Haircuts on fluffy hair

Haircuts on fluffy hair

Fluffy hair is rightfully considered the most disobedient and problematic among all existing types. From the furry hairs, it is difficult to achieve a brilliance and a healthy species, constantly have to look for new solutions, because of what many girls simply let this process on samonek. But without proper care for the porous structure of such hair, they quickly become thin, brittle and similar to the straw. In addition, such hair is difficult to choose a suitable haircut. It is about solving this problem and describes in this article.


Girls with such curls more than others have to be afraid of frequent hot styling, aggressive roasting nobility, wet weather, paint, chemical twists and other ways familiar to contemporary women with hair.

To maintain a healthy view, strands have to spend many resources: Connect weekly restoring masks, strictly monitor the diet, buy vegetable leaving agents without parabens. And after washing the hair, it is necessary to apply balm or air conditioning closing keratin scales, since fluffy hair has many pores, in which negative substances are easily falling, for example, pollen and dust. In addition, it will help to avoid unwanted curls, characteristic of light porous hair.

One of the key solutions in the field of care is the selection of comfortable haircuts under its type of face and the length of the curls, in which the hairstyle will look no fastening, and the volume.

What will suit?

The owner of lush beautiful hair often can not properly choose a haircut, so they are hairstyle looks inactively. However, today stylists can offer a lot of interesting decisions, from which each can choose the right version.

It is very important that the solution to crope curls is well weighted and thoughtful, because not any haircut will fit naughty curls. It should be cut so that in the future you can independently support laying at home. Best if the procedure will hold using hot scissors – After them, the hair is not longer. It is relevant for thin fluffy hair, more than the other things prone to rescue.

When choosing a haircut, you need to navigate not only on the structure, but also on the color of the hair, face shape. However, the defining the main nuances factor is the desired length.

On long strand

Smooth cascade transitions will look at long curls. So you can disguise your disadvantage inherent in fluffy curls and give them a lush and at the same time thick. The most famous and fashionable haircuts for long fluffy strands are “Lestenka”, “Rapese” and “Aurora”.

When choosing “Lestenka”, make an emphasis on the front facial strands framing. And it will also look good cascade, in which graduation is done throughout the head. Naughty strands at the same time will be distributed most evenly, excessive inaccurability will go into specially created light carelessness.

If you like more “Aurora”, The volume will be left only on the top of the smooth transition to the cascade throughout the head with leaving the elongated rear. This haircut, like the classic “cascade”, allows for easy negligence to which this type of hair is already inclined.

No less beautiful will look “rhapsody”, Externally similar to previous haircuts. This haircut implies the imposition of some curls to the other cascading principle and creating curls of the same length in the area of ​​the crown, which are strongly filmed. At the same time, milling tips is practically excluded. Due to the different length of the hair and mobilion of the painful strands, hairstyle looks more neat.

On the hair of medium length

It is recommended to do a classic “kara” or “bob-kara” on the hair of the middle-length, which do not require specific daily laying. On the curls to the shoulders are good asymmetric variants of haircuts and lateral probes. With classical laying “Kare” It is worth paying attention to the creation of a root volume so that the hairstyle seemed more alive.

Remaining remains “cascade”, which, if desired, can be supplemented with direct or torn bangs depending on the type of face.

Please note: the more hair curves, the longer you need to do a haircut.

Fluffy hair does not always imply curly curls with which it is even more difficult to cope with. The combination of too short fluffy and at the same time excessively curly hair will have to do not like everyone. Therefore, you are best suited to the extended version of the middle haircuts with preservation of the paint volume and the gradual thinning of strands to the tips. Besides, Girls with small curls will not fit asymmetric haircuts to shoulders.

For short length

The most difficult is a haircut for short hair, as it is harder for it. If you still decide on the daily maintenance of stacking short strands, pay attention to such haircuts as “Garson”, “Fuete” and “Pixie”.

