Haircuts for long hair: varieties and nuances of selection

Haircuts for long hair: varieties and nuances of selection

Luxurious shape is, of course, a reason for admiration for a woman. However, many forget – the longer the strands, the more carefully the care must be. After all, the length in no case does not level the sloping, seed, unhealthy curls.

Moreover, long strands also need regular correction and shape, like short. Therefore, regardless of length, it is necessary to regularly visit the hairdresser, giving the hair spectacular, neat shape. Modern fashion trends allow you to choose the most suitable option for almost any type, style and age.


Women’s haircuts on long hair are relevant at all times, they add image of femininity, romanticity, softness. However, there are a number of significant flaws in such a length:

  • the need for careful care and timely treatment, otherwise the strands will look very ugly+
  • The number of leaving and styling means increases the costs of them+
  • do not fit for mature age+
  • Silhouette crawled, shortening growth, so do not fit low and full girls+
  • If strands are thin and rare, it is better to abandon too long hair+
  • High cost of staining services.

These disadvantages with more than compensate advantages:

  • Incredible attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex, provided that the strands are well maintained+
  • a large number of possible haircuts and styling, you can experiment with long+
  • Suitable for all types of face+
  • Properly selected option is adversely able to adjust the flaws of the face+
  • Complex painting methods are most effectively looking at elongated strands.

Features of elongated haircuts:

  • Natural transitions and smooth lines allow you to create tender, feminine images+
  • If your goal is to add a hairstyle of volume, transitions must be rescued and starting from the macushkin area+
  • For thin strands, choose multilayer types of hairstyles with graduation.

Interesting novelties for women with long strands Stylists offer every season. Therefore, even if you are satisfied with your hairstyle, you need to track the latest trends and ideas to make actual nuances in your haircut, which are now in fashion. Especially since fashion trends allow you to make a hairdo to add volume, that is, to adjust the image taking into account individual characteristics. We offer you relevant trends of the current year.

  • Soft multi-layered. Such haircuts allow hair to naturally framing a face, beyond soft curls, giving femininity. Big Plus – Easy Styling. The volume is formed in the zone of the crown and cheek, allowing you to adjust the disadvantages of appearance and change the oval.

Layout may be performed in any variant of cascading haircuts: “Rhapsody”, “Aurora”.

  • Asymmetry. As a rule, it is used in the formation of a probor and bangs. Perfectly adjusts the face, aligns the oval, pulls it out, so comes up with a circular.

Swells the owners of a thin type of strands, as it creates the impression of volume.

  • Extra long bang. This year, bangs are popular, gradually and unobtrusively turning into hairstyle. If you have too high forehead, or it is necessary to give the face roundness, soften it, then the elongated bang is the perfect option. The shape of the bangs can be both diagonal and straight, it is necessary to proceed from the type of face when choosing a type of long bang.

  • Light bangs. If you have straight straight, thick, smooth, this variation can be safely considered. Especially in the case of problem forehead – wrinkles or other defects, it will perfectly hide. This form will perfectly emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, make an image of fresh, younger.

  • Haircuts a la “fox tail”. This is a real hit of the season, this year the stylists strongly recommend to give strands to the shape of the tail or letter V. Bangs in this composition is optional, but the structure of strands is important – ideally they should be straight and smooth.

  • Embosed hairstyle. Celebration are still relevant and are a real salvation for creative girls, creative personalities. If you love non-standard images, the artistically littered item will add you the originality and efficiency.


Modern model haircuts have many varieties and titles. You can create the most spectacular hairstyles, leaving the length of the unchanged. Make a beautiful haircut with the preservation of length can almost any master. Especially since, Despite the changes, the foundations and forms themselves remain unchanged. Options are selected based on the individual characteristics of the structure of the strand and type of face.

Haircuts can be even rear and asymmetrical, unusual with shamened temples or classic, lush or smooth. It all depends on your preferences. Consider the main varieties of fashionable haircuts.


They are still very popular, especially since the multi-layeredness is one of the main trends of the last season. The canonical version of the cascade takes the beginning in bangs and continues throughout the length, and the ends are compiled. Very popular:

  • Graduated versions of multi-layer haircuts+
  • Cascades with bangs of all types, especially with diagonal and shortened torn.

Fit both for direct type of strands and for curly curb.


This haircut is performed at different levels, it should be abandoned by the owners of too thin hair type. If the strands are thick, the ladder will ideally look at them, ease their weight, make a visually more effectively, easier, air all image. A distinctive feature of this hairstyle are the multi-level sections, which form a face, while rear can be left smooth or multilayer, as well as in the form of a fox.

Extended Karea

This is a classic genre that, despite all the changes, remains in the forefashion forefront. Previously, the kare was considered exclusively as a shortened option, now there are varieties of Kare for medium length and elongated strands. This is the most universal haircut that has neither age, nor style restrictions looks good with any form of face and the type of strands. Since the karea visually facilitates the image, it is great for lush girls with a round face.


This trend continues to stay afloat, but already starts to take positions. In fashion, not too explicitly expressed asymmetry, which is aimed at correcting the disadvantages of appearance, emphasizing the benefits of the person.

Try to limit ourselves asymmetrical bangs, this is more than enough for a spectacular image. But if strands have a tendency to fragility and intensity, it is more correct to refuse.


Still relevant saint artistic type – if you like a non-standard approach, dare. It is important to keep the balance between the desire to express, age, status and lifestyle. Modern hairdresser’s art in matters of creativity is now held as part of complex and bright staining.


