How much to keep the cold on the hair?

How much to keep the cold on the hair?

Health and beauty of hair is one of the most important factors for any person who is watching. Girls who prefer painting hair and caring for them to produce with natural resources, often stop their choice on Hne. To use it correctly, it is important to know how long this substance can be left on the hair and what will happen if it does not wash it on time.


Due to the presence of a wide variety of brands and varieties of products for hair coloring, the problem of choosing a suitable option appears. Most of all competition is observed between colors and henna. Not everything clearly understand what is the second option, because it is worth telling more specifically.

If you use a classic hu, then the result is a red hue. The duration of paint maintenance will depend on the color of the hair. Blondes May wash off the coloring mass after 10-15 minutes, girls With Rusim Color must hold the hen from 30 to 60 minutes, and Shahnoka may not waste the composition of up to three hours to get the desired color.

For those who are going to use Henu for the first time, it is worth making a trial staining of curls to look at the result and, if necessary, change the composition of the coloring agent. With proper use and optimal Henna excerpt, you can get Qualitatively painted and healthy hair.

So, henna get from the leaves of Lovevonia, and at the moment there is Three varieties of such a dyeing:

  1. Iranian – only one color has, and to give one or another shade in its composition, such components are added as coffee, lemon juice, which. D.+
  2. Sudan – has a wide color palette+
  3. Indian – has the most shades and halftone.

There is also a colorless variety that is mined from the stalks of the same plants. It can be found in the form of a powder that is used not only for hair, but also for the skin of the body and head.

Thanks to the use of colorless henna, you can improve the appearance of the hair and to improve them, but the color will not change, except to change the shade slightly.

Due to the fact that Henna is a natural coloring agent, before it is used to learn more about, how good she keeps on her hair, How exactly stains different in length, structure and shades of curls. Do not forget about the possible shortcomings that are during painting, namely there will be paint on the head or Will it mock after the first washing hair. This question will be the most relevant for those who need to have an excellent view of a certain event and the presence of unevenly painted heads of the head will be very undesirable.

How much do you need to keep colorless?

Colorless The type of henna is used to strengthen the hair, so there is no one to expect some other results from it. To use the means it is important to have Unpainted hair, that the composition does not react with the previous paint. The best results can be achieved by those who are from nature has blond hair.

After the first use, you can see the effect due to the improvement of the state of the hairproof head, as well as Small clarification of tones, which will stay at all long and after a couple of days will disappear. If you use a colorless kind of stable, then the effect of its application will be longer, and the clarified shade will remain so for about two months, and Hair will be delighted with thick and glitter.

You can use colorless huNU only on unpainted hair, because in other cases it can be obtained instead of strengthening the structure of shades of all possible colors, atypical hair.

Blondes risk becoming owners Green hairstyles. Dark hair, which were painted by conventional paints, will become dull, because Henna blews all the dyes, which are contained in the structure of the hair.

To use Masks from Henna correctly, you should know about the temporary framework for which it needs to be applied to hair. Having a healthy hairstyle, you can maintain its condition using masks that are left overnight, and in the morning wash off. For such a long time, all components penetrate the hair deep and fully strengthen it. If there are any problems with hair, it is impossible to keep the mask for a long time.

The maximum time for use is considered a three-hour segment, after which it is necessary to immediately wash off the whole composition.

Apply a colorless hu for the first time not worth more than one hour. Use time to increase gradually to get the expected effect of its application.

Color coloring time

If we talk about the shades of color henna, then there is Three of her varieties, This:

  • Chocolate, which gives hair a dark brown tint+
  • Forest Walnut Coloring in Light Brown+
  • Bronze, making hair red color.

    Of all the above shades, the most optimal will be red, after using which you can get brightly red hair.

    Due to the fact that Henna is a dye that is obtained from natural components, Best of all she paints blonde hair, And the dark will have more difficult. It is not always possible to get the desired shade after the first procedure, and sometimes you have to repeat the staining so that the color takes on the hair.

    The duration of the effect of the use of color henna is more dependent on the type of hair itself. In the case of curly curls, it is possible to expect a faster washout of paint, because the structure of such hair is porous and the coloring composition of them is washed out faster. After staining such hair can be observed Effect from 1.5 to 2 months, And after that, the procedure will need to repeat.