Classic “Garson” (haircut “under the boy”) implies a fully open neck. At the same time, all strands are divided into one length. “Garson” will suit girls with pronounced pointed and small features. The volume and feminine kind of “Garson” will give fluffy lung hair. Haircut also has an extended variety.

Fuete implies terminated head. The haircut has a spiral character, that is, lengthens to the temples, but the hair on the painter will be short. Thanks to this, hair looks carefully and require less strength when laying in comparison with Garson.

“Pixie” visually reduces hair volume. The neck and ears, as in Garsone, remain open, the length focuses on the top, the back of the back and in the bang. “Pixie” is characterized by general negligence. Hairstyle is better suitable for girls with fine features.

Do not make short haircuts on curls with small curls, as it is very difficult to predict the estimated length in advance. If you still decided to experiment, but came to the salon with straightened hair, let the master about their natural tendency.

Short haircuts on furry naughty hair need to be adjusted at least once every 1.5 months.

Consider the type of face

Key when choosing a haircut should be accounting like your face. The main types of faces are the following:

  • Round+
  • triangular+
  • Square+
  • oval.

Let us dwell on each of them.

Owners of a round face need to visually lengthen it, so you should not open the side pieces of cheek, cheeks, forehead. Because of this, round hair should not short hair: fluffy short strands are very easy and will not be able to visually reduce the width of the face. Middle or long strands, flowing on the sides, on the contrary, will look good. Especially successfully fit “Lestenka” and “Cascade”, Supplemented by ripped strands.

If you still decided on a short length, make strands asymmetric, and the probor stacked on the side. Be a step ahead of nature and give hair a neglity yourself with a torn cascade from the top.

Girls with triangles when choosing hairstyle should pay attention to their chin. If it is too massive and long, it is better to create a multi-layer haircut of medium length with a mandatory mobilion of the front strands from cheekbones to the tips. The optimal version is “Lestenka”. Short hair owners need to choose smooth stacking with strands adjacent to chin. Such a laying is well suitable for a long bang, which, if desired, can be made oblique.

With a square face, on the contrary, the volume will suit better to help hide angularity. Rassded lateral strands of long hair, falling along the side line of the face, help smooth sharp corners. As well as a circular, asymmetry is well suited here. With a short haircut, try to keep the bulk top and elongated side strands, covering cheeks.

Cropped straight bangs contraindicated in a square face.

The face in the form of oval is the most versatile. The only thing that will remain thinking to the girl with an oval person – to comply with the rules of haircuting hair. When choosing hairstyles, you can safely experiment with long and bangs.

However, try not to edit the ends on long hair inside, duplicating the natural ovality of the face. Otherwise, adhere to the general principles of haircuts for fluffy hair.

Features of laying

Any laying is preceded by a head washing, in which rigid water is contraindicated, lifting scales of porous hair. After washing, rinse the hair with cold water. Fix the result of the foam or gel, since the furry hair without them quickly drags. Use leaving cosmetics for your hair type.

Take the naughty curls will help the laying of each strand separately, allowing to avoid untreated areas. It is important to avoid too frequent aggressive styling, and when using a hair dryer, a curl and ironing, always use heat protection. In everyday stacks, avoid too tight hairpins. Follow the condition of the brush: it should be regularly changed, as the teeth have a flammable property and pass the curls. It is best to use a fraud combing with frequent cloths.

Short haircut tips Preferably fix special sprays so that they keep a neat look. For fastening long and medium hair, a variety of braids are good: spikelets, French, Asian, in the form of a basket and many others. You can make a bundle, leaving a couple of lateral curly strands. So you create a slightly negligent and romantic casual image. Long and middle hair is also preferably fixed by laying.

Remember that the most sought-after and beautiful hairstyle is your healthy hair. When choosing funds and methods of laying Do not forget about it, always make restoring masks in time and take care of your curls from negative impact. So you can get rid of many problems and do not resort further to radical measures when trying to restore the natural beauty of hair.

About how to care for fluffy hair, look in the following video.

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