Hem protective facilities for hair styling: types and tips for choosing

Hem protective facilities for hair styling: types and tips for choosing

Any woman on the planet wants to look stunning all 24 hours 7 days a week. The main component of attractiveness at any age or the image is the women’s hairstyle. That’s why many girls spend so much strength and time to lay. However, do not forget about the precautionary measures. Permanent heat treatment with a hair dryer, forceps or iron leads to the destruction of the hair structure. As a result, we have seeds of tips, brittle and thin hair, loss.

That’s why Leading experts strongly recommend carefully to choose from their hair care products.

Thermal protection, classification

There is a huge amount of thermoplace of heat protection agents for hair styling. Products of this kind involves the means of particular purpose, the function of which is to create an additional protective film on the hair. This film is characterized by increased resistance to high temperature differences. It prevents excessive evaporation of moisture when laying hairstyles. Thus, your curls will always have a healthy and attractive look.

There are two main classifications: according to the method of action and using the method of use. Each of them is divided into several categories.

Speaking of first classification, it is worth noting that almost all modern thermal protection is considered complex. Its composition may include various groups of vitamins and components that provide the necessary care. Such means are considered to be practical because of their comprehensive impact on various hair problems.

Another advantage is the prevention of a waste effect, which is possible when using several hair care products.

Products from this classification is divided into the following groups.

  • Protection + volume. Allows the curls to become more lush due to the thick layer of the rigid film.
  • Protection + Fixation. Will not be able to provide the same strong fixation as varnish. Usually, there is a form of spray or mousse for laying. If you need fixation of individual curls or putting the volume with small curls – this is what you need.
  • Protection + recovery. Will be able to protect and restore damaged or painted hair.

Second variety – by way of use. All products related to this category may be applied immediately after hair wash and during their laying. In this category there are several types of thermal protection.

  • Combined. Like the products from the previous classification, such funds should be applied during hair styling. They can be purchased in the form of a balsam or emulsion. They should be applied to hair evenly along their entire length. Capable of making hairstyle volume and contribute to its fixation.
  • Washed. These include shampoos, masks, balsams or air conditioners. Must be applied in the process or before washing the head. Contribute to the restoration of the structure and envelop the protective film. Suitable only for unpainted and too damaged hair.
  • Non-free. Care products for brittle, dry or weakened hair. Can be in the form of spray, mousse, oil, emulsion. They include various useful substances. The peculiarity is that it is necessary to apply such products immediately after the head wash.

What kind of thermal protection is suitable for your hair

When you ask the problem of choosing heat protection products for your hair, you need to understand that each of the means has a different composition. That is why for successful recovery, first of all, you need to select a tool in accordance with the type and degree of damage to your foresters. Let’s figure it out which thermal protection will suit you. Such options are recommended for each type of hair.

  1. Normal hair type. The optimal option will be the acquisition of a protective spray or air conditioner. Their consistency is pretty lightweight, it allows the means to quickly soak up. Incomplete products are more effective in this case.
  2. Dry. Any products that contain moisturizing hair components will be suitable. It is not recommended to use the iron or catch.
  3. Thin. For such a type of recovery, it should be as easier as possible by its consistency, so it is best to stop your choice on fluids or emulsions. Their composition does not include driving silicone.
  4. Dry and thin. Quite difficult to choose thermal protection for this type of hair. It is best to use foam or spray, which does not include alcohol.
  5. Fatty. This type of hair is usually rapidly contaminated. For them, it is quite problematic to choose the appropriate means to protect, as they usually take away and contribute to even faster pollution. An ideal option in this case will be washed balsams or gels, as well as foams, aerosols.
  6. Dense and thick strands. It is necessary to use the means of incommable category. Their consistency should be quite dense, for example, oil, gel, wax.
  7. Curly hair. It is recommended to use products from the incommable category. If your curls go high, then buy wax or any lotion that has a rather dense consistency.
  8. Combined type. This is the hair that the roots are fat, and the tips are dry. In this case, you can use any thermal protection, only in a small amount. Protection of tips need to pay more attention.

Laying a hairdryer or iron

If you are constantly using an iron or hairdryer to create everyday laying, then you can not do without special thermal protection, which will not allow beautiful curls to become thin, brittle and dry. We present to your attention top-5 funds that will help keep a living and healthy view of your hair.

  • Sealing lotion. The well-known company Loréal offers excellent products that will help make curls with volumetric and obedient. Such a lotion must be applied only on wet hair in front of their hairdryer.

  • Spray primer. Such a base will speed up the drying process with a hairdryer. Can be applied both dry and wet hair. Experts recommend the thermal protective primer Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer from Redken.

  • Spray. Provides protection even when processing high temperature. Will help smooth off strands. The versatile remedy for Matrix is ​​suitable for any way of laying. When laying a hairdryer, it is necessary to apply on wet hair, when laying by forceps, Crying – on dry.

  • Milk. This tool refers to the undesirable category. It should be applied to still wet hair in front of their laying. High degree of protection will provide you with milk from Eugene Perma. It is best used when regularly aligning strands Iron.

  • Fluids. The best are the fluids from the famous manufacturer ESTEL. They possess the most soft and gentle structure. At the same time, not prone to weighing, so it is great for strong heat treatment with the help of forceps.

Curifying hair Crying

      With the help of the curl now you can make any hairstyle, be it small curls or volume waves. If I regularly use it, then you can not do without special means for thermal protection. What protection is best to use, according to experts.

      1. Texturing spray, for example, from the famous Loréal brand. Suitable even to create complex stacks. Does not waste, does not contribute to gluing and ensure good volume. Such spray will give hair a healthy shine.
      2. Styling Spray. It is intended for very naughty hair. Make the laying process easier and ensure reliable fixation. Hair will get an attractive color. Such a spray like BioLage R. A. W., can be applied at any time during the day as needed.
      3. Bestseller Like Loréal Professionnel Rebel Wild Stylers Push Up It will be the best option for normal or thin strands. Such a means will give a good amount, will make your hairstyle in the Mig well-groomed.
      4. Spray-haze. It has a powerful fixation, which is very noticeable when laying with the catch. It is possible to use on wet and dry strands. A good tool related to this type is spray-haze from Redken.
      5. Styling Lotion. Begins to act immediately after the start of the laying process. Provides protection with any heat treatment of hair.

      Experts recommend using styling lotion from the manufacturer Kérastase.

      About how to choose thermal protection, look next.

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