Haircuts with bangs on short hair

Haircuts with bangs on short hair

To be stylish and fashionable is the natural desire of any girl, regardless of its age. To produce a good impression, you need to pay attention not only to your wardrobe, but also on the hairstyle. Proper selection of style, hair length and their colors make it possible to make an optimal image. Short hair can also look wondering if they are properly arranged and choose a suitable haircut, especially if there are bangs.


Short female haircuts have become popular for a long time, and The Rodonarchist of such fashion is considering Irene Castle, who, having occurred to the hospital, did not have the proper conditions for hair care, and therefore cut them. Since the girl was a rather popular dancer, about its transformation began to actively write in the media and discuss the feasibility of such a cardinal change. In view of the non-standard situation, which was created by coincidence, hairdressers had the opportunity to explore a new industry for themselves, which to this day remains relevant.

A haircut with bangs on short hair can have a variety of design options, which is dictated by the length of the hair itself and the bangs.

It would seem that such a minor item, like a bang, should not drastically change the image of a person, but it is fundamentally incorrect. It is due to the length of the bang, the way to have her haircuts and succeeds to achieve a variety of stylish haircuts. The variability of the length and design of bangs is different, the most popular is considered the following.

  • Kosya – The greatest popularity had last season, being a trend. Tips can be torn, branched or straight. This option of bangs is suitable for absolutely any kind of short haircut. To diversify oblique bangs, you can add it to the elongated strands that will fall on the forehead, or to twist the edges so that the bangs are raised up.

  • Graduated – Created by the hands of the present master due to the complexity of the haircut. Most of all, such a bang is suitable for those who have medium long hair.

  • Asymmetric – It is considered one of the most sought-after options, it harmonizes with any kind of haircuts and will suit girls with any facial oval. The only limitation is age, after 40 years it is desirable not to use a similar short bang, because it visually only adds in age.


The enormous popularity of the short version of the hairstyles among the representatives of the fine sex created the need of a species diversity of hairstyles that would fit under a certain type, hair length, their structure and color. Among the most popular worth noting such.


Kare – the first in popularity of the option that certain changes have undergone, but general trends remained unshakable. Classic haircut involves shortening hair with a smooth edge, the length of which does not exceed the area of ​​the ears or only covers the chin. Such a haircut makes it possible to choose any type of bangs and diversify the hairstyle. Kare makes the girl more feminine, decorates the face, emphasizing the cheekbones, and is also a comfortable haircut that practically does not require laying. Care options several.

  • Shorten A variety involving clear lines that will be to the face of any fashionista, regardless of the type and shape of the face. This hairstyle wore Cleopatra herself, which means that the girl’s spectacular appearance will be guaranteed. To look more modern, it is better to choose a saturated dark color of hair dye and supplement it to Ombre a warmer shade.

  • Extended Care on Curly Hair, which implies oblique bangs.

It will be good to look at such a karea on girls who have a weak curly hair or those who will create bulk forms.

  • Textured shortened kara – This option can be performed in 2 versions: the use of graduated haircut, where the form is given with careful branch, and the use of branch for specific parts hairstyles (tips or strands) to emphasize them.


Bob – is considered one of the most universal and comfortable hairstyles with which it is possible to conduct experiments regarding the length of the curls, their forms and the type of bangs that will be the most relevant. In addition, for this species, you can choose a wide variety of types of staining and coloring, which will add brightness and originality.

Among the most relevant forms of haircuts, Bob distinguish:

  • Length to ears+
  • Short length, hedgehog rear, clear lines on sides in combination with straight thick bangs+
  • Textured+
  • Classic, where there are clear lines of the contour hairstyles+
  • With oblique bangs+
  • asymmetric+
  • Extra long version – Bob-Kare.

Any one of the above options will look stylish and fashionable, therefore you can safely try, experimenting with appearance to find the most universal type of hairstyles.


