Haircuts on thick hair

Haircuts on thick hair

Dense strands – this is definitely one of the female external advantages. Despite the fact that they are pretty heavy, it is much easier to solve this problem than to give volume weak, rare hair. A huge amount of feminine, stylish and creative hairstyles can be performed on dense strands. The main thing is to choose a haircut correctly, taking into account the peculiarities of the face and lifestyle, emphasize the beauty of the face and strands, hide shortcomings.

What’s in fashion?

Thick hair in contrast to rare can afford to choose haircuts from a large number of options. Fashionable stylists believe that now the most relevant hairstyles are several models.

  • Pixes. It is a bold and brave haircut for active and self-confident women. This haircut is especially the owners of the correct features, as well as those who love the boyish notes in the image. Pixie is universal, suitable for any age and type of strands.

Best of all it is suitable for those who have a straight line and there are no extra kilograms.

  • Bean. This is the perfect solution for thick-type hair, it can be done with both bangs and without. The shortened population makes the image and the hair is easier, air, and its owner is younger. Very relevant variety – asymmetric bob, like a thick bang, and completely without it. Restrictions on age, this haircut does not have.

  • Care. Of course, this haircut has long become classic, but the stylists each season are offered to refresh her new items. A large amount of hair is not a hindrance, but a huge plus lies in a kara. It is able to pull the neck, give the face of the grace. Rich hair, unlike rare, can be cut into the square.

Among fashionable varieties, the kare is distinguished by a haircut on the leg, a-shape, sharp asymmetry.

  • Page. If someone comes up with this prim and strict haircut, so it is the owners of gorgeous chapels. The main thing is to straight straight. Modern variations are a group: asymmetrical sections, elongation.

It should be abandoned by a group of topics, whose person needs to visually narrow or hide obvious disadvantages.

  • Cascade and “Lestenka”. These types of hairstyles can quite get out in the same image. Layout in thick strands looks especially winned, “Lestenka” makes it easier for the severity of the head of the face. Especially since the fashion is now easy negligence when the strands remain slightly made.

Cascading haircuts and “ladies” especially contribute to the embodiment of this fashion trend. They are great for both direct and climbing hair.

With bangs or without?

Dense strands allow you to consider not only different haircuts, but also allow experiments with bangs. Deciding, you need a bang or not, first of all, you need to proceed from whether it will suit you whether you will be ready to install it and adjust. Almost all female modern haircuts can be performed with both bangs and without. Pluses of bangs are that it allows you to adjust the oval of faces, hide the defects of appearance, switch accents at dignity. In addition, thick strands of the bangs makes visually easier, at least in the face of the face.

Short, long, oblique and straight bangs must be considered only from the position of the features of the person and haircut problems, and not the type of strands. Although curly hair is better cut without bangs, as it will require careful laying.

If you do not want to wear bangs, do not like to lay it or she just doesn’t go, thick strands can be worn and without bangs. For example, smoothly cut elongated kare without bangs – the classic of the genre. You can slightly shorten the strands of the rear and lengthen the person – this is a very spectacular and fashionable haircut without bangs. It is not recommended to make a direct sample in this version.

What to pay attention to when choosing?

Of course, not everyone is hairstyles for dense strands. As a rule, they are not easy in laying, so it is worth avoiding variations with complex care. In addition, if strands are very thick – they are not only visually heavy, but also physically too. Therefore, too long hairstyles are contraindicated. You don’t need to be afraid of short hairstyles, because it is precisely much easier to simplify laying and care.

In any case, before going to the hairdresser, estimate the structure of the strand, face form, the original and desired hair length.

Structure of hair

If straight thick hair looks well in all haircuts, especially if they are high-quality profile, then a little wavy or high curly curls often deliver cotton to their owners. For fluffy, naughty strands do not fit hairstyles that require a clear structure, smooth cuts. Lush, curly strands are good in multi-layered variations, according to cascading type, as well as on average or elongated kara. Short bangs are contraindicated.

If strands are rigid or heavy, on the contrary, it is better to turn to those haircuts that are able to visually make the image softer, lighter: “Forests”, grads, milling. Excellent facilitates the composition torn, asymmetric bangs. Here are good haircuts of structural type.

Form face

Little among the diversity of trendy hairstyle choose your favorite, it is important that she fit you. Otherwise, you risk putting out the disadvantages, hide existing advantages.

Any shape and any appearance defects can adjust correctly selected haircuts and bangs. Therefore, be sure to start the selection of haircuts from the definition of face form.

Let’s start with the church girls, despite the fact that their faces are quite universal, there are a number of rules that need to be considered. The main thing is to avoid rounded forms that expand the oval. Ideally adjust a wide face curls, medium or long strands, multi-layered, milling, ripped type haircuts. Choosing an option for a round face, refuse the following options:

  • Direct shortened bangs, it is better to choose an extended, oblique+
  • volume in the field of ears+
  • direct probor, especially in short hairstyles+
  • Rounded lines in the chin area.