    On dark hair, any henna holds badly, especially suffer from this brunette, which can lose a shade after a month later. For Red-colored Schutenka is perfect “bronze”, which will add brightness to curls, and the effect will hold at least three months.

    If you use the color henna constantly, then the duration of the paint deduction on the hair will increase, and therefore it will be necessary to carry out staining.

    Henna’s exposure time may differ to which the choice of paint species is affected, the presence of additional components and hair condition. For hair color in dark color you need to use Basma or simple henna, which is brewed with warm water. Basma can be diluted with milk and apply on hair. It is necessary to withstand such a composition from 15 to 20 minutes, and to obtain an exine-black shade, the duration increases to half an hour.

    If the henna is added Beck juice, then the hair color may have a pinkish shade. The use of such components also gives the nutrient effect, enhancing the structure of the hair and feeding them with vitamins, after which they acquire smoothness. Such a composition is usually kept for about two hours, but for those who want to take care of their hair, you can make a mask for the night and wash it from the morning.

    When in henna is added Coffee or cocoa, It gives a chestnut or dark red hair shade. Due to the presence of coffee, there is an opportunity to extend the effect of paint use for a while and delay the following painting. Similar color result can be achieved when using bass and henna. Any version of the composition must be kept on hair no more than an hour.

    If you use classic huhu, then as a result, it turns out Redhead. The duration of paint maintenance will depend on the color of the hair. Blondes can wash off the coloring mass after 10-15 minutes, the girls with russes color must hold the hnu from 30 to 60 minutes, and brightests may not waste the composition of up to three hours to get the desired color.

    For those who are going to use Henu for the first time, it is worth making a trial staining of curls to look at the result and, if necessary, change the composition of the coloring agent.

    With the right use and optimal time of Henna, you can get high-quality painted and healthy hair.

    What will happen if the composition reap?

    Each Henna package has clear indications as to how long it is necessary to withstand the composition to obtain the desired shade. If you do everything according to the instructions, the result should not disappoint. In the event that for some reason deviations from the specified time standards occur, You can get a number of negative consequences:

    • If we wash off a huhu with a significant delay, then the hair loses its attractiveness, becoming lifeless and dry+
    • There is a risk of getting an atypical shade, which is definitely not desired: blue, green or black+
    • In the case of premature flushing in Henna, there is also a danger of a negative result, namely the lack of proper dyeing, and sometimes a complete flushing of henna, as well as hair cuts.

    Since Henna is a natural dye, it has A number of significant advantages in comparison with conventional paints:

    • Strengthening the structure of the hair, reducing their fragility and reduce the intensity of their loss+
    • Fighting density+
    • ability to be completely painted+
    • Does not cause allergic reactions on the scalp+
    • gives hair more rich and persistent color.

    Despite the obvious advantages, Henna and disadvantages:

    • After using Henna or Basma Other species of paints do not paint the hairproof+
    • It is important to make the paint properly to get the desired color – non-compliance with proportions and technology leads to the receipt of atypical shades, in particular, green+
    • Over time, the hair, painted by henna, do not fill, and change their shade – those who have a chestnut color, get a blond shade, and the owner of red-colored gets a red shade.

          In order for the effect of using a natural dye to be long-term, it is important to take into account such factors.

          • Extend effect From the staining of the henna, you can thanks to specialized shampoos and rinsing balm.
          • Carefully It is worth applying oils, because in combination with henna they can give an unexpected effect. If you use castor or burdock oil with henna, then any shade will eventually become a marsh. Another obvious minus of applying oils on the hair – during the use of henna, it will refill faster.
          • Do not apply Hair dryer or weaves, if the hair is painted by henna, because high temperatures adversely affect the grass molecules, from which henna is made, which leads to fast color loss.
          • Negative effect will have a shampoo with a deep cleaning effect, as it contributes to the flushing of henna, which will create a need for more paint use.

          Using the henna, do not go to other paints, because the composition of the natural dye absorbs into the structure of the hair and is no longer washed out of it, even if it seems that the henna is no longer. Drawing another paint on the hair can entail negative consequences in the form of flushing the coloring composition or change the shade to the most unpredictable. Only the correct use of natural henna, the correct breeding and the correct exposure time will give the desired result, giving beautiful and strong hair with persistent and rich color.

          The next video on how to achieve the desired shade of hair with the help of henna.

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