The cap is a type of hairstyle that comes far from all and requires certain time spending on maintaining forms and laying. The optimal face form for the cap is oval. To give originality, you can choose the length of the bangs from shortened to the maximum long


Shag has a look of untidy hair, but it is a deceptive impression that is created artificially with a haircut and laying. The length should not be lower than the chin line, and the hair cover is trimmed with layers so that the sides remained at least long, and from above – maximum. It is recommended to choose this type of hairstyles of those who have thin and weak hair, which is difficult to give the volume. One haircut for a proper appearance will be little, you need to make certain efforts to lay, aligning part of the hair and applying a modeling gel.


    Pixie – has a significant difference from other hairstyles due to the shortest chapels and bangs. She is suitable for those who have a small face or pronounced part of it: large lips or eyes. The peculiarity of creating an image is that the temporal zone and the heads are shortened the most, and the macushkin remains longer.

    For a stylish and interesting image, it is worth complementing the haircut also and hair coloring in bright and rich color or select several strands.


    Garson is a hairstyle that requires a small hair length and perfectly flat laying them. Fashion touched this option by seeing bangs in it from non-standard length to the original form. Locks can now have a different type of laying, the most popular wavy or disheveled strands, laid by gel, and Garson using asymmetric bangs.

    So the most sought-after haircuts for women who prefer the shortened hair length look. Such a variety generates the problem of the right choice of a haircut, which largely depends on the face form, the structure of the hair cover and the age of the lady.

    By type hair

    To properly choose for yourself hairstyle, it is important to pay attention not to all necessary criteria. Best of all, a specialist will cope with this task, but you can choose an option to independently, pushing out the hair structure. There is only 3 options, it is:

    • dense+
    • thin+
    • Women.

    Girls with thick and even hair better stop their choice on a short length and leave bangs, if there are curls, it will be good to look like a moderately short, simple haircut. It will be good to look a haircut pack, which highlights face. The main thing is to choose this option to the girls who have an elongated or oval face, for a round face of the face Page will be undesirable. You can choose a haircut cap option that looks good on thick hair.

    Representatives of thin curls you can find a wide variety of options, The main task will choose the view of the haircut and the length of the hair, and the hairdresser will do everything you need. It is important to create a volume that is not from nature, but due to the correct haircut and laying it becomes visible. For thin hair, the best choice will be a kara with a shortened top and strands of various lengths. Also for an additional volume is suitable for a bean-kara, which involves a short heat, shaved to the level of hair growth, as well as the SCOS from the nape to face with an elongation that can have the same length or be asymmetric.

    For those whose hair from nature will go, it is worth paying special attention to the form. It will be better to look at the car, you can try and option with a hat, which will have a very interesting appearance on curly hair.

    The asymmetric hairstyle looks originally in the presence of a probor and oblique bangs.

    By type of face

    When creating its unique style, it is difficult to do without an appropriate imagine hairstyle, therefore it is seriously related to the procedure for its selection. Depending on the type of face, there are various haircut options that emphasize femininity will make more expressive eyes or lips, just decorate the girl.

    Those ladies who have an oval face can be safely experimenting with hair length, choosing even the shortest hairstyle. Assmetric hairstyles will look good and those that do not require long bangs. Holders of a rounded face form worth paying preference to the volume on the top and the minimum of hair on the sides. Visually reduce roundness to help strands, falling on the face in the cheek area, or asymmetry.

    Representatives of the extended person worth choosing those hairstyles that are necessarily framed by bangs, hair is better to curl to give an additional volume. The sample is desirable to shift one of the parties, which also allows you to visually reduce the elongated face forms. Bob is most suitable for women who have a pear-shaped face type. The presence of a volume on the scalp makes it possible to align the proportions by creating a stylish and beautiful image.

    If the face form is square, then choose the right haircut is not easy, the main task will be smoothing the angles and the maximum elongation of the chin contours. The most correct will be the impression of light and air frequency curls, curls will also look very impressive. If you need to choose the option with fast and light laying, then you need to pay attention to the ladder or cascade.

    If the girl has a triangular face form, then it is important to make the top narrow, What is ideal for asymmetry with oblique survey and bangs, which will partially close one eye, which will help to visually reduce the forehead. Do not wear long hair, as the chin should remain open. In the case when the person has a rectangular shape, it is necessary to make the maximum volume in the temple zone to give rounded outlines.

