Haircuts debut for short hair: features, selection rules

Haircuts debut for short hair: features, selection rules

With a number of revolutions in the world of fashion in the twentieth century, preferences have changed and hairstyles. The cut of the debut appeared in the middle of the last century, but the most popular peak came in the 80s. And since then it remains one of the most popular haircuts. It is worth saying that the debut is not the only cascade hairstyle, the stripping of the ladder, “Aurora” and others.


Feature of the haircut in its simplicity, versatility and ease of care. The debut includes three main components: Chelka, Makushka and Cascade. Excellent species guaranteed both in case the laying is made and without it. Variations hairstyle allowing it to do any hair at any age. And framing strands will help you adjust and “arrange” face.

Depending on your preferences, the hairstyle can be worn with or without bangs. And the light “mess” on the head will give the image of mischief and create a good mood.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like all other haircuts, the debut has both pros and minuses. Let’s start with the plus.

  • The unconditional advantage of the hairstyle is that it will look good on any hair.
  • Debut does not require serious time for laying and care.
  • Layout, created with a multi-level haircut, gives hair volume.
  • With the help of bangs and side strands, arcuate design is made, which will focus on your face.
  • Hairstyle can be changed under any preferences and individual style.
  • Such a haircut will make it possible to adjust the form of a face.
  • Will not be a problem and naughty strands. Debut will make them part of the image.
  • Hairstyle can be symmetrical, straight, asymmetric and even frankly torn.

But despite the seeming versatility, there is also “contraindications” for this haircut:

  • not suitable for each type of face+
  • On thin and deprived hair volume, such a haircut will require additional care.

How to pick up?

Unsuccessful painted, laid or cut hair long spoil the mood. Avoid this will help in advance competently selected hairstyle. And although every person is individual, there are some features that should take into account before going to the hairdresser. Consider how to properly pick up the debut haircut.

By type of face

Hairstyle debut is not recommended if the face of an elongated form. This is due to the fact that the oval design of the front strands visually will extend it. And also should not do it if you are the owner of a sharp nose or elongated cheekbones.

Careful should be girls with a square face form. The unsuccessful length of the front strands may not hide the angularity, but only to emphasize it.

Of course, this is not a hard taboo. The cutting of the haircut will allow her to carry each who will wish this.

Debut suitable if you are the owner of oval or round face. As well as in cases where you want to focus on the face. Round Faces will get a beautiful framing that will visually make it more elongated.

With competent makeup, it is possible to achieve the effect of the “aristocratic face”.

By type hair

The hairstyle of the debut on short hair can be divided into 2 directions: more sporty or more romantic. Their differences are not only in the final image, but also in the technique itself. “Sporty” effect appears due to the fact that the strands are lengthened from the roots and before the tips, which gives hairstyle negligent shade. But the “romantic” haircut looks less famously due to the fact that the strands retain about the same length.

When choosing a haircut, it is important to consider hair type: straight, wavy or curly.

It will look at any hair equally well, but each type will require special subtleties in the laying. But also do not forget about their luggage, structure and features.

Wavy thick hair without all styling will have a somewhat dying look, so it is better not to neglect the means that will allow them to fix them with combing and will not allow them to operate.

Wavy and roasting hair will require styling with an additional volume of the roots. The curls themselves will always look great.

This hairstyle cannot be recommended to girls with short, thick and very curly hair, as the effect of “lamb”. But it can be worn if you are not very thick or not very curly curls. In this case, no special laying and will not need.

It looks good hairstyle on straight hair. But if they are rigorous or thin, then additional care and the selection of individual styling will be required.

Most of all rigid hair will be suitable for cutting, as they can keep the original shape without additional tricks.

Soft hair will look good when creating a “romantic” image.

Like strut?

If you want to make such a hairstyle yourself, then use step-by-step instructions.

  • Work start on wet, well combined and clean hair.
  • It is necessary to divide the whole mass of 4 squares. This can be done in two stages: First, delimosing the sample on the parietal zone (from the ear to the ear), then create another sample from his forehead to the neck. Hair in squares are fixed with hairpins and clamps.
  • The haircut is performed in the form of a horseshoe from the forehead and to the top. Don’t forget about the cheek. If it is planned, you need to immediately separate the required amount of hair.
  • From the curls that grow on the theme, the contour is cut, pre-having them on the forehead.
  • Then you need to start working with the occipital hair. They are exempt from clamps, combed together with the main part, and then gradually, pulling out strands to 90 degrees, they are given the desired form.
  • In the last stage we make mobilip. It must be done on the basis of the thickness and hair type.

To get a good result, it is very important to carefully examine the cutting technique.

Determining the frequency with which you need to update the haircut, proceed from individual hair growth indicators, but after 6-8 months, the abstract curls will look good.

How to stack?

So that the styling turned out perfect, use such styling means as mousse, gel and the like. You will also need a hairdryer, curly and so on.

  • Option for Tusovok. Tilt your head, treat your hair to mousse, dry the hair dryer in separate curls, squeezing them with their hands.

  • Romantic image. Create soft waves and twisted sections with a brash, put your hair using styling agents.

  • Evening image. As a basis, you can take the daily, romantic or daring types of laying, and elegance will add all sorts of decor, bundles, weaving, hoops or hairpins.

  • Casual Image. On the combed hair is applied to the styling agent, and then the hands are formed by strands.

  • Business-style image. Locks should be well spicial and surveyed with oils or sprays.

Hair must be dried using a cylindrical brush, wrapping cuts inside.

Beautiful examples

Hairstyle debut made on wavy rigid hair. General view created by hairstyle – Sleeping. Club-style. The element of chaos was brought with the help of nosha, strands, formed by hand and light dishevement of the bulk of hair.

Hairstyle is made on thick straight hair. Type of face oval. Laying is made in a business style. The bulk is raised by the roots, and the sections are tied down. Bang is laid on the right side and fixed with styling agents. Hair have a homogeneous view. General view formed by hairstyle – romantic.

Image image and hairstyle – sports. The hairstyle is made with bangs, the strands for which were made from the top. Locks on bangs were formed with the help of combs and twisted by the catch. All hair weight is fixed with mousse and varnish, they were attached to the top of the top. Styling type – evening image.

Hairstyle Debut with bangs made on straight thick hair. Laying is made in a daily business style. The sample slightly shifted on the right side. The total mass of the hair was attached to the root volume with the help of styling agents and a hair dryer, and the occipital part of a combed to face and recorded with a hairpiece. Slices are tied with a brash. With a homogeneous mass they do not look, curls are laid separately.

    Hairstyle is made on not very thick, curly hair. Styling type – Casual. General view created by hairstyle – romantic. Small bang partially raised to the bulk of hair. The sample shifted to the left. The whole mass attached to the root volume. Locks lie separately and in a somewhat chaotic order.

    See below.

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