Haircuts to shoulders: Features, species, selection

Haircuts to shoulders: Features, species, selection

The haircut to the shoulders is one of the most relevant options for today’s women, since such a hairstyle is simultaneously quite simple in everyday care and at the same time fully meets all classical ideas about a gentle female. Nowadays, there is a huge variety of haircuts on hair of such a length, because despite the insane popularity of such a decision, each representative of the beautiful sex will be able to find his own unique style.


Women’s haircuts are just quite conventionally called “to shoulders”, in practice they can be a little shorter, and a little longer. Despite the huge variety of options, all haircuts of this type have a number of positive qualities for which women are valued.

For example, Hair such lengths are well combined with staining and fashionable modern coloring, whereas on long hair, colorful strands would be lost, and they would already claim the title of full staining. At the same time, the laying is quite simple in everyday execution – if the hairstyle option is properly called the type of face and hair, then the simplicity of registration is hairstyle.

The big plus haircuts on the shoulders are and what they are suitable for any type of appearance. It doesn’t matter what kind of face form you have and do you have any unusual features – the hairstyles of the average length in general you will be suitable, you only need to choose the correct option, and there are almost always several.

This volume of hair is enough, and to open a person, highlight the advantages, and to hide certain flaws. In the same way, no value has a hair structure – they can be straight or curly, thick or thin.

Medium length hair admire simple experiments with appearance every day, because they look good and in the loose, and assembled. Such a comprehensive attraction simplifies the task of everyday stacking, and the girl is already optionally buying half the hair store, always taucing them for themselves to look neat and beautiful. In addition, you can not worry about the preservation of the form – This length still does not give sufficient weight for the deformation of the hairstyle conceived in the morning.

Allocate some obvious disadvantages of such hairstyles difficult. Supporters of longer and shorter locks usually argue their choice with the advantages of those solutions, and not the disadvantages of this – one just likes when there are many hair, others prefer to open a face and practically not to waste time on laying. However, it does not cancel that today it is the middle-length hair most popular among women.


Options for how to cut hair on medium length, there is a huge set. Some decisions are classic and recognizable by the majority of people, even distant from hairdressers, others differ among themselves only as soon as noticeable details, in which only specialists understand. So appear hairstyles like “flip” and other modern solutions, completely unknown to the previous generation.

    We will not delve into the debris of a thin classification of hairdressers, and instead, we will restrict ourselves to the consideration of the most well-known, decades of proven stylistic solutions that have become the basis for all these stylish innovations. Such solutions, despite the invention, many decades ago, still remain relevant, and if you want something more original, Just ask the hairdresser to add new-fashioned parts to a well-established basis.

    • Extended Karea – one of the most popular hairstyles of the last decades. It has smooth edges along the entire length of the head and from the usual option is distinguished by elongation to the shoulders, because of which many men do not even understand that it is also a kara. Such a hairstyle is good because it can always be trimmed to a classic car, simplifying care, and grow to a significant length, preferring hairstyles based on curls.

    Simplening such a haircut is quite simple, but in a set with different melings such an image may be perfect.

    • Elongated bob – Another superpopular hairstyle, volumetric on top and on average a little more closing person due to the presence of a long and well-visible bang. This is a good option for any hair types, which confirms the illustration. He is especially appropriate on young girls who are ready to compensate for the lack of maximum length to a significant amount. The presence of bangs already allows experimenting with the installation method, but sometimes it is not too and stand out, because of what the line between Bob and Kare is quite thin.

    • Cascade It is called one of the best solutions for naughty hair – even though they are going on as they are pleased, in general the appearance is a cute and holistic. To create hairstyles, branching strands – they are made of different lengths, so as not to interfere with each other, camping in front, not always spinning in the same side. Oddly enough, from this all hairstyle becomes a little obedient, it goes, but predictable.

    Rear view at the same time resembles straight hair. This is a good option for thin hair, which the missing volume is obtained due to curls.

    • Sometimes there are also haircuts separately To shoulders with bangs, Although in most cases they are a kind of one of the above hairstyles and in the circle of stylists may have a completely different, special name. A relatively short hair does not mean that the face must be completely open – the girl itself decides, what length should be bangs and how close it closes the forehead and cheekbones. Permissible options are also oblique, and direct, and plain bangs – it all depends on your preferences.

