Haircuts with oblique bangs: features and types

Haircuts with oblique bangs: features and types

One of the most piquant and interesting elements of asymmetry in hairstyle is oblique bangs. It enjoys rather very popular among the representatives of the fine sex of various ages, and can also be combined with various types of haircuts and styling. Many ladies want to try a similar experiment in creating a new and unusual image, but far from everyone knows that the oblique bangs there are a number of important features with which it is necessary to familiarize themselves in advance. All these characteristics will be presented in detail in this article.

Pros and cons oblique bangs

Like any hairstyle or laying, the addition in the form of oblique bangs has a number of positive and negative sides. The choice in favor of similar asymmetry can be made for the following reasons.

  • The oblique line of strands looks much more original than the standard straight bang. In addition, it is suitable for the ladies of various age categories and areas of activity.
  • Bangs of this type can be modified with the help of hairpins or means for laying. Zapols are an uneven plot, you can create a direct silhouette of strands, you can also make a magnificent bang.
  • A similar element hairstyles have some versatility. Kosay bangs look equally well both in combination with straight hair and with lush curls. Also it comes to hair of various lengths.
  • Oblique bangs does not overload the upper part of the face, because it does not completely close the forehead. Therefore, such a detail does not deprive the general image of ease and openness.
  • Such a bang can be performed in a different way using a lot of haircut techniques – make her thick, less often, in short, or longer. You can also vary the angle of tilt strands – from smooth to more sharp.
  • This version of the bangs looks perfectly in combination with hair accessories – rims, hairpins, scarves.
  • Easy the hair with a similar silhouette is easier, because, unlike a straight bang, such an alternative does not always require the perfect location of strands. The straight hair is mostly fitted with a hair dryer, while the Iron is suitable for wavy styling.

The only minus of such an element hairstyles can be called what It largely depends on the edge of the face and, with the wrong choice, hairstyles may emphasize the flaws. That is why it is necessary to carefully take into account such a sign, as features of the shape of the head in the selection of oblique bangs.

How to choose the type of face?

Select certain types of person, the basis of the classification of which includes such signs as the shape of the skull, cheekbones, the height of the forehead, the chin line. For each of the types there are recommendations regarding the selection of oblique bangs.


Kosya bangs can perform a cluster disadvantage of the role for a person with such outlines, if you combine bangs with strands, on the one hand covering the cheek line. This technique will help visually narrowing faces.


Ladies with such a form of face should pay attention to the dense version of the bangs with a bias. Such interpretation will help balance the upper and lower part of the person, as well as its width and height.


Girls with a triangular face form suitable oblique bangs with a sharp silhouette and a rather wide range of length. Optimal will option when the end of the strand closes one eyebrow. This technique will create the necessary balance between a narrow sharp chin and a wide forehead.


This type of person is universal for experiments with bangs. You can try to create silhouettes of different lengths, tilt and dense.


The owners of a sharp line of cheekbone and pretty heavy chin will not be a very thick variety of oblique bangs, which is made with a smooth transition from a short plot to a long.


For such an interesting and attractive oval face there are a number of restrictions in the choice of the oblique line. One of them is the absence of branch. The edges of the bangs must be sure. Also strands should not be too long. It is desirable that they do not reach the lines of eyebrows. But if you have small features of the face, on the contrary, you should pay attention to the weerated varieties of bangs.

Length is recommended to choose above eyebrows.

Types of Strezhek

When you decide with the type of face, it’s time to think about the length of the new hairstyle. Women’s haircuts are presented in a huge variety, but not to lose among this selection, orient to the following basic signs.

  • Little hair. Not all the haircuts look lush, especially for long chapels, hair should be pretty thick, otherwise they will look unprepacently.
  • Source Length. If you have pretty long curls, you will suit more types of haircuts, which is designed for both middle-length and short. If you have hair to shoulders or shorter, then you have to make a choice from a more limited list of options.
  • Texture of hair – also defining factor. If the choice of bangs is not complicated, the shape of the haircut may be distorted without regular laying. If the hair, for example, curly, or look not so magnificent, if they are thin and straight.
  • An important criterion is also trends and actual trends in the fashion world. Fashionable currently will make you more confident and liberated than those that were relevant a few years ago.

Some of the most popular types of haircuts on short hair, which will be appropriate to look with oblique bangs, are all sorts of haircuts Bob.

  • Ultra-short. He implies an underscore of the upper area of ​​the face. In this case, the choice of elongated oblique line of strands without using graduation technology. The most bright and effectively such a haircut will look like light shades on hair.

  • Classic Bob It will be a very relevant embodiment for a bang side of various lengths. But the choice of length is adjusted by another criterion. For young girls, let’s say a variant of the shortened bangs with a side silhouette, and for the older lady is recommended to increase the length of strands.

  • Straight bob With a clear silhouette, which is usually created on obedient strands, it is equally elegant both with an elongated linen of oblique bangs, which is strained below the level of eyebrows and with more shortened options.

  • Graduated Bob assumes the presence of a torn bang. Length it may vary depending on the face form and individual preferences.

  • Young ladies who are not afraid to experiment, perfectly suitable Ultra-screwed pixie haircut in combination with oblique bangs. At the same time, it should not necessarily have a smooth silhouette, on the contrary, to give the image some audacity.

If you are the holder of medium length lap, then such haircuts, like a kara, as well as cascade will be most successful for creating oblique bangs. They can be described as follows.

  • In the descent type Bang with oblique silhouette can be an excellent addition to the framing. It looks good with a ribbon version of bangs.
  • Kosay bangs perfectly fits into the haircut cascade, Having a stepped silhouette. Especially brightly this option looks on straight dense hair. Depending on the face form, bangs can be thick or shredded.
  • In combination with oblique bangs, various looks Unusual textures in a common haircut. For example, hairstyle can be made so that the ends of the strands acquire a chaotic orientation and give additional brightness and the unusual image.

If you want to keep the length of the hair, then besides the cascade, you can also choose a square, but not to end the occipient part short.

Features of laying

If you make a haircut of a certain form with an oblique strand line, remember, that such hairstyles require particularly careful laying in order to look presentable and aesthetic.

  • For the shortest haircuts, it is recommended to use a special gel for fixing strands. It will also come in handy if some strands are knocked out of the total mass of hair.
  • Before laying clean hair with a hairdryer, should be treated with a special foam. Strands at the same time should be slightly wet. Foam contributes to the fact that the hair will faster take the desired shape under the jet of hot air.
  • To give strands of a healthy brilliance, you can use as an additional means of sprays with the effect of lamination. Especially noticeable their effect on dark hair.
  • Bang and the whole mass of hair after laying can be sprinkled with varnish for extra fixation. The degree of fixation is usually indicated on the packaging of the product.
  • If you are the owner of naughty strands, for laying bangs and haircuts in general, you will need a rectifier. If you do not need to put all the hair, straightening tongs can be used to design a bangs instead of Feno.

        Thus, ladies can make sure that oblique bangs can be combined with various types of haircuts, in each of which it is embodied beautiful and unusual. Therefore, you should not be afraid to experiment.

        About how to make a haircut with oblique bangs, look in the video below.

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