Haircuts on thin hair medium length: features, fashion trends, selection tips

Haircuts on thin hair medium length: features, fashion trends, selection tips

Often thin hair is confused with rare strands, but it is not exactly the same. You can completely not lack the amount of thin hair, but the laying is often turning into a serious problem. So that the laying does not turn into a daily loss of time, it is necessary to choose the right haircut, given the feature of the structure of the strands. The view is that haircuts for thin hair are contraindicated, long refuted by masters of hairdressers. The ideal length for this type of strands is considered average.


Before choosing women’s haircuts on medium thin hair, you need to figure out the terminology. If your hair is not a thicker 0.05 mm – they are thin. As a rule, the curls are not particularly obedient, soft, devoid of volume, often confused. As for the optimal length – this is the middle ending in the area of ​​the shoulders. Haircuts with such a length will allow creating various laying options.

Thin from nature curls are a physiological feature that has no relation to any pathologies. Its minus is a small diameter of the hairs, which is due to fats allocated from the rowing gland, levels any possible volume. As a result of the owner of strands of this type, there is always a lack of puffs hairstyles.

Therefore, the main goal when choosing a haircut is to consider volumetric options with bangs or without.

The average length provides sufficient selection of stylish haircuts for every day. We offer the best relevant variations for thin strands with bangs semicircle, diagonal, grads, asymmetry, multi-layered.

  • “Italian”. The technique of execution is to form a hat from hair and loose down. The shape is hairstyles for women with different types of face, as you can vary the length of the hats. All kinds of bangs are perfectly suitable for this haircut, the optimal length is considered to be the length in the eyebrow area by semicircle, as well as graduated born bangs.

  • Bean. The most popular view of Boba is on the middle length, in combination with the branched strands with the face, it is able to change the form of the face, adjust the flaws. This species is hairstyles quite variable, allows you to select individually the amount of volume, length, shape of the bangs. Very relevant Bob with strands at the level of the clavicle, Bob-Kare.

  • Cascade. This is a multi-layer haircut type, which perfectly gives the volume of subtle strands, is easily selected for any type of face. Lies in the formation of layers that fall as cascade. Perfectly combined with any kind of bangs, ladder at the face. Performed by different techniques, the most popular and trendy – graded.

  • Pixes. This type of haircut was originally conceived on very short strands, but with the time of the master managed to adapt it and under the middle length of the hair.

Among fashion trends that are able to give the volume of subtle strands, highlighting graded options. They are performed by razors or scissors, forming lades and cascades. Haircuts with graduation are characterized by smooth transitions of the layers. This technique is used in almost all types of fashionable haircuts. Smooth slice also does not leave fashion, but the owners of thin curls are most often afraid of these options. According to stylists, completely in vain, since if the hair is healthy and well-groomed, haircuts with a smooth slice – a great way to give the volume of strands.

One of the brightest style directions in the hairdresser, suitable for thin strands, is grunge. Grunge-style haircuts allow you to maintain discarded carelessness on your head, and therefore suitable for medium length and thin curls. They are distinguished by mess and stepped form.

It is very important when choosing a fashionable hairstyle to navigate how much time you are willing to allocate to laying.

If you have to reduce this procedure to a minimum, pay attention to the haircuts that look great in negligent form: Care with straight bangs or without it, all kinds of hats. If you like experiments, you should consider creative types of haircuts for thin hair. As a rule, they are performed on the basis of Kara, Garson, Bob and Pixie. Effects will add a shaved temple, heads, asymmetry, triangular bangs.

On asymmetry should be said especially, as this is one of the most fashionable trends of the last seasons. It can be both pronounced and barely catchy, the choice depends on personal taste, age and status.

How to pick up?

To choose a hairstyle for women with thin hair of medium length, it is necessary to take into account three main aspects: face type, type and color of curls, age. Competently selected haircut visually make hair more lush and thick. Successful haircut will be only if all three nuances are taken into account.

