Haircuts on curly hair medium length

Haircuts on curly hair medium length

Every representative of the beautiful sex wants to be fashionable, stylish and attractive. To transform your appearance, you can simply make a suitable haircut. In this article, we will look at the best options for curly hair of medium length.

Features of wavy strands

Many women from nature become owners of attractive wavy curls. They themselves already cause admiration for others. However, it is correctly a selected haircut that will become the key to your unique successful image, self-confidence and beauty.

    It is worth noting that the hair follicle of the wavy hair has clear differences from the direct – it is expressed by the form in the form of a comma. Thanks to this location and formed kudri, followed by carefully care for. To find the perfect haircut, you should guide the following moments.

    • Pay your gaze to the structure of curls, their length and hair condition. Any haircut will emphasize the smoothness and beauty of the chapels or expaning problem and unattractive areas. Curly hair, as a rule, are quite brittle. Often it is necessary to fit truncated tips. Sometimes it does not allow to grow the desired length.
    • Take into account the face of the face. If you have a round face, then you need to choose haircuts that will visually lengthen its features. For oval, a variety of options are suitable. For example, you can make a volume in the field of the nap.
    • Individual appearance. Thanks to a successful hairstyle, you can adjust the shape of the nose, the forehead area, hide the ears, emphasize the cheekbones, eyes. Add attractiveness to your image based on your own preferences and wishes.
    • Growth, weight, figure. These parameters play an important role when choosing a fashionable haircut. The same option can look different. Consider the physique, occupation, as well as age. Because the stylish hairstyle must organically complement your bow, and not look ridiculous or defiantly.
    • Curly middle-length hair is often drier and porous. Do not forget to use nutrients with moisturizing components. Do not expose your hair with aggressive factors of the external environment, carefully pick up shampoo. Better if it will include only natural ingredients.

    Considering all the features of wavy strands, you can create an ideal hairstyle and even more reveal the beauty of your hair.

    In fashion magazines, you can find a great many different haircuts. It is important to figure out what suitable for you. Wavy hair is a wide field for a fantasy, which seems to have no boundaries. It is such a middle-length hair to emphasize your femininity, ease and will help to achieve the goals. Consider current model options, popular today.


    Cut the hair to the ladder will be able to be those ladies that have a thick chapel. In front of the straight. With this option, you can quickly remove the extra layers of hair, while they will remain lush. Ideal length for curly curb – shoulder line. So your face will become expressive, and the trendy bow gentle. Should not be too shocked by the length of the ladies with thick and curly hair, so as not to look careless and disproportionate.

    It is this haircut that is capable of refreshing an image for a short time, without additional losses in length. It will be especially important for those ladies that diligently grow curls. You can lay such a hairstyle quickly and easily at home. She is great for both business ladies and young romantic agents.


    Women’s options are embodied from the top of the top of the layers. With such a multi-layer haircut, you can emphasize the necessary features of the face, eliminate the excessive hair lush, cope with naughty curls. Even with wet weather, the hairstyle will not look careless or disheveled. Length usually comes to shoulders. If necessary, you can pick up your hair into the tail so that they do not interfere when working or cleaning around the house.

    The elegant cascade is several options. You can use soft or vice versa sharp transition lines. So that the face has become more elongated, it is worth making torn tips or elongated strands on both sides. There are cascades that begin to form from the area just below the ears.

    A great option with a volumetric painter will have to do with those whom Nature has not awarded thick hair. You can make strands at an angle.


    Kare is quite common haircut, great for wavy hair medium length. It can be varied at the request of the owner. Similar haircut can be stacked independently. She will always remain fashionable and relevant. In this case, you can use bangs. Such options are pretty beautiful and spectacular. Bangs can be made straight or on the oblique line.


    This option can be attributed to the classics. Many girls with wavy hair appreciated the effect of such a haircut. Its advantage is the speed of execution. In addition, you will not need a lot of time to lay. Lengox length can be conveniently varying at will. Soft curls will be perfectly framed by creating a romantic light image. Any woman will immediately become more feminine, elegant, bright and immediate.

    Well looks bob for thick hair. You will be able to quickly solve the problem of configured curls during sleep. In this case, often the occipital zone is littered or shaved. Fashionable stylish styling are made due to a small amount of foam. After that, the hair is dried towards the face.

    Bob Care

    The initial difference between Boba-Kare from ordinary kare was the absence of bangs. Now the boundaries of these hairstyles are quite blurry. Front Bob-Care exactly resembles a classic hairstyle. But behind the outlet of the outline is raised more. With the help of such a reception, the female neck becomes visually more fragile and expressive. Bob Care can be executed in several variations. Often it is elongated or very short haircuts. Unlike classic, he may have bangs. Often the masters are resorted to graduation. Elegantly watching options with an asymmetric form. Select such a hairstyle standing on the individual characteristics of the person.


