Haircuts that do not require styling

Haircuts that do not require styling

XXI century dictates its own rules. We always rush somewhere. Few people want to spend precious time on complex hair styling. It is worth considering an overview of the best female haircuts that do not require laying.


It’s not a secret to acquire a comfortable haircut that you do not need to label over time, you need to have healthy hair. And also should comply with such recommendations as:

  • Leave your curls in the original form: if they are found from nature – do not straighten, if smooth – do not curly+
  • Do not neglect the leaving procedures: do strengthening and nutritious masks, apply air conditioning, special oils+
  • Stream exclusively at the proven hairdresser-stylist, in whose portfolio there are works that like you personally+
  • Before going to the salon, study the features of your face, understand what you need to emphasize, and what, on the contrary, it is better to hide with a haircut.

Hairstyles that do not require daily laying possess the following advantages:

  • You can choose the appropriate option for any length and structure of the hair+
  • All styling boils down to drying hairdryer after washing.

However, even such haircuts have the following minuses:

  • Ugly look at the hair, whose structure is far from ideal: there are pranksted strains, sequencing tips, lack of thickness+
  • Cannot be made amateur, and generally novice master, as they require clear observance of technology, experience and knowledge+
  • The choice of haircut is limited+
  • Stream will have at least once every 30-40 days to save the shape of the haircut.


The most popular trends of the coming year recognized several types of haircuts.

With shaved temple

Hairstyle for bunctacles in spirit that are not afraid of radical changes in appearance. Its “Harbor” is that if suddenly the haircut you get bored, it will have to grow long. There are several ways to cut in such a way.

  • Classical. These are two shaved “triangle” on both sides of the head. The main chapel will remain untouched. It is recommended to perform on short and medium curls. It looks particularly good with a round or square ovale of the face. Rare hair is also an indication for the design of such a haircut, since part of the hair gets away, which makes the rest of the champper visually magnificent.

  • Unilateral. Very beautiful and unusual looks on long hair. If you like to lay the curls on one side, perhaps such a haircut is what you need to emphasize your bright personality and the Bunctric Spirit.

  • Modest. If you are not ready for radical changes yet, try shaving a small piece of hair behind the ear (literally 6-10 mm). It looks peculiar, but also not striking, as in the two previous cases. The length of the chapels, by the way, does not play.

  • With the transition to the occipital part of the head. There is, where to raise especially bold ladies. You can shave your hair from one side and go to the back of the back, you can – from two. Can be limited to only the occipital part. Such a hairstyle looks even better when shaving patterns, hieroglyphs, logos.

Asymmetric kara

It is based on a classic version of this haircut. However, when it is completed, it is necessary to know the subtleties of the smooth transition from the short part to the long, and this is “on the teeth” only a specialist. Asymmetry is suitable for any type of face, it can be cut at any age and with any social status – a universal haircut. At the same time, the only requirement for its appearance is clean hair.

They can be straight, and wavy, and curly – asymmetric kare looks at any hair the same perfectly.


This haircut is represented by several basic varieties.

  • Standard Bob Care. Distinctive features – Cuts straight on the zilly bending curls, slightly shortened on the back of the head. This view of the haircut comes to any type of face, adjusting it to the oval, emphasizing the line of cheekbones.

  • Asymmetric. Bob-kare with asymmetry we have already considered higher. This is one of the most versatile hairstyles.

  • Graduated Bob. It is characterized by the presence of “ripped” strands and some “artistic disorder” on the head. By the way, with its help, thin hair can be given a visual volume, slightly shortering them in the painting area.

Bob with graduation – another universal haircut, for the ladies of any age and with any type of face.


It is worth starting with what effect can be achieved when Short haircuts with “ribbon” strands. First of all, this is the volume. When creating some “Khokholka” on the top of the top, you can “raise” hairstyle, make it visually magnificent. And uneven strands on the sides of the face will be able to adjust his shape, emphasize the line of cheekbones, narrow the licho.

Medium hair length opens more features for experiments. Here and the “raised” painful part, and the allocation of zicky arcs, and the visual elongation of the neck. And such a haircut returns us in the 80-90 years of the last century, when on all the dance floors and scenes flared guys and girls with bold “ribbon” haircuts. They were fashionable then in the trend they are now.

