Haircuts for full women

Haircuts for full women

Most owners of luxury forms mistakenly believe that the choice of suitable haircuts is significantly limited. It seems that only hinds can afford to be bold experiments, and the lush ladies have to be content with one and a successfully selected way for long years. In fact, most modern haircuts, which can be seen in fashion magazines or podiums, are perfect for chubby cheeks. They perfectly emphasize the advantages of the face, a chic bust and an elegant image of such a girl, and those flaws that you want to hide, they lightly disguise.

To pick up a few harmonious options, it is enough to know the features of suitable models and their rules wearing full women.


Hairstyles for full-legged beauties can be both simple and classic and very original. A single image that is suitable is absolutely each, it is impossible to create. For a high blonde with big blue eyes and a long neck, the master will select one image, and for low dark-skinned brunettes – absolutely different. However, there are several general rules that are recommended to follow absolutely all ladies of large sizes.

  • Length. There is a certain stereotype in society that full women are worth it to trim the lap to the chin line or even above. At the same time, too short haircuts, similar to men, are also not recommended. However, completely eliminate the elongated shoulders or extremely short hair should not.

The main thing is that such a hairstyle put the emphasis correctly, emphasized, for example, big eyes, not a big neck. For this, it is best to suit layered hairstyles with asymmetry and strands that close the cheeky and cheeks line.

  • Volume. Luxury ladies should be luxurious in everything, including having a lush bulk laying. Various fashionable novelties in the form of a smooth brilliance, weaving and tougher tails better leave thin girlfriends, but for yourself to choose soft curls and a small nobody on the temples and a painter. The main problem in the selection of an image for a complete woman is the inconsistency of large forms of the body and a small head. To slightly balance this transition, you can use the catch, curlers or resort to the help of a chemical curling.

The main thing is not to overdo it, the excess volume looks good on stage, but not in real life.

  • Bang. Classical straight bang adds volume and throws several unnecessary kilograms. What she is shorter, the more massive it makes the owner of bangs. If the form and features of the person require such an item, it is best to stay on oblique and highly profiled versions. Just just a few strands, framing a face on both sides or descending on one. Such bangs attract attention and distract it from chubby cheeks and massive chin.

  • Parting. In this case, all the same rules are valid as with bangs. Direct sample with smooth shiny hair on both sides will increase the already considerable width of the face. Even if the hair grows in this way, the sample need to be changed. It is enough to move it into a few centimeters in one direction or another and the face will immediately become thinner and longer. And if you make it slightly bevelled, the effect will increase more several times.

  • Colour. Actually pick up perfect color is the easiest way. It should be either for a few tones darker, or a few tones lighter natural. Ash white or iscin-black hair suit exclusively to girls. With age it is better to abandon such shades, as they add a lot of years.

The ladies at the age of better pay attention to various techniques for the timing and coloring of strands. This will create an additional effect effect even on gray and thin hair, in addition, distract attention from the features of the figure.

What haircuts are suitable?

Relying on the above rules for the selection of haircuts, you can pick up a few win-win for full options. Depending on what kind of girl’s hair length is currently, it will be able to stay at one of several options.

On short hair

The traditional version of the hairstyles for a full girl appears ordinary bob. Raised macushk, smooth or wavy strands, closing cheekbones, and long oblique bangs. Easily recognizable silhouette of the haircut will look great With a length before the middle of the cheek, if the girl is not too round. Otherwise it will have to shorten, lengthen or make asymmetric.

The advantages of the bob haircut are versatility, simplicity of laying and a large experimental field.

Another stylish option that is being ladies in the body is Short haircut pixie. Her task is to create a bright, daring and modern female image. The distinctive feature of Pixie is the elongated strands of the macushki, forming asymmetric bangs and short-lived or even shaved whiskey and the back. The haircut is good as the fact that It looks great even on very thin and root hair.

On the hair of medium length

Shoulder owners do not stop attention On ordinary chamber. It is well suitable as a slightly elongated version and asymmetrical. It will be nice to look at the car on the leg or “false” when the hair bends outwards, and not to face.

Classic smooth and slightly graphic option is better to leave girlfriends, but for yourself to choose with an oblique sample or with a twist.

The second excellent option for medium and even long hair will be haircut cascade. In this case, every upper strand is slightly shorter. Such a layered haircut will look great and by itself, and with an on a hair curlers or an iron. And to make the game of light and shadow even more difficult, you can paint the hair in the technique of amber or veil.


In some cases, despite all the rules, even a professional hairdresser will discharge the girl from a short haircut. Luxurious thick hair of unusual color, for example, red or gold, should be the subject of pride, and not an annoying interference. If the forms of the body are far from ideal, will help Classic haircut “Lestenka”. The nearest to the face is strands cut under an acute angle, creating the effect of a bulk frame around the face.

If the hair from nature is straight, just slightly pick up the ends of such a “ladder” in the direction of the face or to it, and raise the top with a small nosha. This will help get the right amount in the right places and distract it from the places that I want to disguise.

Creative options

In addition to classic hairstyle options, full ladies can pay attention less popular, but very unusual retro style options.

  • On short hair you can make a haircut called “page”. Its distinctive features have become rounded shape, smooth lines and long heads in combination with short bangs. To make an image easier and air, you can twist strands or, on the contrary, scrupted them slightly.

  • Another stylish find from the past for a lush beauty can be a haircut “Aurora”. Volumetric heads and thin strands of different lengths, framing, perfectly disguise flaws and emphasize the advantages.