    This option can be recognized on the bulk round of the top paint, free bangs, as well as smoothly flowing cascading waves on the back of the head. Such a haircut is perfect for everyday bow, business and solemn events. With its help, it is possible to focus on the naturalness and charming of each lady.


    The combination of the ladder and cascade with a slightly born tips. With this haircut, the hair will be visually thick. This option is ideal for thin strands, as well as for those ladies who love to create an additional volume. Another secret of haircuts – hair becomes more obedient and faster stacked, which is important for those ladies that appreciate their time.


    Crispy asymmetrical hairstyles again in fashion. They are well suited for oval and for a round face, emphasize the originality of their owner, creative and confidence. They are popular for wavy hair. With their help, you can create a volumetric form in minutes, carefully fixing the curls. With such a fashionable hairstyle meeting, a romantic date is simply doomed to success.

    With shaved temples

    Similar option is at the peak of popularity. True, not all women may take advantage of them, but only the most brave and extravagant. Such haircuts are perfectly combined with kara, ripped strands and other variations, suitable for any type of face.

    Recommendations for choosing

    If you decide to drastically change your appearance, you should not save on qualified hairdressers. They will be able to pick up the perfect haircut for every day or for a significant event, prompt the right solutions for each person individually. Special importance professionals pay facial types. It is important to carefully study your form to understand what option will look advantageously.

    Oval version is characterized by almost perfect proportions. Cheeks are slightly expanded, forehead and chin have a symmetric narrowed form. A square face gives the corresponding shape of the skull with soft edges. Cheeks, cheeks, chin have proportional dimensions. The round version is characterized by rounded chin, symmetric areas of the face of the same length.

    The heart-shaped type of cheekbones are slightly raised, but the lower area of ​​the face is narrowed. Closer to the forehead. Pear-shaped shape issues pronounced lines of cheekbones, massive jaw and low forehead. An extended type says that the length prevails over the width of the face. The forehead can be big, and the chin is sharp and thin.

    Now you should get up in front of the mirror and carefully look at your outlines. Only by defining your type of person, you can count on the perfect result. Girls with oval proportions are practically not limited in choosing hairstyles. Any improvisation will organically look and emphasize your beauty. Speed ​​strands are perfectly suitable for elongated. For square shapes should not be made short haircuts before the chin. Similar options will only add volume and make the face more massive and large.

    For women who have a round face, haircuts with a length below chin so as not to add additional round lines. Great way to smooth out the proportions in this case will be an elongated kare without bangs. If you are a lover of a bang, then make them not straight and multi-layered. Beautiful will look and bob. Specialists advise to avoid smooth tracks.

    For a triangular / heart-shaped face, bangs should not do, like too much locking curls. The main task in this case is to visually expand the lower part. Let the hairstyle be bulky with the end of the shoulders not above. Lush, fluffy strands will attract attention. For example, extended square. If the forehead is high, and the upper part is wide, then there is a bevelled bang well with a length before cheek. If you have a pear form face, you should choose the options longer cheekbones. So you give the face of lightness, make an image more weightless. Suitable short-lived bangs.

    Wavy Hair Care Secrets

    Even the most fashionable and spectacular hairstyle will not make you attractive if the hair lost the life brilliance, became brittle and capricious. That is why it is especially important to carefully care for wavy strands, which may be so easy to damage. First of all, only proven care products should be bought. It is better to choose special shampoos for climbing hair, taking into account their skin type. And necessarily funds should include natural elements. Refuse cosmetics with sulphates that only dried hair.

    Personal attention – Wash hair. Do it need it correctly, not traumating the hair structure. It is best to clean the hair in 2 receptions. Apply the shampoo, foaming it to the curls, and then immediately smash. After that, abundant foam will already be formed, it will be easy and convenient to massage the head.

    After you wash your head, you should definitely apply for a few minutes to balm. So the curls will become more obedient, will be better combing and will not electrify. It is worth remembering that the ends of climbing hair are always dry. It’s not necessary to wash your hair often, so you will only injure the hair.

    Do not forget about nutritional masks. Do they need at least once a week. Perfectly caring over her hair castor oil, top, coconut, almond, olive. Worldwide Web, there are many recipes for various options for the preparation of such products. Due to the high content of the useful substances, organic connections are able to give a shine shape, force and reanimate damaged curls.

    If you risk getting under the shower, it is better to handle the head with air conditioning-spray to protect. Try not to dry the curls hairdryer. Let them be better dry in vivo. To the strands not sequen, you should buy a hair comb with infrequent teeth. For fixing perfect hairstyles worth applying special wax for strands. Better cut the curl with hot scissors. Let such an impact costs somewhat more expensive, but then the ends of the hair will not sneeze.

    Now you can determine which haircut will look perfect for your face. Take care of the beauty of climbing curls so that they always please you with softness, obedience, life force and gloss. Do not be afraid to improvise and embody the most bold ideas. In the hands of experienced stylists you can find your own individual style and conquer them male hearts. Be bold, bright and natural today is fashionable!

    More about haircuts on curly hair medium length you will learn from the video below.

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