How to clarify the ends of the hair?

How to clarify the ends of the hair?

To gain a stylish image, it is not necessary to fully repaint the hair and thereby significantly worsening their condition. It will be enough to clarify the ends of the hair or even two or three strands.


Lightening hair only in the ends zone has numerous advantages. Coloring in most cases does not require a preliminary elimination of the yellowness or holding procedures for tone alignment. Partial discoloration looks very stylish and still located in the trend. This technique is used for hair of any length and almost any shades – dark and blond curls can be acquired by light tips. In addition, it is possible to brighten the hair using different colors – both natural and extravagant modes of bright pink.

Clarification is carried out pretty quickly and does not require abundant use of paints. If the resulting hairstyle do not like the ends, the ends of the hair will simply cut off, and after some time the hair will return to the original state. Finally, The procedure does not bring much harm to the whole chapel, Since only a small part of the hair is subjected to chemical exposure.

However, this procedure is still contraindicated by the owners of the sequential tips or weakened strands. Under the influence of chemicals, their condition will deteriorate even more. Wanting still to make this procedure, first it will be necessary to take care of the restoration of the chapels.

Blondes are recommended to choose amber and red-haired colors, brown-giving brown, and brunettes – a variety of shades of red from purple to brown. Dark-haired young ladies are still recommended to pre-compraise the ends, after which it is already started to paint.

The transition between the shades of the shape should seem Maximum natural, so that the transitions are not noticeable. Paint should be applied on strands from all sides so that each hairs turned out to be sufficiently scratched. Wherein Total processing time cannot exceed a quarter of an hour – Otherwise, the color will be uneven.

In addition, it should be remembered that the dye time is limited to 40 minutes. If you do not use the means immediately, the procedure itself will lose all meaning.

The clarified tips are most suitable for the owners of a short or medium chapels, especially with graduated haircut. Do not particularly recommend stylists to make this procedure on long straight strands, as the effect of untidiness and cheapness often occurs.

If earlier the hair was already painted, then without discoloration, they do not clarify them, and therefore it will be necessary to conduct a more traumatic procedure. Blondes can be limited to tonic, which, despite the short-leading, will still create the required result.

Brunettes, brown and red brunettes will have to choose stronger.

Types of Technician

Three main staining techniques of hair tips are Ombre, Ballwear and Dip Dye.

Ombre It is considered the most famous technique, the essence of which lies in the fact that Color harmoniously moves from the basic dark shade to the light in the tips zone. In this case, two more colors are additionally used. The hair painted in this way looks very natural and alive – the color of the strand “plays” in the light and overflows.

Bally Looks like Ombre, but the process of changing the color occurs from the middle of the hair, and not at all its length. Additionally, several strands of the face.

Dip Dye Popular from young girls, as this technique looks slightly careless and very bright. It looks like the ends of the hair just plunged into the paints of different colors, not worrying about smooth transitions and compliance with the gradient. Shades are always taken screaming and non-standard.

How to prepare Lockoons?

Preparation of the champions for clarification begins for approximately a couple of months. It is at this moment that the use of nutrient and restorative masks without sulfate and harmful impurities, the use of natural oils and rinsing herbal solutions. Such care will improve the condition of the strand so much that they can survive chemical impact. Milling must be minimal or, in general, absent. A couple of days before the clarification head should not be washed.

As already mentioned, brunettes should think about the discoloration procedure.

Step-by-step instruction

Professional staining of the tips is quite expensive, so this procedure makes sense to learn to perform at home. To successfully carry out the procedure, will correctly Prepare in advance all required materials and tools. The dye can be finished paint or painting powder with oxidant. The number of shades used is determined depending on the chosen technique. Breed the solution is better in plastic containers, but to apply it with a brush or comfortable sponge.

In addition, a comb with rare teeth and a sharp end for convenient separation of spin, ordinary gums and plastic clips, as well as foil. Protective clothing will work with an unnecessary T-shirt or shirt, and hands – disposable rubber gloves.

Creating Ombre at home It begins with the fact that all hair is divided into three equal sections that are fixed by rubber bands. First, the paint is covered by the tips of the side parts, and then – the middle part. Processed hairs wrapped in foil and left for 30 minutes. Half an hour later, hair is washed with a warm shower using shampoo. A little drying hairs, you need to apply a small amount of dye in the transition zone to make the boundaries less clear. This time the paint keeps about 10 minutes, and then washed off in the same way.

In the second case, the processing procedure begins with the fact that the roots of the roots are covered with a dark tinge. A tenth of minutes later, the same composition is distributed to the middle of the hair. Finally, the ends of the hair are covered with a light shade and wrapped in foil. Withstand the time specified in the instructions, the head should be rinsed by using shampoo and balm.

Applying equipment Ballozh slightly differs when used on medium length and short strands. Coloring equally long hair begins with the fact that all the hair is shared in half using a vertical probor. The paint is applied to the ends of the strand, which followed focusing in foil.

As soon as the shade changes to bright, it is recommended to immediately play the hairs of the comb with rare teeth – this will make the transition between the colors of the invisible. Then the foil is closed back, and hair treatment continues until the end of the time specified in the instructions. The head is washed with shampoo and air conditioning for painted curls.

Clarification of hair with graded haircut is easier to carry out when the strands are collected in a high tail, and their ends turn out to be at the same level. The rest of the chapel would be good to protect the foil or package to avoid drops of paint drops. Ends of curls in the tail painted and optionally wrapped in foil.

After the time specified in the instructions, the hair is washed using shampoo and air conditioning.

Short strands first should be combed so that the tips look upstairs, And it is better to even fix them with varnish. Part of the paint used is applied to the foil, which after the hair is processed. Instead of foil, you can use your fingers, and directly apply paint to the right places. Withstand the required time, the head must be rinsed with shampoo and air conditioning.

DIP DYE coloring occurs in a similar way, But girls who want only a few days to fascinated with bright tips, can take advantage of a less traumatic way. For example, it will be enough to paint the strands with special shallow or colored powder.

Although the color will keep up to the first head wash, the use of such methods is characterized by simplicity, and therefore, you can change the shades at least every week.

Ends to paint the food dye of the required shade. For the procedure, it will take white balm, a bowl with a tassel and the dye itself. A palate of pigment bags and 100 grams of means are mixed in the tank, after which they are applied to the necessary seven parts and, if desired, tightened to foil. Somewhere after half an hour, paint can be removed.

Do not forget about the possibility of lightening the hair with hydrogen peroxide in the case when you want to do without paint. Only a 3 percent remedy is allowed, since stronger solutions will strongly harm curls. For processing, you will need a vessel with a spray gun, clamps, comb, cotton disks, a towel for protecting clothes, foil, shampoo and balm. Additionally, it is recommended to use protective glasses and gloves. Before starting work, the hair should be rinsed and dried by a towel, and also to unravel all strands.

Capacity is filled with peroxide, diluted with conventional water in a ratio of 1 to 1. In the case when you want to lighten only a pair of strands, you can apply the peroxide using a cotton disk. The clarifying agent is applied to the hair and left for a period of 45 to 60 minutes. The exact time depends on how the original shade of the hair was, and what I want to get.

Check is better to spend after half an hour, flushing strands and appreciate the result. In the case of positive, you can rinse all the champper champper and must be treated with a balsam or even a mask.

The peroxide is not always immediately coping with the task, so every day the procedure will have to repeat.

You can stimulate painting with hot air, but this advice is relevant only for healthy hair. In addition, while painting is carried out, it makes sense to enter the sun in order to fix the effect.

On the lightening of the tips of the hair at home, see the following video.

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