In the traditional execution of Aurora, it assumes a direct high bang, but it is better to replace it with oblique, profiled scissors strands.

If nature has awarded the girl a beautiful shape of a skull and an oval face, she can with a clean conscience to afford and more audacious experiments with appearance. The number of extra kilograms in this case does not play a decisive role. Shaved whiskey and entire patterns, curly chub, bulk hat made of thin strands or even color items. All this will look great even if the standard 90-60-90 is very far from the real dimensions of the lady.

How to pick up?

So that the hairstyle looked well not only in the photo on the social network, but also in real life, it needs to be selected, taking into account specific parameters. And in this case it is not about the figure of a woman, but about her face form.

  • Oval. Such a person is considered a sample, under which the remaining forms are masked. It will be suitable for it with absolutely any haircut, taking into account those rules that women with luxurious forms should adhere to. Correction in this case can be applied only to certain features of the face, and it is most often done non-hairstyle, but make-up.

  • A circle. Such a form of the face is most often found at the ladies with a problem of excess weight. The main task of the haircut in this case is to visually make the face longer. Supporting such an effect will help bulk painting, asymmetrical strands and braid samples.

To face the round form it is very difficult to choose a bang, so it is better to stay on those options where it does not stand out in a separate part, but is a continuation of a short haircut.

  • Rectangle. An ideal haircut for such a form will be the one that masks a large forehead and cheekbones. Best if her length will be below the ears and bother them. Whiskey and bangs should be thick and volumetric, while bangs can be made as oblique and leave straight. The main thing is that it starts straight from the top.

  • Square. This is the second most popular face type in full women. The main task of the haircut is to lengthen it and soften the sharpness of the corners. An excellent option will be any graded haircut of a small length. Waves and curls on the sides on the sides of the face, but it is not recommended to fully open the forehead.

  • Triangle. In this case, it is necessary to visually narrow the forehead or expand the chin. Thus, the maximum amount should be concentrated near the mouth, and the bang must close the forehead. With this form, it is better to eliminate short haircuts and stay at the cascade or elongated.

It is also desirable to pick up a haircut based on the natural structure of the hair, which will significantly reduce the time of laying and make it easier.

  • Straight. Multi-layer haircuts with shredded tips are perfectly suitable for straight hair. Most often it is cascade or pixie. It will be not bad to look and “Aurora”, if you remove a long bang out of it. On dense straight hair, the hairstyle “Page” is wonderful in all of its variations.

  • Women. Unlike miniature girls, lush ladies with curly hair expressly showing a haircut. Soft waves that it will create, visually make the face more elongated and narrow. As in direct and on the wavy hair, a cascade or “ladder” looks perfectly, which lies with large curls.

And the last thing you should pay attention to when choosing a haircut is the age of women. To date, there is no clear division into haircuts for girls and ladies aged, so any rules are only a recommendation.

  • Teenagers. Young age – the best time to enumerate various options. Hair, like the body itself, grows much faster, so any slip can be corrected literally after a few months. If you pick up a few suitable options at school, when close relatives will be able to sell the result to be honest, then the following years can not spend time and means.

However, young girls should refuse too shocking options, because the school or university is a place where it is necessary for a strict and official image.

  • Girls. At the age of 25-30 years, a young woman can afford absolutely all haircuts that are suitable for a complete face. It is this time that will be a great opportunity to try and classic square and extreme Iroquim, especially if the girl works in the creative sphere.

  • Ladies in age. After 45, the time of maturity comes, which means that society is waiting for a greater seriousness and feeling of excellent style. So that the image remained light and at the same time did not look at the attempt to be rejected, it is better to abandon the length of the hair below shoulders. Light Pixie or Elegant Bob – Here is the perfect hairstyle for an adult lady.

Options for laying

High-quality suitable haircut – this is only half of the case. Need to be able to correctly put it. But you should not immediately go to the store for a round comb, iron or hair curlers. Not every method is equally suitable for long curls and a short “hedgehog”.

  • On long. Soft smooth waves are best suited for laying long hair. You can achieve them with a hair curling on a ceramic iron, which is usually used for straightening. If the lady loves lush elastic curls, you can take advantage of the mid-diameter curlers or a special cone-shaped curl. Straight strands are best stacked with a hairdryer with a conventional combs or round brash.

  • On average. Laying middle-length hair also implies three options: curls, waves and straight hair. First can be obtained by making a chemical twist in any salon. It does not need to be supported daily, it is enough to repeat the procedure as roots grow. If you want soft waves, you can take big-size hair curlers and wind your hair after the shower. Medium haircuts look great and on straight hair. In this case, you need to apply a foam or mousse for laying and dry well hot air, lifting at the roots.

  • On short. The simplest laying is the laying on a short haircut. It is enough to warm up between the palms of the pea of ​​a special wax or gel and light movements to apply on the tips of the hair towards the roots. To make stacking more mischievous, just enough to put hair with your hands and sprinkle with a weak fixation.

Beautiful examples

There is a stereotype that light colors will be full. Perhaps this refers to the clothes of girls, but not to their hair. Blond curls make a heavy face softer and air, give the image of femininity and romanticity.

Black-haired beauties often love bold and unusual short haircuts. Sharp strands, slightly sticking in different directions, add “pephers” even the most stringent image, and are made literally in a few minutes.

For a magnificent celebration, the same lush hairstyle from large curls will fit. Pull out the face will help a small nosha. And to disguise the lush cheeks can be large slightly routine curls.

How to make a hairstyle for lush women, look in the following video.

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