Haircuts without bangs: species and tips for choosing

Haircuts without bangs: species and tips for choosing

Not all fair sex representatives are fans of bangs, believing that it delivers extra trouble with stacking and even discomfort, especially in hot weather. Therefore, the set of ladies stops its choice on haircuts without bangs. However, not everyone knows how to choose the right option to make a lamp, which selection criteria exist. As well as each lady, it is important to take into account the individual features and the style it possesses. All these nuances will be discussed in detail in this article.

Who goes?

A huge plus haircut without bangs is that they will go almost all. There are a number of parameters that determine how much the girl will go hairstyle without bangs, which exactly will best look in its image.

Haircuts without bangs differ in that they make the face more open, so it is important to take into account the condition of the skin, as well as the symmetry of the face.

The latter parameter determines the sample that often serves to visually balance the difference between the location or size of the eyes, eyebrows and other asymmetric parts of the face.

Promotional attention before choosing this haircut should be given to the form of the forehead and its size. Many ladies who have a big forehead complex about this and are shy to hide him in every way with the help of bangs. The same thing is inherent in women with a high type of forehead, as they fear that without additional strands, the face will resemble too extended oval.

but With the help of a suitable haircut, you can make a face less elongated. Graduated types of haircuts, as well as oblique probor will help reduce such features of appearance.

It is worth paying attention to the following features:

  • To adjust a wide forehead, choose stepped haircuts, such as cascade or ladder+
  • If the lady, on the contrary, the forehead is small, then she should choose more open option+
  • The most bold girls can decide on an ultra-screwing haircut that will not mean any framing of the forehead + and also an excellent alternative will be hairstyle Bob.

An important role, in addition to the form of the upper part, plays his oval.

For each type of face, it is recommended to choose certain haircuts without bangs to balance its features and present them in the most advantageous light.

This feature is also determined by the optimal length of the chapels. There are several most common varieties of facial ovals.

  • Kruglolitz ladies who often want to hide their cheeks. To do this, pay special attention to the length of the haircut. The longest strands should not end through the line of cheekbone or chin, as it is even stronger round face. It is better to choose a length to the middle of the neck, and stepped technologies and asymmetries are also welcome.
  • If your face has Square form, then prefer graduated haircuts with torn edges. You are beautifully suitable such hairstyle as an extended square or haircut bob.
  • For those representatives of the fine floor, whose person has Rhombovoid form, it is recommended to give preference asymmetry. Preferred length – just below shoulders. It will be quite good to watch such haircuts as smooth square, cascade, an elongated bob, as well as a ladder.
  • If the lady Threat, This nuance should be adjusted using an additional volume on the sides. For this, hair can be arranged using an elongated bob or a step-type.

Important! Girls with not very long necks it is better to open it with various options for kare or even ultra-screw types of haircuts, such as Pixie or Gavrosh.

In combination with an open face without bangs, the neck line will be more clearly noticeable than when choosing a ladder or cascade.

There are such interesting haircuts without bangs who have particularly proven themselves in the images of modern lady. Each of these hairstyles has its own individual characteristics and features of creating and care. The most popular types of short hair haircuts are Pixie, Bob, Gavrosh, Kare. The latter can be embodied in different ways, so it is created on longer strands.

If your hair is long before the blades and below, then you can create a greater number of different haircuts, including cascading type options.

Long hair with a smooth edge

Lovers of classics and minimalism, whose hair is significantly lower than the blades, it is quite possible to limit ourselves to simple cutting of the tips.

But it is important to perform it so that the edge of the haircuts is perfectly smooth, and the length of each part of the hair corresponded to the single length of the all the chapels.

Such a haircut looks very neat, it adds restraint into the image and at the same time helps to demonstrate the luxurious lush of the hair. Sometimes it is embodied on shorter hair, for example, long before the blades, but still on a long hair it looks more luxurious.


This haircut is good because it is presented in a variety of beautiful options. Despite the fact that many concepts imply the presence of bangs, it is possible to create a similar hairstyle without this element. This haircut is good because It can wear women with different dense, as well as a shade of the chapels. If strands have a thin structure or are curly, then you are great for a multi-layered variation of a similar haircut.

Asymmetric karea equilibrate too large face features.

If you are guided by a tint of hair, then the owners of dark chapels should choose such haircuts that include clear lines and geometry. Blondes and brown glands are better to stick to the varieties of Kare, allowing no more negligence.

If the lady is difficult to move from long hair to the haircut above the level of the neck, the elongated types of kare will be an excellent option, the front strands of which are significantly longer than the occipital.