By type of face

First of all, determine your type of face in the form, analyzing the chin, forehead and cheekbones. Then choose haircuts suitable to your type.

  • For ovala. Universal type, it is suitable for almost any form and length. Listful options: Bob with elongation, cascade with all options for bangs.
  • For round. The main purpose of the haircut in this situation is to pull the oval, so use everything that lengthens the proportions: diagonal bangs, curls, lades. Exclude direct probor.
  • For triangle and heart. Immediately exclude Bob, all the options for short bangs. Pay attention to the square, cascade, highlighting the tips of the strands.
  • For square. The haircut should be aimed at mitigating the contour, so direct bangs, strict probors we do not consider. Good: bangs on oblique, asymmetry, torn tips.
  • For Romba. Perfectly adjusts the face of a thick bang, curls, cascade.

By type and color of hair

After the options suitable for the Oval of the person are identified, attention should be paid to the type of strands: straight or wavy, fluffy and liquid, dry, fatty or normal.

  • If your hair belongs to a normal type, then any kind of haircuts will be suitable.
  • Fatty strands should be shrinkable so that the volume is pronounced, be careful with bangs – she will quickly lose sight. In addition, the shorter strands, the faster they are polluted. The best choice is the average length, which even with rigorous bold strands will allow you to look.
  • Dry hair must be thoroughly treated and only then choose a haircut of asymmetric species, especially if the strands are rare. A smooth cut is not recommended, but the torn tips will be a good choice, they will hide the post and give the necessary slim hair volume.

Note that frequent stacking will be further damaged by dry strands, so it is worth choosing those haircuts that do not require permanent use of a hair dryer, ironing or styler.

For curly hair, you need to choose hairstyles that allow you to demonstrate the beauty of curls. These are multi-layer haircuts on the type of cascade, “Aurora”, elongated bob. Must be extremely neat with bangs. But straight strands are just perfect for experiments with forms and a long bang, as well as haircuts with smooth cuts.

Possess the visual volume of strands will help competently selected color, moreover, the correct shade is able to turn even unsightly strands into a spectacular hair, revive the haircut, give it expressiveness. Unsuccessful tone will spoil the most excellent and qualitatively performed hairstyle. Therefore, choosing the technique and color of coloring bright and dark strands, consider a number of nuances:

  • Avoid monochrome techniques, they make strands visually flat, which is categorically banned for thin curls+
  • Light shades are preferable, especially if you use some close-close tones in multicolor staining+
  • Trust staining – a great way to increase the visually volume, so consider timing, armoring, fastener+
  • Exclude from the choice of black color and all its shades+
  • perfectly suitable for painting natural henna, as it greatly strengthens strands.

      In addition to color, it is important to take into account the age category, as the haircut must organically fit into the image, do not drag it, do not add greater years. First of all, regardless of age, stylists advise to avoid the owners of thin strands too short and too long hairstyles. And also despite the fact that the hairs of small diameter requires volume – bulk, high, still hairstyles.

      If at 20-30 years old can be safely experimenting, then by 40 years it’s time to determine the style and avoid causing forms and shades. Lush styling visually adding years – it is worth remembering.

      How to stack?

      Even if you chose your perfect haircut and left the hairdresser with a beautifully laid haircut, you must think about the daily laying option. Otherwise, you risks the next day after the first wash head to be disappointed. Stylists recommend not to panic, but comply with simple recommendations:

      • Do not abuse styling, wax, mousse, funes, gels and lacquers for laying, otherwise the strands are even more damaging, leveling any volume+
      • Use those laying, the texture of which does not glue the curls, is used on the root area+
      • Since too thin strands are easier to damage others, to drain, then minimize the laying with the help of a bad, tongs, iron.
      • Be sure to use heat-protecting hair+
      • Using the hair dryer, alternate the minimum and medium temperature regimens+
      • To create a Kudrey, choose the thermal car+
      • a little foam roots and whipped strands – a great fast way to give a cutting shape+
      • Forget about Nachas, they will spoil your strands even more, especially since the best of all the nobody looks in solemn styling + if you still used this method – do not try to comb, rinse the strands and apply air conditioning+
      • Round brush and warm air hairdryer – another comfortable and pretty harmless way to create daily laying+
      • It is possible to achieve natural curls, building a naught pigtail for the night+
      • If you collect strands for the night in a high tail, in the morning there will be enough to dissolve.