These variations will always be relevant, since the thinnests are thin, it is necessary to visually add volume. In this help the multi-level and multi-layer haircuts: Lanes, Cascades. Refuse smooth cuts in favor of branch.

How to choose?

Properly cut the hair is very important for every girl, because it is a haircut makes the final, spectacular touches in any image. In addition to fashionable trends, which, of course, are very important, it is necessary to pick up the hairstyle based on the lifestyle, age, like a face and strand.

And it is these arguments that must be decisive, as even the most modern and current haircut will not look harmonious if it emphasizes the shortcomings or does not match the general style.

Therefore, before choosing a hairstyle, be sure to use the recommendations of the wizards-stylists.

  • Before you start choosing, determine the range of hairstyles that fit for your type of strands, hair colors and figures. If you are low growth, refuse to be too voluminous on the head, for example. In any case, the purpose of the haircut is to level the shortcomings.
  • Choose only proven masters, especially if the cardinal change of image has conceived. It is best to contact the specialist who you cut constantly.
  • Learn fashion magazines and online pages, which publishes recent changes in the sphere of hairstyle. From there you can safely draw ideas, inspired by finished images, trying on them.
  • Consider your desires and lifestyle. First of all, it is important that you may be comfortable. If there is no time for laying in the morning, you should not pick up haircuts that will require careful daily care. If your office is a strict dress code, it is unlikely to shaken whiskey or paint strands in pink.
  • Indecisive missions are better not to experiment with a length, gradually correcting the shape of the bang, beautifully staining strands.
  • No fashion will save the hairstyle that does not fit the face. This argument should stand at the head of the corner when choosing a haircut. If you doubt your abilities, trust the stylist, or select options by program with the design of hairstyles.

By type and color of hair

If you decide to pick a haircut yourself, first of all, evaluate the type of strands and their color. Dark hair, especially black, well emphasized by structured types of haircuts, bright more comfortable feel in soft outlines. Straight strands look perfectly in smooth cuts, clear lines, while fluffy requires multi-layered.

If you have thin strands, follow the following recommendations:

  • The purpose of the haircut – add volume, pomp+
  • Too long hair will emphasize the inexpressive structure of strands, so the maximum allowance is the maximum length – just below the average+
  • Choose multi-layered, cascading hairstyles.

The owners of the strand of dense type should pay attention to the following points:

  • If you are lucky with the amount of hair, it is important to emphasize the beauty of the hair and slightly visually ease it+
  • Very good variations with calibrations, filming, ladder, bangs – all this will make the laying easier+
  • You can choose any length, but too long strands can create a feeling of gravity.

Those who have curls go away from nature, need to take into account a number of features:

  • Refuse short haircuts, direct bangs+
  • The multi-layeredness is best emphasized by the beauty of wavy strands+
  • The wave will not allow a clear smooth slice.

By type of face

This is the most important factor. to which you want to navigate when choosing hairstyles. If you do not neglect them, the image will be impeccable, elegant, harmonious. Focus on the types of persons to, really, correctly pick up a haircut.

  • Oval. This is the most versatile form, almost everything is suitable for it. To emphasize the beauty of your face as much as possible, choose elongated hairstyles with bangs and curls. Here you should consider the structure and lifestyle, since there are no contraindications for haircuts.

  • A circle. The features of this type of this type are pretty soft, without bright severity of the line of cheekbone, with rounded cheeks. You need to visually slightly pull it out and remove the sensation of the plane. Therefore, the elongation is great for this type. Choose diagonal bangs, curls, closing ears, braid sample. Avoid bulk parts in the problem itself – the middle of the face. Do not bet on the openness of the face, the strands should be framed and hide roundness. Therefore, do not combing straight back, refuse direct lines by horizontal direction.

The volume will also play a round face of a fierce joke – increase it.

  • Square. The face in this form, as a rule, has a wide chin and forehead, while there is no soft circle, but there is a width. So in addition to stretching, it is necessary to soften the image as a whole. Boldly choose asymmetry, it perfectly lengthens the face and smoothes the corners. Do not refuse light bonds in the occipital area, but do not open the ears. Optimal variations – ladders, cascades, small curls.

  • Triangle. The main distinguishing features of this type – wide line of forehead and sharp narrowing in the chin area. Transitions of lines are quite sharp, so they need mitigate. Do not lighten strands, and make short haircuts. Preferred Length below medium and dark hair color. Remember that a clear line of cheekbone must be hidden by strands. Generally, try to choose hairstyles in which the volume falls on the level of chin. Use curls in this zone, waves.

Try to bang closed a wide forehead with a smooth line, refuse diagonal sections. Refuse shortened bangs and bangs back. Extended Kare – the perfect hairstyle for this type.

  • Rhombus. In this non-standard type, the wide line of cheekbones is combined with a narrowed forehead and chin. Therefore, it is important to choose a length, refusing short hairstyles. It will be ideal here below shoulders. In addition, a magnificent bang is needed in order for the proportions to balance. Try to make non-smooth styling, choose asymmetric probes to give the volume image. Perfect if the hair is watered from nature – this is a great way to soften the angles, correct the type.

Beautiful examples

In order to create, indeed, original hairstyles and interesting images, sometimes inspirational examples are needed. We offer you the most fashionable, stylish and unusual haircuts for long hair:

  • Cascade+

  • Extended Karea+

  • “Fox’s tail”+

  • Estimated hairstyles+

  • Lestenka+

  • asymmetry+

  • With a bang+

  • without bangs.

How to make a fashionable haircut for long hair, look in the video below.

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