Haircuts of Hollywood and Russian stars

Haircuts of Hollywood and Russian stars

The fact that the stars of teleexcripts, pop and movies are asked to tone to fashion trends all over the world. Their images copy many fans and fans of their activities. This also applies to hairstyles, clothes, and even makeup. A variety of changes in the image of many stars become the starting point in the choice of hairstyles for many of their admirers.

And it is not surprising – Millions of fans from the whole globe are watching for Celibriti. Hairstyles of this year amazed with their diversity. Some of the stars choose a classic “Kare”, someone elongated “Bob” or “pot”. In this article we will find out what fashion trends are chosen by the stars and consider the most interesting examples.

Features of choice

Almost every year celebrities change their image, giving preference to new and modern haircuts, with which it is comfortable not only on carpet tracks, but in everyday life. And every year is rich in its new. Mainly stars preferring short haircuts choose Asymmetric options, which can be very original.

Moreover, such options give celebrities at the age of some freshness and ease, and visually slows down for several years.

Highly popular with Hollywood stars enjoys Haircut “Bob-Kare”, considered universal, as it suits almost to all types of appearance. In favorites such a hairstyle and blonde beauty Cameron Diaz.

Carefully changed her hairstyle and famous Charlize Theron, preferred haircut “Under the boy”, Which is also called “Garson”. The same image chooses the actress Alice Milano, which exactly such a format is hairstyle.

“Garson” is simultaneously practical, sexually and convenient. In the last characteristic, we are talking about laying.

Actress Ann Hetaway is a very bold woman, since one moment refused his luxury curls, preference to the short haircut “Pixie”. On such a bold move, she agreed during the filming of the next film. Despite this, it would seem, the huge loss of hair for the role, she became one of the most attractive women who go such an image.

From the archive options for successful haircuts “Pixie” you can pay attention to the image of Natalie Portman in 2006. And in the film “V – So Vendetta” Natalie and compared all hair at all. What only the stars for the sake of the cherished role in the cinema will not go, although, on the other hand, it is a great option to change your image.

Glamorous Victoria Beckham also choose a haircut for his images “Pixie” and the elongated “bob”, which fit her best, emphasizing her feminine cheekbones.

We also recommend paying attention to the image of Emma Watson with a short haircut by type “Pixie”. But “Pixie” with a shaved temple often chose a boiled singer Miley Cyrus, combining a dark shade of hair with color blond.

On several secular outputs a couple of years ago, you can meet Jennifer Lawrence with the laying “Pixie” and oblique bangs.

The actress Scarlett Johansson, who in recent years, looks like preference to short haircuts in recent years. Her short haircut “Pixie” with Ombre technique like many western fashion guru.

As for the elongated “Kare”, then many Hollywood stars also give him preference.

Especially winning such a haircut looks on light hair actresses Jennifer Aniston.

Holly Berry is also a shrink fan of short haircuts. And although the actress has long been for 50, she is fine Asymmetric haircuts and styling with a small hooling and hooliganism.

Lovers “Bob” Can pay attention to the favorite of millions of people around the world – Rihanna. Her dark hair and dark skin as it can not be emphasized by such a choice hairstyle.

As for Russian stars, they also often change their haircuts, following global changes in fashion. So, Blond TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva has already given her preference haircut once “Bob-Kare” with elongated front strands and shortened population. Such a hairstyle perfectly underlines the face of the TV presenter, and the uniform color blond is perfectly harmonized with dark eyebrows.

Fashionable haircut “Pixes“For myself, I chose and singer Valery. Her slightly negligent blond curls, complemented by perfect laying, became the hit of the season.

Domestic stars show business prefer classic haircut options according to the type of original “Kare” or “Pixie”.

First of all, well-groomed, healthy and beautiful hair remain in fashion. As for the haircuts of this season, the world stars dictate trends in the choice:

  • “Bob” and “Kare” in all variations (classic and combo)+
  • Haircuts “Garson” (under the boy)+
  • “Pixie” with different bangs (direct, oblique and graduated).

In fashion, haircuts are still With Ombre Staining, Ballwear and Shatus, which are no less attractive look at short hair, especially “Kare”. In addition, those in demand, according to star stylists, are counted haircuts with unusual bangs (torn or on two sides) and shameless hair parts on a temple or on the back of.

Some bloggers and models prefer Original haircut “Sesson”, which, although it is not the most sought-after, but very often squeezed on showing fashionable onions from Couture. Make such an image will be able to any hairdresser, but the haircut must be perfectly approaching the type of appearance, otherwise it will not look like the best light.

If you do not take into account short haircuts, then the golden middle in fashion is still haircuts on the middle length of the hair. Such often choose Kardashian sisters.

Summing up

Very short hair is not always suited to all the ladies for any reason.

That is why it is not worth a very quickly copying a haircut of your favorite star, thoroughly without considering your image.

After all, hairstyles can emphasize the shortcomings with the wrong choice or do not like for personal reasons. For the long hair, on the contrary, it is necessary to care for too long, and it will have to spend several times on the laying. And if the curls are painted, then it is also the cabin care. That’s why For a cardinal change of personality, it is best to give preference to a haircut on the middle length. After all, the stylish “cascade” was still not out of fashion and is in great demand among young models, stars-dramatics and other famous women around the world.

Many fine sex representatives from the highest society prefer haircuts on medium hair with direct surgery and slightly elongated bangs. Such haircuts are especially practical – you can implement any styling with them.

Women’s cascading haircuts are also considered quite practical. Such an image often chose Jennifer Lopez and Emily Ratakovski. Despite the most different trends in the world of fashion and higher society, preference should be given to those haircuts that the individuality of the woman and the best features of the person emphasize in the advantageous light, but at the same time the shortcomings still hide.

If you do not know which haircut yourself choose, then see useful tips in the next video.

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