Haircuts on thick hair medium length

Haircuts on thick hair medium length

An important component of any image is haircut. A wide variety of female hairstyles offers modern fashionable unlimited freedom of choice. The article dedicate to popular haircuts on thick hair of medium length.


The integrity of the image and attractiveness will depend on the correctness of the choice. There is an opinion that practically any haircut will suit the owners of thick and lush hair, but it is not.

Caring for such hair is more complex and painstaking. It also concerns styling. These factors must be taken into account when choosing a haircut.

The perfect option is simple and at the same time a stylish hairstyle that does not require much time and strength to lay.

The following feature that is inherent in thick hair – the weight of the curls. The master must be made straight in such a way that they look great even under great weight.

The main tasks of the haircuts:

  • Giving the shape shape+
  • Facilitate care procedure+
  • Registration of a neat and attractive appearance+
  • Changing face shape.

Rightly selected and decorated hairstyle will look great throughout the day, attracting enthusiastic views of others.

Recommendations of specialists

Professional stylists and hairdressers advise girls with lush hair do not be afraid of short haircuts. This is not only a stylish, but also a practical option. After reincarnation, the visual image will acquire chic and elegance. And also will noticeably facilitate the care of curls.

Beautiful sexes with curly hair can also decorate themselves in a similar way. If you are afraid that after haircuts, the strands will hang around and look bad, then you should not worry. If you correctly pick up the hairstyle, given the form of the face, the result will be excellent. Short haircut on curly hair will create an original image.

How to choose a hairstyle?

Experts allocated the main aspect to which it should be referred to when choosing a haircut. Remember that there is no single recommendation for this issue. It all depends on individual external data and preferences.

There are several basic types of faces that affect the choice of haircuts.


Pointed Kare – Perfect Choice for Women and Girls with Square Face. This is a classic option, the relevance of which does not dry.

In this case, it is recommended to pay attention to other hairstyles with hair lengths to shoulders. If you want to give the way of softness and tenderness, place strands in the cheekbone area or cascade.

Too short haircuts can stronger to highlight a special square shape of the face, so they are recommended to refuse.

Bangs and volume in the temple area will look organically. Original and femininity will add wavy curls, falling along the cheek.

A circle

With this form, the standard elongated square is suitable, only if the straight line is not cut out. To make a face more elongated, you can cut the elongated bang. Visually change the shape of the face will help the neat volume in the area of ​​the crown. Those who appreciate brightness and expressiveness choose coloring.


Title and gentle curls will help to soften the shape of the triangle shape. Hook your hair is preferably from the middle of the curl, and not from the roots. If you wish, it is possible to give the shape of strands only at the ends. Long Bob will remarkably soften pointed chin. When choosing a short haircut should be stopped at a bang.


This is a universal and most practical face form from the point of view of the selection of hairstyles. In this case, the stylists give full freedom and recommend experimenting with different styles. The most common options are considered: bob, both extended and short, haircut with asymmetry, feminine curls, cascade and kara of various lengths.

Methods of laying

It is not enough to choose and arrange a new hairstyle. If you wish to look wonderful with a new haircut, you need to learn how to put it right, especially after washing the head. This procedure takes a lot of time and time that is not enough. Moreover, it is necessary to work skill and experience that allows you to properly handle hair.

Free yourself from unnecessary troubles maybe if you contact the master with a proposal to perform a haircut that will not require special care.

Consider 5 haircut variants on thick hair of medium length, which does not require much strength.

The first thing to be noted is haircuts Pixie style. To give the hair the necessary shape, quite a bit quite a means for fixing (varnish, foam). After washing the hair is enough to comb with the use of special composition. And you will not need special laying tools. There will be quite enough.

To the group of simple and at the same time fashionable hairstyles include Cascade haircuts. The peculiarity of such a style is in light negligence and liberty. Even without laying, you will get a magnificent and bulk form, especially considering the thickness of the hair.

Bean It is considered one of the perfect haircuts for dense strands. The hairstyle looks great on medium length and does not need professional care. Practical and fashionable option for every day.

French haircut has a second name – lazy haircut. This is due to the fact that its attractiveness is preserved even in the process of how the hair is growing. As for the laying, there is no need for it.

It looks expressively and spectacular Hairstyle “Rhapsodia”. Shape hair attached during the haircut. The only rule of excellent appearance is periodic correction in the cabin.

Features of laying lush hair

Magnificent, thick and wavy hair give the image of femininity, however, for their neat species in a concrete hairstyle, the strands must be packed. Special cosmetics and tools such as iron and hairdryer are used for styling. The first option is considered more convenient and simple.

Consider how to work properly.

  • Before starting, it is necessary to apply the composition that protects against high temperatures. Next use preparations for smoothing hair.
  • First handamatted strands near the face, smoothly moving into the area of ​​the macushk.
  • Iron go through the entire length of the hair from the roots to the tips.
  • To achieve maximum smoothing, handle small strands.
  • It is advisable to spend iron on each curl only once, but if you set a small temperature, the procedure can be repeated.
  • After completion of the work, lock the resulting result by varnish.

General care tips

    So that thick hair pleased with beauty and power, they need to carefully care.

    • In the process of washing, use warm water.
    • Be sure to comb them before water procedures. Use a comb with genuine bristle.
    • Shampoo carefully applied over the entire length. Do not rub the composition strongly into the skin.
    • Choose the compositions that are designed specifically to care for lush hair.
    • Mock strands thoroughly to clean them from shampoo and balm particles.
    • When using masks, spend a light massage of the scalp. Improving blood circulation positively affects hair health, as well as general well-being.
    • Watch out for the condition of the hair and periodically visit beauty salons to restore their structure. This is especially true of girls and women who love staining.

    About what a haircut to choose for thick hair, look in the video below.

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