One of the most relevant option for women with thin or weakened hair is a kare on the leg.

This hairstyle allows not only to update the hair, but also visually adjust the triangular or oval shape of the face. Such a hairstyle will give additional volume on the back, And due to the absence of bangs, you can create more magnificent lateral strands.


One of the most fashionable haircuts for girls at all times remains bob. Especially elegant and attractive he looks precisely without bangs. Hairstyles in a similar style are voluminous because the strands are tonsured so that the chapels visually looks very thick, even if such is not. The advantage of haircut bob is its combination with all types of face.

Even the round ladies can be adapted to this haircut, putting the concept asymmetry and oblique sample.

Often, such a haircut is based on a graduated ladder, which is the main means of creating volume. Strands on the back are trimmed in short, than from the sides, due to which the upper and rear parts of the champions always look slightly raised and lush.

Classic Bob is constantly improving and embodied in new interpretations. Even under the modern style of Kazhal you can find a suitable hairstyle of this type, for example, Bob in grunge variation. For this haircut, in addition to classic traits, a light disorder is characteristic.

Put any type of hairstyle bob is very simple, partly it is obliged to be popular. You can give your curls an excellent look, just raising them with the roots with a hair dryer and round comb.


The concept of such a female haircut, as Pixi necessarily includes a bang, which, as a rule, closes the forehead and is even an elongated. However, this does not mean that This hairstyle can not be worn with an open forehead. To beat the standard pixie haircut, the most organically and beautiful, you should lay a strand of bangs back. To do this, you will need to use modeling hair gels that fix the position of the front strands so that they do not fall on the forehead.

Many girls fasten them on the manner of the course, which gives the image a bit of additional audacity.

Cascade and Lestenka

The owner of a longer chapels most often choose exactly one of these haircuts without bangs. They, as you can see from the names, suggest a certain stepper and the transition of the length of the hair layers, which the hairdresser does during the haircut process. The most noticeable these transitions are viewed precisely on non-overloaded bangs.

You can cut your hair so that the boundaries between their layers or steps will be viewed more clearly, but you can make a less sharp transition.

Graphic and clear change of layers will be doubly looking at the curls painted by contrast technology.

Depending on the initial and desired length, you can turn on a larger or smaller number of steps and layers in a haircut.


This type of haircut without bangs leaves a short hair length about the shoulders. The peculiarity of this hairstyle is that It is created without any clear strategy, while being very graphical at the expense of strands-feathers present throughout the length.

Their presence is mandatory, since it gives the necessary light carelessness, while simplifies the process of morning laying.

Recommendations for choosing

To correctly choose a haircut without bangs, it is important to take into account the special requirements for the hair of each of the popular options, as well as several other criteria that help make the image of a woman of any age harmonious and stylish.

To find out which option will be optimal, you should consider the most important recommendations.

  • If you want to make long hair with a smooth edge, consider that your strands should be from nature straight and pretty thick. On the wavy and naughty strands, the perfectly smooth edge will simply be noticeable, and small density will make a common appearance hairstyles much less impressive.
  • When choosing a haircut, you need to know exactly the features of the working dress code. For office employees, a haircut of Pixie, laid under Iroqua. And also take into account that not in all areas is allowed to have loose hair in the workplace, the haircut should be such that the strand is convenient to assemble in the tail if necessary.
  • The selected hairstyle without bangs should correspond to age. In most cases, haircuts for solid ladies look ridiculous on girls and, on the contrary. After 40 years, it is better not to actually experiment with the new concepts of haircuts without bangs, so as not to get into an awkward position, or use special computer programs that allow you to understand that one or another hairstyle will look like.
  • Make sure that the selected hairstyle harmonized with a common style. This harmony is expressed in the form and length of hair. Negligent hairstyles, for example, inappropriate in classic style, while many types of kara will look in it very relevant. Remember that hair should not be suppressed, but to reflect in your appearance your individuality.
  • Do not try to embody the complex haircuts on the hair of a small length or insufficient density. Often the result will be very far from the perfect. For example, the cascade will look ridiculous on the hair just below the shoulders, like the haircut “Aurora”, which can lose the proper effect on rare hair.
  • If you still want to have the opportunity from time to time to diversify your image with the help of bangs, it is not necessary to cut it at all. You can buy a bang from natural hair, pick up a suitable shade. This option is very convenient because it eliminates the need to launch bangs every time and pass through the uncomfortable period of growing, if it is tired.

About how to choose the perfect haircut for your type of face, look next.

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