Haircuts with oblique bangs on medium hair

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Haircuts with oblique bangs on medium hair

Most girls and women dreams of look beautiful and fashionable. And hairstyle in this respect occupies one of the first places. To create a stylish and modern image at any age can help haircut. At the same time, the average hair length is universal, as it helps not only hide the age deficiencies of appearance, but also change with the help of various stacks. And if the image complements uneven bangs, then the hairstyle will benefit from the crowd from the crowd.

Modern guru of hairdressers offer several relevant haircut options with oblique bangs on medium hair.

Features of choice

In order to choose the bangs correctly, it is necessary to follow the basic rules of the combination of species of this element with different features of the face. So, the owners of a classic oval person should pay attention to the options of haircuts with shortened or ripped oblique bangs. It will help to hide pointed chin, which usually accompanies such oval.

For girls who want to make a round face narrower and elongated, one can recommend an extended bang, combed one way. Its length should be sufficient to close the cheek. With this configuration, the effect will be maximum.

If the face, on the contrary, is overly elongated, then its length and width will help balance the haircut on the middle hair with a thick bang. And the edges of the latter should be even and clear.

Owners of square oval most often required slightly soften the geometry of the face, make lines of cheekbones and chin smooth. This will help make a hairstyle with neat soft transitions from the main haircut to the bangs.

It is worth mentioning about the triangular face form, whose features are small chin and high forehead. To obtain proper proportions, the haircut must hide the forehead and soften the chin. You can achieve this using bangs with sharp transitions in length and sharp cut, closing one eyebrow.

Haircut on medium hair with bangs can be balanced and face in the shape of a heart. For this, experts are recommended to wear a short bang of small density. Its cut should be smooth. Torn edges are unacceptable here.

There is a small nuance and for ladies with small features. In order not to make them visually even less, it is worth abandoning the thick bangs of the big length. It is better to supplement the image of a ribbon bangs oblique form.


Modern hairdressers offer several options for hairstyles on medium hair with oblique bangs. But haircut, like bangs, you need to carefully select so that she can hide disadvantages and emphasize the advantages of appearance.

So, the main options for such haircuts are considered:

  • cascade+
  • Lestenka+
  • Kosoy Care+
  • Bob Care+
  • Extended Karea+
  • Bob classic.

Cascade haircut can be rightfully called the most popular view of the hairstyles among women of different ages. But most of all it is suitable for girls with a round oval face that can be visually lengthened by choosing oblique bangs. It must be said that the clarity of the cut circuit has no fundamental importance. If the shape of the face is square, then it is better to add oblique thick bangs to the cascade.

To cut the hair with a ladder will be an excellent solution for any type of face, as this hairstyle can hide different types of disadvantages.

On medium hair, it looks great with oblique bangs. However, the execution of the haircut of the ladder requires a certain experience and skills, so it is necessary to choose an experienced master.

It should be noted and one essential lack of such hairstyles is the need for daily laying. The tips of the haircut need to constantly twist so that they lay in accordance with the name hairstyle – the ladder. However, you can perform styling and in a more modern style with some negligence. It will give Luka an additional charm. Such a hairstyle is suitable for various images and style styles. She will look appropriate in any situation.

Kosoy Care can be attributed to universal haircuts. With it, it is easy to hide too sharp cheekbones, round the chin line. Such possibilities are explained by the presence of different variants of the asymmetry of the probor, as well as the possibility of selection by the slope of the cut and the total length individually.

Bob-kara on medium hair with oblique bangs helps to create an elegant image with a mysteriousness. The haircut looks original with oval and square face. Available and creating more extravagant appearance with such a hairstyle. The desired effect is obtained by forming oblique torn or zigzag bangs.

An extended square is considered to be synonymous with elegance and refinement. But the haircut of this type is not suitable for all types of appearance. Best of all it will look like girls with a long thin neck, as the haircut emphasizes her beauty and femininity. For a short neck, the hairstyle is not suitable, as visually even stronger reduces the distance between the shoulders and the head.

If you consider the combination of elongated kara with various forms of the face, there is no contraindications here. Oblique bangs for such hairstyles better to do smooth, semicircular. It will give the way soft.


In order for the female haircut on the middle hair with the oblique bangs held the form longer, it is necessary to properly select it and on the structure of the hair. So, Bob-Kare is best complemented by graduation if the hair is thin or loose blonde. In this case, the tips will not sneeze, and the hairstyle will become more voluminous.

In addition, for lush styling in the drying process you need to try as much as possible to lift your hair from the root. It is worth using only light facilities for fixing, such as foam. So the hair will not be lost, which will contribute to the preservation of the volume throughout the day.

If the curls are dense and heavy, then the masters recommend applying movie to facilitate the bottom of the haircut. So the volume will go to the top and middle part of the hair, which will give the laying the puff.

Middle hair can be put in different directions and styles, which helps to change the image without visiting the hairdresser. Even in the simplest stacking, there is always the opportunity to change the type of probor or the direction of the bangs. These simple manipulations will help every day to be new, keeping the main advantages of haircuts.

Master class on haircuts with oblique bangs – in the video below.

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