    An ideal face form is considered to be an oval; therefore, the hair is enough to inflation, attaching expressiveness and accuracy to everything. As for the haircut, there is a perfect card blanche here: short haircuts, long hair, structure or negligence – all to face. Torn hairstyles, classic beans and kara – everything will be suitable, you need to focus on style and lifestyle. Give the charm to the right form of the face will help the highlight of strands near him. It is worth avoiding the following points:

    • Large wide bang that hides oval+
    • Remove strands from the face, it needs to emphasize.

    As for the square, here you feel boldly pay attention to the joke, as an addition to the haircut, and the elongated hairstyles ending below the chin features. From very short options it is better to refuse. The essence of any haircut is to soften the outlines of the face, so use multi-layered and calibration. Oblique graduated bang to eyebrows – the best choice. If possible, lighten the strands, such tones give softness and femininity. Refuse such options as:

    • Direct clear lines of bangs, total length sections+
    • bob ending in the area of ​​the jaw zone, especially if he is not multi-layered.

    The triangle needs an equilibrium, so you should create a volume of chin. Thick strands need to cut a multi-layer. If you want to keep the length, start the selection of strands at the jaw level – this is a win-win version. Complete the haircut by falling curls when choosing a long hairstyle. Good options when strands fall on face, and bangs elongated.

    Avoid the following moments:

    • Creating a volume in the area of ​​the Mc+
    • Smooth hairstyles, bang back+
    • accents at the top of the hairstyle+
    • Too short volumetric hairstyles ending on the neck or above.

      The elongated face is suitable for a straight type, preferably shortened. High forehead hide under bangs, which thanks to the density of strands can hide anything. If the bottom of the face is stretched, the bang is not needed. Avoid such options as:

      • Extra long strands+
      • Direct probor.

      The type “Rectangle” requires mitigation, like a square, but it is still important to balance the lines horizontally and vertical. Bloom the area of ​​the ears, close the face of the curls, cover the forehead oblique bangs. Asymmetry and volume on the lines of the temple look gorgeous. Not suitable for the type “Rectangle” as follows:

      • Hairstyle without bangs opening forehead+
      • Combeds back back, especially in the zone area.

      The type “Rhombus” is well closed by curls on cheeks, bangs. You should not use direct type sample and combed straight back.

      Consider the length of the hair

      In addition to the type of face, the initial and desired hair length is important.

      On short

      Remove the thickness perfectly helps short haircuts. This is a natural option that allows you to create dynamic and topical hairstyles. Using short haircuts, you can emphasize the features of the face. The most stylish hairstyle options – PJ, Pixie, Bob, Short Kare. You can put them in different ways on the basis of the situation and the type of face.

      Short haircuts perfectly fit both in business and in an active image. The age does not matter, because short haircuts – universal.

      On average

      If you are not ready for radical change, you can make a haircut to shoulders. For women, this option is often the most preferred. This length is also ideal for thick hair. Be sure to consider the options for “Lessenok”, cascading haircuts. Reframe airfare will give branch.

      Among fashion models – multi-layer haircut on asymmetric type. You can play strands at different levels. Extra long bob, medium ranks also look good on thick hair of medium length. You can safely use a graduation or combine several types of haircuts.

      On long

      If you do not strive to cut your long thick strands, there are ways to give them a great shape. The main thing is to facilitate your sock of this luxurious mane, because thick hair is very heavy. Consider cascading haircuts that can begin both from cheekbone and bangs. “Lestenka” will give ease of the region around the face, while the basis of strands remains untouched.

      Be sure to work with bangs, it is able to give a well-kept view of any chapelur. You can try fashionable asymmetry, sharp transitions, ripped bangs.

      Beautiful examples

      If you do not scare your care and weight of your strands, the luxurious curly mane will be delighted with all others.

      It is important that the hair be healthy, otherwise the whole effect is leveled. In addition, this option is absolutely not suitable for age-related ladies, as visually adds years and weights silhouette.

      Long strands – perfect background for various kinds of coloring. Now natural trends are relevant, but even part of a slightly dealtful strand is able to make an image of more air.

      Direct bangs will emphasize the features of your face, especially since bangs makes it easier to strands in the face of the face.

      If a straight bang is not suitable for your face, bangs side can adjust the features of the face and hide disadvantages.

      The average length of the hair with pronounced correct features can afford to realize the hairstyle in the style of Cleopatra. In order to make it more modern, you can burn strands below.

      Cocks of medium length are simultaneously feminine and very elegant. The density here can not be a hindrance, most likely, on the contrary, makes it possible to show strands in all its glory.

      Bob – a universal haircut that allows you to shorten thick strands. If you want to add air visually – flashing strands.

      Asymmetric Kare on thick hair – the perfect option for lovers of modern classics. This solution is especially good for dense, healthy strands.

      In trend – negligence! Therefore, avoid complex stacks, Ideally, the hairstyle must create the impression that you did not do it at all.

      Care on elongation – perfect way to paint thick strands. The shortened population will create a feeling of lightness, pull out the silhouette and neck.

      Dense strands look great in short-range haircuts, you can experiment with them, since there is no need to artificially create volume.

      Can afford torn edges, asymmetry, natural coloring at the same time. The feeling of the shield of the hair will not disappear even with a short length.

      Do not be afraid of Pixie – it can be very feminine if you choose the right length, the location of strands, sample and bangs. Professional to cope without difficulty.

      How to make a female haircut on thick long hair, look in the following video.

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