    Following the eternal classical foundations, it makes sense to take into account the most relevant trendy trends. Some new items appear every season, because the same item has a hairstyle yesterday could be considered an ideal one, and tomorrow many will seem to Moveton. However, if you do not follow the fashion, It is at least briefly run through the main characteristics that are most in demand today.

    First of all, the naturalness of hairstyles is now relevant. You may notice that with recently, the shocks and screaming solutions have been made to no, on the contrary, it is now fashionable to look feminine and the most natural possible. Of course, staining and melting did not go anywhere, but the selected tone should not be artificial and non-existent in real life.

    True, if you really want creativity, no one forbid it to you – in the end, it’s your hair and your image, make everything you want with them. However, the sense of measure is welcome, that is, in pursuit of a unique style Try not to run into universal misunderstanding.

    Strict grappiness also managed to get out of fashion – now society is much better about light carelessness, it seems to be opposed to boring rigor, does not grow into a slope. Therefore, it should not be chased behind perfectly smooth lines: straight hair can be slightly climbing for volume, and the curly will do everything themselves.

    Since negligence has a secured place in the laying, it would be strange if the hairdressers themselves were oriented exclusively on strict symmetric forms. On the contrary, asymmetry became a kind of fashionable fashion, because it not only allows you to disguise small disadvantages of appearance, but also allocates your specific image among many others that may be very similar.

    When it is not accepted to stand out due to an emptage, you, as it were, are limited in the uniqueness of your own image, and it is asymmetry gives you the opportunity to be unique.

    How to choose?

    When they say that haircuts for medium hair will be suitable for everyone without exception to women, you need to understand that this is a generalization relating to the variety of hairstyles of such length. At the same time, with a haircut, you can guess, and not guess when the selected solution, perfectly looking at models and actresses, with your facial features and hair type will not be combined.

    A good master should be able to at one glance on the client to determine which haircut she is suitable, but it is better to understand this matter in this matter, so as not to rely entirely on someone else’s taste.

    By type and color of hair

    On the hair type, you need to pay attention in the sense that the hairstyle should either adjust the shape of the face and head, if there is a need for it, or not to make its own breakdown in proportion.

    For example, Bob is a typical hairstyle that gives the volume and requiring it. In this case, hair, even with the allegedly medium length, should be a lot, the lush haircut seems to cover the whole head, because the hairs are too thin and the master will not be able to add volume with a raising, such a solution will look very doubtful, once again emphasizing the lack of hair. For this reason, it is necessary for such a solution either straight thick hair, or the curly, which themselves create a volume.

    And on the contrary, if the hair is not so much and they are straight, the optimal solution can be an elongated kare.

    With such a haircut, the length of the hair is not lost due to excess curls and giving volume, they can framing their heads and quite thin layer.

    In terms of laying, this is also the easiest option, therefore, such a decision and uses maximum popularity among women.

    As for actively climbing hair, the cascade was literally created for them. And Kare, and the bob of such a “material” will seem too untidy, you will have to spend a lot of time to spend a lot of time on the neat placement of such strands, but a well-thought-out branch will force kudryashki to lie like a master, even without outside interference. In terms of performance, such a haircut is the most difficult, it is not worth trusted by the first harsh hairdresser, but if everything is done correctly, there should be no problems with stacking.

    As for the bang, it is more common to choose girls with straight or slightly curly hair, while the curly in this part of the head curly practically will not work. In general, the bangs are usually made for the correction of some disadvantages of appearance – too high forehead or excessively dense eyebrows, light asymmetry of the face, strongly speaking cheekbones and a large nose and so on. In each case, it is selected individually and can be both beveled, and direct or even a semicircle.

    The length of the bang is determined depending on which part of the person is planned to cover it.

    In terms of color hair, there are almost no restrictions – the hair to the shoulders is suitable for the blond, and for brunettes, and for blond hair, and for ash. We can wear the same hairstyle regardless of the color of the hair, therefore, such a haircut is often combined with staining or decaying. At the same time, it is implace that For gray hair, the extended square is more suitable if they are straight, and perhaps the cascade if they go.

    The elongated bob gives a romantic romance, which in gray hair may seem inappropriate, and there is no such hair, there is no such hair that is fundamentally important for such a haircut. Bang preference is usually given in direct performance, because women with gray hair usually do not pursue the goals to stand out from the crowd and pin the public.

    In this case, such a detail is often important as an attempt to disguise certain age changes in appearance.

