Haircuts on medium hair without styling: varieties and tips on choosing

Haircuts on medium hair without styling: varieties and tips on choosing

Modern girls are increasingly complaining about the lack of time, as they work a lot. Sometimes in the morning even there is no time to lay your hair, not to mention some supermodic hairstyle. But look beautiful and stylishly want everyone and at any time of the year. Therefore, many try to make such a haircut for which just to care for.


Haircuts on medium hair without stacking are relevant for those modern women who want to change the hairstyle, however, do not solve cardinal changes. In search of inspiration, you can see several options for haircuts on the hair of medium length. They are can be both more complicated and simple, Then it will be necessary to take a minimum of time to care for them. In this case The hair in the morning is enough to comb.

In addition, haircuts without stacking allow you not to braid your hair into a braid or not tie into the tail. It’s good because you do not need to be afraid if the braid or tail is brewing and you will have to remake the hairstyle completely. It will also help to save money for the purchase of varnishes or mousses.

In addition, the hair will be healthier, because they do not have to constantly lay.

Advantages and disadvantages

In addition to all this haircuts on medium hair without stacking have many advantages:

  • there is a huge field for experiments+
  • Women hairstyles do not require special care and a lot of time+
  • Such a length of hair can come up with almost all girls or women+
  • Depending on the choice of hairstyles, it makes the girl more romantic or, on the contrary, muster+
  • Hair will always stay healthy, since there are no fluffs, nor chemical agents.

There are practically no minuses. The only drawback is that Some of the hairstyles are very difficult to lay and therefore it will be difficult to cope with them.


To choose a haircut that does not require additional care, it is necessary to get acquainted with the varieties.


Such a haircut is more suitable for girls who have Thin and straight hair. In addition, this hairstyle is suitable for both all types of person and all ages. Young girls choose her because she emphasizes their youth and beauty, And more adult women makes elegant. The only problem is that curly hair is quite difficult to lay.

It is also worth knowing that such hairstyles have several varieties at once. For example, Multilayer Bob Suitable for those who have very thick hair. Smooth transitions make a hairstyle elegant, even thin hair looks in this case gorgeous.

But asymmetric bob thanks to falling strands will help hide all the “shortcomings”, for example, sticking ears or too high forehead. Therefore, those who are not very pleased with their appearance can choose exactly such a hairstyle.


Such a haircut option is Clear geometric lines and the length that emphasizes the elegance of the neck. It looks like this hairstyle is always very beautiful and stylish – both with bangs, and without it. For laying always just combat hair, To give them smoothness. Such a haircut is best suited for women who fit into generally accepted beauty standards.

But if there are at least a small flaw in appearance, it will only emphasize them. The most popular is an asymmetric kare.


Classic haircut is a bit Rounded bang. On the back and on the top of the back is much longer than around face. It is suitable for girls with not very bright features. Such a hairstyle immediately Allows you to visually reset for several years. However, such a haircut requires very frequent correction. Therefore, it will have to spend a lot of time at the stylist.


Such an option is hairstyles very popular among Hollywood stars. You can put your hair with ordinary comb. Cascade will make even very rare hair thick and beautiful. It is suitable for girls having rectangular or oval face shape.

You can make many variations such a haircut as with regular bangs and asymmetric or torn. However, before you decide on such a hairstyle, it is necessary to take care of your hair. They must be healthy, otherwise all the flaws will be visible.


This haircut is suitable for those representatives of the beautiful half, who have a long and elegant neck, as well as the right line of cheekbone. You can make it on hair with any length. For this, hair is simply squeaked along the entire length, and short enough. A little longer remains only strands on the occipital part of the head.


Such a model of haircuts presented to the world Christian Dior. This is very Stylish and at the same time elegant hairstyle. Clarity lines, as well as thick bangs make the shape of a face very soft. However, curly hair will be very difficult to achieve clear lines.

Best of all it is suitable for fine hair. In such a hairstyle, external curls are a bit longer from those who are inside. It gives a haircut volume. Well profiled cuts make the image of a girl more modern.

How to pick up?

To look beautiful and unique, you need to familiarize yourself with some rules and features that are used to select a haircut. Select hairstyle in accordance with the type of hair or face, as well as by age. Then the hairstyle is suitable for a hike in a restaurant and everyday life.

By type hair

Those girls who have Thin hair, best choose a haircut that add spars. It can be both asymmetric and multi-layered hairstyles. And, on the contrary, it is necessary to choose such haircuts for the owner of too thick hair, which will not be aslended hairstyle. For naughty curly strands, you should not do too short hairstyle, since the hair after drying will seem visually much shorter. Also worth Refuse to branch, After all, it will only add fluffyness.

By type of face

For owner Oval face form You can pick up any haircut. In addition, specialists, on the contrary, recommend to open a person, and not hide it under the hair. For those who have round form Persons will suit haircuts with several layers of strands. In addition, they must be volumetric on top.

Girls With broad jaw It is best to select asymmetric haircuts. But for owners with face form, a little resembling heart, You can make multi-layer hairstyles. At the same time, the volume is not needed on top.

According to the age

Age is also of great importance in choosing hairstyles. For example, for Young girls Best to pick up Natural and not such strict hairstyles. In addition, if the haircut is very short, it can also add age. And here For women a little older better not to pick up too frivolous or very extravagant haircuts. For ladies After 50 years Great haircuts short or medium length.

How to care?

After any haircut, you will need hair care.

  • Wash hair best warm water. Be sure to apply the air conditioner of the same line.
  • To dry hair need to be ordinary towel. Do not use a hairdryer, as it cuts the curls. To form a hairstyle is better on wet hair.
  • In addition, you can use different Masks or oils, Which rubbed right into the scalp.
  • Those who are not limited in the budget will suit such an option as different Restoring serum.

Beautiful examples

Medium length hair is the best choice for a modern girl. Such a hairstyle and looks like Fresh and feminine, and does not require much care. If you make a choice in favor of a haircut that does not require daily laying, then life will become easier. Fortunately, a variety of such hairstyles is very large. Therefore, each young lady can find a perfect option suitable for the form, facial type and even mood.

To choose a beautiful hairstyle on medium hair, it is better to inspire examples and look after a hairstyle looks live.


One of the most common hairstyles among modern girls is considered “Bob”. It looks equally well on all young girls, and older young lady. Hairstyle adds volume hair and makes the image more alive and modern. Care for such a hairstyle is very simple, so it will like even busy girls.


Another Verified option – This is a classic haircut “Kare”. Although many believe that it is only suitable for girls with hair of medium length, it is far from. Beauties with curls long to shoulders can also afford such a choice.


If you want to add a little brightness, you can make a choice in favor of such a convenient and original hairstyle, like “Gavrosh”. The haircut looks very Original due to the fact that the hair on the back of the head is rather short, and the main length remains. It turns out pretty Interesting contrast, Which like many.

How to make a beautiful haircut that does not require laying, look in the following video.

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