Long curls You can refresh the design of a cascade haircut, when the face is framed by shortened graded strands, and the main length remains almost untouched. Such hairstyles are very like girls who love the effect of A la “Consumer Spit”: the main part of the chapels will be brazed into a regular pigtail, and raster strands remain near the face. The same can be done, having gathered her hair in the “Dulka” on the top of the Makushka. It turns out very fresh, bold and stylish.


Performed by the conviction of the “Stairs” blows in the technique of imposing them alone to another. In the ultimate part of the head, the curls do shorter, on the sides of the sides are asymmetric, with sharp transitions. Milling on the tips. Due to the multi-layer, this haircut is recommended to perform the owners of not too lush hair with liquid thin hair.

It is one of the hairstyles that give the visual volume, and perfectly keeps the form throughout the day.

French hairstyle

Another variation on the theme of “torn” multiple strands. The master alternately creates curls, pulling each of them. Milling ones produce a razor to strengthen the “torn” effect. This haircut, as well as the previous one, does not deteriorate when the hair is growing, so go to a specialist for correction can be 5-6 months. French haircut all: and girls, and ladies of elegant age. It is beautifully emphasizing any form of a person, visually “pulling out” his narrowing.


Invented this hairstyle, a very famous English stylist hairdresser saw Sassoon in the early 60s of the 20th century, hence her name. By the way, creating it, he just wanted to realize such a haircut that would look great not only without stacking, but also when exposed to various “stimuli” (for example, in windy weather). English Cocking Correction Technology To obtain Sisun’s hairstyle implies the absence of calculations in the process of the formation of a strand – everything is performed only by hand and scissors.

    To get a classic session, a haircut must be given the following features:

    • Snadders must have a length in the range from the brush to the shoulder+
    • Cheechka cuts in the form of a semicircle+
    • strands “lying” rounded, directed to the face+
    • Haircut has a round circuit+
    • On the back of the curls are longer than on the sides+
    • The main volume is concentrated in the back of the head.

    Sisun can be cut at any hair length. It is very cool to complement it with a melting, coloring, armor, ombrov. Sisun can afford the ladies of any age and social status. As for the face of the face, it is only round (although even it can be used to “beat” with asymmetry either.

    If we talk about the structure of the hair, it is not recommended to cut Sisun in the presence of fluffy, disobedient or too thinned curls. On them such a haircut form will not be.


    The peak of popularity Gavrosh came to the end of the 60s – the beginning of the 70s of the XX century. Now fashion returns, there was a place and for this haircut. Classic Gavrosh has such distinctive features like:

    • Long hair remains in the occipital region, and they are dying on the top by the “hat”+
    • On both sides of the temples form narrow long triangles+
    • spars have a multiple length and move one into the other somewhere sharply, somewhere smoothly+
    • With very thick hair, they are filmed to avoid excessive volume.

    Gavrosh cuts necessarily with a cheek, any of its variations are possible. The length of the hair does not matter, except that on too short curls will be problematic to create “elongated” head.


    Performed on short hair length. Locks are superimposed by one on another and gradually. Upon completion of the cutting of the strand, there is a slightly milling and hairstyle as it were “soften” without losing the definition of contours. On the back of the curls, the curls are maximized, forming the main volume on the top. Garson has the following undeniable advantages:

    • Looks feminine+
    • Does not require laying+
    • Visually rejuvenates the face+
    • Suitable for any age and style.

    Cons Garson also have, namely:

    • It is necessary to update the haircut at least 1 time per month+
    • Does not fit the owners of large features of the face, large ears, thick short neck+
    • perform this haircut for all the rules for only a specialist with experience.

    Subtleties of choice

    It is worth taken into account the following practical recommendations for the choice of a haircut that does not require styling, which not only beneficially emphasizes the advantages of your appearance, But will help in creating a single solid image:

    • owners Classically correct persons With sophisticated features, short haircuts + they will open the neck and give the holder an extra grace+
    • ladies with a face in the form Square or Circle It is not recommended to cut the cheek+
    • Face in form Triangle emphasizes asymmetric karebob+
    • Graduated haircuts go all+
    • As for age – Now there has been such a time when a woman and 35, and 40, and 55 years old and older, can have the length of the hair that she wishes + does not necessarily coen the long hair at the achievement of middle-aged, but there is an important nuance: Your image should be thought out “from and to”, then you will not look like a “younger” granny, and enter the elegant age with a highly raised (and beautifully crushed) head.

    Beautiful examples

    We present to your attention a photo gallery with beautiful examples of haircuts.

    About how to perform a haircut that does not require styling, look in the following video.

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