    By type of face

    Face form – hardly the main factor determining whether the girl is suitable for a specific haircut. With the ideal proportions of the head of special restrictions, it usually does not happen – you can freely experiment with hairstyles, but only a little so lucky in life. At the same time, even small appearance errors can be successfully hidden using a haircut, and sometimes even a pretty pretty girl, unsuccessful with the hairstyle, can once again emphasize the attention of those around the disadvantages and spoil the impression of oneself.

      To avoid completely typical mistakes for those who do not see the relationship between a specific face form and suitable hairstyle, consider the most common types of faces. Whatever your type, you should not give up the average hair length, simply choose the right form, otherwise even the perfect looking hairstyle can not come.

      • Oval face It is considered to be the ideal of beauty, since it is equally well looking with completely any haircuts, except those that make it no longer oval. This rule applies to the haircuts to the shoulders – the owners of this type can freely experiment as they are pleased. In the arsenal of affordable funds – all modern opportunities, from graduation and branch to painting, curling up to twist. The only thing that can interfere with the plans of a woman on a haircut of medium length are too naughty hair that will definitely not keep the laying form.
      • Round face Usually do not consider ideal, but it refers to the number of the most common, because hairdressers and stylists have long developed a whole set of ways to solve this problem. The round form is excessively symmetrical, because the task is good hairstyle – add asymmetry, for example, due to bevelled bangs, which at the same time will stress the width. Another good move – “pulling” the shape of the head due to the vertical volume of the hair, although the main thing is not to rearrange, otherwise the head will simply seem very large. Accordingly, all moments should be avoided, which further give symmetry – direct samples and the same hair length on both sides will make sure only worse.
      • Rectangular face on issues similar to a round, however, another problem is added – an inappropriate angularity that you need to hide. Accordingly, with this form, hairstyles are particularly popular, which partially close the edges of the face, because various bangs are welcome. Since the problem is an abundance of straight lines and the same corners, in hairstyle they should not be traced, because the bangs are usually made bevelled or at least not perfect direct. Purely theoretically, at least a light lifting of hair should also give an exceptionally positive effect.
      • Triangular face It is considered one of the most complex selection in terms of hairstyle, although it is not rare. The problem is a huge difference in the width of different parts – the forehead is too wide, while the chin on his background seems even more narrow, and the hairstyle should be selected in such a way that it leveled flaws. First of all, it is impossible to hide the chin – girls with such a form of face usually do not advise smooth strands below the ears pressed to the face, they are better or removed, or spin to the sides to give the volume. The forehead seems too heavy here, because the upper part of the head can not be assessed an overly significant mass of hair on temples or painting.

      Bangs will be very useful if it is asymmetric and very long, combed to one side – in this form it will brand the width of the forehead.

      According to the age

      Hair middle lengths can look equally well on women of any age, but this indicator is able to influence the choice of hairstyles. A young girl in his choice is usually unlimited, but for women, let’s say, in 45 years old, it is already worth thinking about what adjustments to their appearance makes age.

      The problem usually lies in the fact that wrinkles appear on the face. Beautiful sexers want to disguise them at any cost, and one of the ways can be a choice of a suitable hairstyle, which, for example, will close the forehead with wrinkles. It turns out that wrinkles seems to make their own adjustments.

      For this reason Middle-aged women and older haircuts, to more degree closing face. Variants are in great demand, tightly fitting contours of the face. Often, a good solution may be an elongated bevelled bang, which will close and most of the forehead, and protruding cheeks, where wrinkles may also appear after 50 years.

      Choosing a hairstyle to disguise signs of aging, it is important to remember that all other criteria of haircut selection are still in force.

      Beautiful examples

      Haircuts to shoulders – an excellent solution that allows you to achieve two main goals at once. On the one hand, you stay feminine and attractive, on the other – with minimal care there are always neat, and, if necessary, you can even look like sufficiently strictly for office work. If you do not believe, first example – for you.

      Do not think that a relatively small hair length strongly limits you in the laying method. With due fantasy, it is possible to drastically allocate precisely femininity, creating a truly delicate image that men will remember a long time.

      On the second example, the girl’s face is not visible, but fall in love with her easily even from the back.

      Finally – a vivid example of the fact that the hair of medium length is suitable not only for young girls. Because with age, the hair weakens, the big length will be in the future, especially since the care of the weakening empathy is only complicated. At the same time, the hairstyle to the shoulders is not too short and remains quite conservative, and most importantly – it allows you to hide age changes, which now do not have to spend cosmetics.

      Classic haircut equipment Care with bangs See in the video below.

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