    According to the age

    The selection of the haircut must match the age of the girl, especially if there is a desire to make the length of the hair rather short. With all the versatility of Kare, this option is best suited to girls aged 25 to 35 years old, those who are significantly younger, should not be artificially.

    But for women who crossed the line of 40 years, this option will be most preferable, since visually rejects.

    Thirty-year-old girls will be good with wavy and light strands, who will give naturality to the image and a little refresh the face. The ladies after 40 need to carefully choose a haircut, since there is a need to hide certain disadvantages. The presence of bangs, graduation, asymmetry will help to cope with this. For very slender women, Pixi is well suited, but the occipital zone should be left as it is, not to shaken.

    Those who have already turned 50 years old can choose either a cardinal version of the haircut under the boy, or something averaged, most importantly, not to use retro-layers, and the classic will not be too relevant. The most suitable will be hairstyles: Kare, Pixie, Garson and Cascade.

    How to care and lay?

    To the hairstyle always looked perfect, you need not only to choose the right haircut, but also be able to care for hair and lay them. For this it is worth using 4 principles:

    • Apply thermal protection for laying+
    • choose suitable care products+
    • timely go to the beauty salon+
    • be able to put in order hairstyle at home.

    Put in order short hair harder than long, because you have to use mousses, sprays and gels for this process. It is important to choose such funds that have a thermal protective effect, which protects the hair from the lesion during the laying on the hairdryer, iron or at low temperatures on the street. So that the hairstyle always looked beautiful, it is important to maintain hair health, for which qualitative means of care for them are selected. Shampoo must approach hair type, after it is applied it is important to use balms or masks. Damaged hair will need a number of recovery procedures with high-quality cosmetics.

      So that the haircut remained beautiful and did not lose the form, it is necessary to rule it in the hairdresser, visiting it at least 1 time in 2 months, and in some cases more often. For owner of short haircut, it is important to be able to quickly and properly lay the hair at home, using the whole arsenal of funds.

      The integrated application of all the above recommendations will allow you to wear a short haircut and enjoy a new way for a very long time.

      Beautiful examples

      Sometimes it is so difficult to choose the image, the right and beautiful hairstyle, in view of which you have to contact the specialists. Sometimes it is the most correct option, but it is possible to try to independently look after yourself the most appropriate and correct type of haircut, exploring modern trends and considering examples laid out on the Internet.

      Kare is considered the most popular haircut, but requires perfect laying so that every curl is in its place. Hair dyeing in contrasting shades will only add a hairstyle by adding a highlight to it. Care length can be different: from very short to elongated hair.

      The next haircut is Bob, which reminds of Kare in front, because there are also elongated curls here, but the head is performed significantly shorter and edges fit. You can use paints of a wide variety of shades, moreover, it is impressive to grab and coloring, which give the visual volume and shape of hair.

      Very original and brightly looks like a haircut cap, which seems simple, but not coming away. Those who have a rounded form of a person must choose something other. A haircut with a significant volume and long bangs creates a unique image in which they will be equally good as sophisticated ladies and girls actively engaged in sports.

      Shag haircut looks original and boldly, and most importantly, it is equally well suited to girls and those who are already far from 40, refreshing and rejuvenating them. Thanks to torn edges, simulating carelessness and a properly selected color decision, you can get a unique and stylish image.

      Pixie option will suit active girls who do not want to spend time on laying, as well as those who want to emphasize their face. The haircut is universal, because it is suitable and young, and more adult women, making them attractive and cute.

      Garson is best suitable for adult women, as it opens the face as much as possible, while hides the possible flaws of the face in the form of wrinkles on the forehead and near the eye.

      Magnificent and neat hairstyle will look stylish and festive, especially if you diversify it with some color strands.

        Each girl can choose the most suitable view of the haircut, but best to rely on certain criteria that will allow making an unforgettable image.

        Next, see how to make a haircut with bangs on short hair.

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