteristic features are Ripped strands, open face and profiled curls framing a face around the edges – as a rule, they are cutting them with a ladder.

But the length can be different – both short and long + depending on the wishes and personal preferences of the girl you can cut the cheek or stay without it. By the way, the cheek itself can be issued differently: straight, space or asymmetrically. In classical performance, most of the curls remain behind, covering the neck, in a more modern version, the curls are distributed throughout the lap, creating additional puff.

The debut will be good for women:

  • with heavy features+
  • with oval, round or square oval face+
  • with expressive eyes and a deep look+
  • With thinned hair in need of greater volume+
  • with disproportionate features of the face requiring visual correction.

    The debut is a little similar to many other multi-layer haircuts: it is often confused with a cascade, He has a lot of common with Rhapsody, however, the debut has several fundamental differences from the rest of multi-level models, namely:

    • mandatory framed by contours+

    • Mixed strands hold one whole, and do not fall apart, like when cascade.

      The technology of cutting is quite complex, but the experienced master copes with it quite easily and simply. Step by step it looks like this.

      • To begin with, the hair should be pretty wash and slightly dry, after which the combing ridge and unravel the strands.
      • With the help of horizontal, as well as the front instruments, it is necessary to divide the hair into parts.
      • Near the line of the forehead parallel to the direction of hair growth should be separated by a small test strand with a thickness of about 1-2 cm, pull it out forward, twisted in the harness, and then, cut off, cut it hiking.
      • In accordance with the test strand, the hair has hair on the pests, dividing the strands of a smooth survey in 1 cm.
      • Corrected hair move forward, thoroughly, and then align in control.
      • On the top of the head at the highest point of the head form a couple more vertical samples on both sides.
      • Then you should select another test strand, combing curls to forehead and cut. Both sections are sent to the control strands, while it should be held strictly perpendicular to the head.
      • The third control stragglet is captured on the occipital zone, it must go parallel to the horizontal sample lines. Dividing in this way curls, cut the entire occipital area.
      • Strands are strongly calculated and form a pronounced edge on the back.
      • At the final stage, vertical curls in the back of the head are cut by alternating lengths.

        However, it should be borne in mind that no detailed description of the technique will replace the experience so, choosing a haircut debut, it is necessary to turn to a professional who worked with a haircut in practice.

        Advantages and disadvantages

        Haircut suitable for any facial ovals, types and hair lengths. She gives thin curls to an additional volume and desired magnificent, naughty elongated strands make more ordered, and curly makes more neat.

        The holders of the debut allocate the following features of the haircut:

        • Layout, which has become the results of the imposition of short strands on the extended+
        • arcuate design in the area of ​​the person, due to which the hairstyle differs from many similar+
        • If you look attentively on the lap with the debut, then all the strands will be located apart from each other, not representing a single shop, so the hairstyle always looks moretic in all weather conditions, even with strong wind and rain+
        • The haircut effectively looks on the long, and on short hair, it is harmonious and on the owners of a thick straight chapels, and on girls with curly curls+
        • debut allows you to adjust the flaws of the face and even pacify the hair that usually behave quite disobedient+
        • hairstyle disguises some exterior flaws.

          There are almost no shortcomings, however, there is a spectrum of female types, which is better to stay on other haircut options. So, girls with narrow persons who made such an asymmetric graduated hairstyle look even more thin. However, and this cannot be considered as minus, because in this case you can stay on more modern modifications of the Latter, providing for softer lines and smooth transitions from one curl to another, and the haircut itself is better done on the average hair length.

          The great advantage of the debut is the lack of age restrictions, it looks equally impressive in young adolescents, and on the ladies of elegant age.

          How to pick up?

          Over the years of existence, the haircut has undergone a lot of changes and innovations. Nowadays, you can pick up a lot of interesting hairstyle options that allow women with any facial features to look spectacularly and flawless.

          By type hair

          The hairstyle looks equally harmoniously on dense, and on too thin hair, and, depending on their length, some options are possible.

          So, the debut on shortened strands is curls long to the level of the uche. In this case, either cut strands equal to length, or extend separate curls. The first method goes for the onion of a business woman, and the second attracts exceptional practicality. Both Fyson are good and on a straight line, and on curly chapel.

          Such a haircut can always be put with the help of an ordinary hair dryer and the calculation, while the woman can create a new appearance every day, changing the direction of the strand – they can be invited to the head, to give carelessness or twist – in any case, the appearance will be modern, stylish and very spectacular.