      Among fashion trends in laying, many are perfect for medium length and thin strands.

      • First of all, it is a biowavank, which will give the curls such a luxurious volume that the thought of too thin hair will come to the head. This option is pretty feminine, gentle, while meets the main fashionable requirement – naturalness and comfort. Put such a hairstyle will be extremely simple.
      • Another way to give the image of freshness is to use various variations of styling bangs. This season, the bangs can be bolder to combed back in retrostile, raise, turn the harness.
      • Laying in the style of “Vertical volume” unconditional favorite of the season. The forehead opens, which makes the image more bright, modern, original.
      • Glamor style dictates its requirements – a soft wave of a la 40s today is extremely popular. The evening image is just perfect.

      How to put a middle bob:

      • Apply a few foam on the root part, spread strands, dry them with cold air+
      • Throw back back, giving up the form you need, form a sample+
      • With the help of a brash, wrap the right strands in the direction of the face, we will work on a warm mode with a hairdryer.

          We put a car:

          • We are strained with non-smoky air, using the “skeleton”+
          • Highlight small strands, and equal them with an iron+
          • Sample form according to the type of face+

          Be sure to pre-apply a means to protect against high temperatures.

          Create a beautiful bang:

          • The elongated version of the oblique bangs laid the side – spectacular and easy way to give a hairstyle volume and highlight+
          • Slowing strands on warm mode, raise them from the roots+
          • Unscrew the bangs from the face and pull them out with the help of a brash and a hair dryer, a curl or ironing+
          • Pull all strands in length.

          Beautiful examples

          Medium length, light inhomogeneous color strands and luxurious carelessness – the best way to hide the shortcomings of the structure and look like a star from the cover.

          In fashion cool, natural shades of strands, they will greatly cope with the hairstyle looks more. Soft waves, romantic, feminine laying gives a haircut and image required by charm.

          The average length of strands allows you to simply collect them in a spectacular beam. Beautiful mess – the prerequisite for fashionable modern image.

          Laying in retrostile – the perfect solution for thin curls. The main thing is to avoid too guest variations.

          Easy graded bob with an elongated bang – one of the universal haircuts, which does not require too thorough laying.

          Stylish curls and bright complex staining – a great way to give a chapelur needed volume and natural puff.

          Do not forget about asymmetry – it is able to adjust not only face features, but also a visual impression of the amount of hair.

          Ripped graduated strands – a magnificent method to create a light, unobtrusive volume on the head. In addition, this haircut gives the image youth and freshness, and silhouette – ease.

          Multicolor staining together with curls and asymmetry will give a completely stunning result – the hairstyle will look like a lush.

          Do not think that the creative haircuts and hairstyles are taboo, if you have lack of strands. The only real limit for extravagant images – age and status.

          If the blond is not suitable for your color, try gradient staining in red-chestnut gamma. And so that the volume is more pronounced, add multi-layered and asymmetry.

          The average cascade is one of the most win-win options for thinned hair. At the same time, even straight strands can be laid original.

          However, cascading haircuts on curly strands, natural or curled are best.

          Bob with elongated strands – a great solution that allows you to create a simple daily laying and luxurious evening.

          Bob-kara, complex gradient staining in trendy natural tones will give even a modest lack of incredible effect and expressiveness.

          Choosing a method of staining and color for lack of massacre, you should contact the rapid version. It acts less traumatic, in addition, does not affect the root zone.

          Fashionable light-colored coloring is definitely suitable for thin hair.

          Video tutorial on a haircut for thin hair See in the following video.

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