          On the strands of the middle length to the shoulders, the debut’s haircut lies perfectly, creating a feminine and pretty romantic image. This option in women with rounded and square forms of the face is particularly popular, since such haircuts are visually pulling the face and emphasize the cheekbones. It is best to add such a haircut obliquely, which will smooth too high forehead and give the volume of thin hair.

          For long hair, such a hairstyle is good because it allows you to forget about the problem of split tips, and completely painless. The hair in this technique will be angry with a waterfall, so the length does not be closed. It is such a haircut suitable for representatives of beautiful sex who want to get rid of the effects of a chemical curling and unsuccessful staining. The basic stage of this haircut of long hair in such a technique is the milling of each strand – the hairs-stopped hairs are fitted with each other, forming multi-layered and volume.

          With a long debut, you can spend interesting beauty experiments with asymmetric and symmetrical strands, while the choice is made, relying on the quality of the hair.

          By type of face

          The debit hairstyle has a property to visually lengthen the face, because women with narrow cheekbones and stretched faces, as well as with a pointed chin, the haircut is not recommended, because it only aggravates these traits.

          The rest of the haircut is universal, it harmoniously looks at a very different oval of the person, regardless of the severity of the skull and smoothness of the contour.

          On round faces, the debut looks best, because in this case the features become softer and harmonious.

          If desired, the debut is performed with a cheese or no one + alternative implementation technique can be long, freely falling on the forehead, or, on the contrary, the most surrounding it. Same cheeka itself is oblique, torn either branched, it can cut shortly or stay long. It all depends only on the style of life and the desire of a woman, as well as from the type of appearance.

          For example, oblique and laid kicker smoothes too sharp chin angles, and a straight line, trimmed by eyebrow, makes an oval less elongated and wider.

          The trapezoid person may emphasize the asymmetric cheeve, and oblique it is worth choosing with a round facial type.

          How to stack?

          Debut allows you to make many different and interesting stacking. The following options are considered the following options:

          • Romantic – In this case, strands wind the catch or on the curlers, such a solution makes the image of feminine, gentle and a little naive.
          • Successful – In this case, the compound tips are textured by gel, which gives light negligence and creates the effect of naughty hair.
          • Business – A similar laying is made using a hair dryer: the curls treated by mousse are dried with a round brush, with the result that the strands become neat and volumetric.
          • Festive (for example, New Year’s) – This is an option for medium and extended hair, straight or wavy. In this case, the curls are inserted into the braid, they are collected in a basket, snail or sink, such hairstyles are particularly well found in combination with the release of the front strands. Such a hairstyle is obtained solemn, but at the same time a little bit negligent, in full compliance with the fashion trends of the Beauty Industry.
          • Everyday – In this case, the hair is treated with foam, make fingers of the rumking movements and dried finally.

            In order for the haircut as long as possible, it retains its aesthetics, it is necessary to regularly refresh the hair with washing. The fact is that dirty hair is significantly dragged, as a result, an unesperity appears, slightness, the color fades and disappears. Shampoos it is better to use professional and complement the care by periodic use of masks, balms and other leaving.

            The laying of the debut often requires the use of forceps and curls, which can worsen the condition of the hair with a frequent effect, so before each contact with such devices you need to apply a thermal protection composition, which will make the stacking more gentle and safe for the lap.

            The debut is a haircut for those women who are not afraid of experiments, so after changes in the hairstyle must follow the changes in the wardrobe and makeup: the image should be united and weathered in one force, only in this case the debut will decorate you and bring that the very “highlight “Which guarantees you the success of others.

            Beautiful examples

            The shearing debut remains at the peak of popularity for many years – this is not surprising, because it is truly universal and looks great in a wide variety of modifications.

            She really goes the owners of short hair, making a face more mischievous, flirty and playful. In recent years, the effect of light disorder has been very popular – this trend is easiest to do exactly on the debut.

            The haircut looks good on the owners of long and medium hair, it makes the image of a more daring decisive and light.

            The debut is often complemented by modern staining techniques – Melting, Ballozh, Shatuch, as well as Ombre – Here you can create both smooth overflows, and make bright contrasting strands.

            The debut looks good on young teenage girls, but also for women for 50 haircuts no worse – the debut visually rejuvenates the face, skillfully masks the “floating” oval, hides the wrinkles on the forehead, broke and other age changes.

            Hairstyle can be done without cheek. But with a cheek, she looks more spectachable, here are the most diverse options – oblique, torn, asymmetric and classical straight variation.

            It is no coincidence that the debut chose many stars of Hollywood and other famous diva.

            If you have reached the point when you want to cross the past, forget about everything that happened and start a new life – it is a new cutting debut that will allow you to look at yourself in a new way, see your strengths and love your impeccable image.

            Review of fashionable cutting debut See further.

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