How to discolor hair with hydrogen peroxide?

How to discolor hair with hydrogen peroxide?

Most modern hair colors in their composition have hydrogen peroxide. This substance helps to quickly and cheap them, make them more bright. But at the same time, the likelihood of spoiling a chapel or get a completely different effect. In case you want to change the shade of strands with hydrogen peroxide, it is recommended to contact professionals.


Hydrogen peroxide – Colorless substance having a chemical formula H2O2, with a specific smell and taste. Often used in everyday life, pharmaceutical and industrial sector. Since hydrogen peroxide has bleaching peculiarities, it is also used in cosmetology in the composition of paints and toothpastes.

A substance is for sale in plastic or glass jars with different concentrations of peroxide. In any pharmacy, hydrogen peroxide can be purchased at a fairly low price.

Hydrogen peroxide is the strongest oxidizing agent. When processing the substance, hair cuticles on the head are revealed, as a result of which the hair structure is destroyed and its pigmentation changes. Due to this, the hair color becomes lighter on a couple of tones. When discoloration of curls of hydrogen peroxide It may turn out both positive and negative effect.

Finding on the hair, hydrogen peroxide is split into the following elements: water and oxygen. In the paint, there is separately oxidizing agent and activator. The composition of the oxidizer has perhydro, capable of reacting with clarifying substances, and the activator has a smaller concentration of peroxide and is used with tinting compositions.

Since it is non-toxic, but still a chemical, it is necessary to work with it in compliance with some safety rules.

The solution when entering the skin can lead to a chemical burn.

In case of burn, the following steps are required:

  • rinse under running water burned body plot+
  • Cannot use cotton to remove chemical+
  • It is necessary to neutralize the site with the help of subwoofers: lemon juice or lemon acid and slaughter with a sterile bandage.

Pros and cons

The advantages of hair lightening of hydrogen peroxide are in the following paragraphs.

  • Available pricing policy and prevalence. Sold on any pharmacy network.
  • Sufficient safety, since it does not act so much on the hairproof compared to ammonium compositions.
  • Allergic reaction is rarely manifested.
  • After the procedure of the champper becomes more obedient and begins to glisten.
  • As a result, you can get the original shade.

Main cons:

  • With incorrect selection in the composition of peroxide, the curls acquire an unnatural color+
  • Too frequent procedures are dried hair+
  • Perhaps the loss of strands in the case of a long exposure to hydrogen peroxide on thin and fragile strands+
  • high risk of receiving uneven color.

Step-by-step instruction

Preparing for staining at home

Hair discoloration with hydrogen peroxide is made exclusively on healthy hair. For a half months before discoloration, it is impossible to cross the eye to the hair or chemical twist, which is necessary to avoid unpleasant situations. Additionally, take care of the hair, For example, wash them only with shampoos and balsams with natural component compositions.

Sulfate compositions are very strongly overwhelmed by hair. It is also not recommended to use varnishes, mousses and other chemical compositions. In addition, you need to refrain from the frequent use of the hair dryer, Ions for straightening.

Necessary materials. We will be needed:

  • Hydrogen peroxide up to 3%, for greater concentration, the probability of losing their hair+
  • Spraying pulverizer+
  • bargains+
  • Vata+
  • towel+
  • disposable gloves+
  • When lightening the hat at the entire head right away.

Wash and Locking

First you need to wash the head of the ramulfate shampoo and treat air conditioning, which will help to avoid excessive drying. It is not recommended to use a hairdryer. It is necessary to gather strands with a dry clean towel, carefully combing the hair and leave for half an hour.

Use of hydrogen peroxide

Be sure to do a small test. To do this, on the curl to apply hydrogen peroxide and leave for some time (damage the exposure time). Then the hair should be rinsed and see what time you can discourage them. This test is extremely important because the solution can spoil the hair or paint them completely into another color.

When plain it is necessary to divide the hair into small strands and fix with hairpins. This will make it possible to process each curl separately.

  • If you wish uniformly melting, it is necessary to divide the hair with hairpins. It will take a little more time, but the result will be delightful.
  • It is better to dissolve the curl to be punish with a solution. In the process, each strand must be released from the hairpin.

The process of applying the solution is carried out by a cotton ball. You need to moisten the mob in the composition and spend on curls to be lightened. You need to apply correctly: starting from the roots and before the tips. At the same time, each painted strand wocks in foil to avoid staining other curls. Next, continue the procedure with the remaining curls.

To obtain an ombre effect, the solution is applied exclusively on the lower part of the chapels. In this case, the composition is applied ranging from tips all over the perimeter hairstyles. You can script hair to the height that you want. Discoloration will help to express lightening stronger.

To completely dye the hair, it is necessary to spray curls from the spray gun, then comb. After the procedure is necessary put on the head of a hat, so that the solution does not bundle clothes. Processed hair must be left for half an hour. Over time, you can experiment if you want to get a darker or brighter shade.

Now it is necessary to carefully solve the hair with cool water and apply the air conditioner, which will fill the level of moisture in the hair. Apply the second time the air conditioner for deeper effects and thoroughly massage the skin head, after which the hair is rinsed with cold water.

Giving the required type of painted hair

For stronger discoloration recommended repeat staining every day gradually for 7 days. It will help get a brighter tone. In many respects, the result depends on the original shade of hair, for example, if the hair is very dark, then the curls can become reddish at the first painting. With two, three-time processing, you can get the required shade.

For more spectacular clarification, it is recommended to use a hairdryer with low temperature regime.

Work hairdryer in this mode you need from roots.

Do not wash your head daily. Enough so they are accustomed to washing 2 times a week. To strands always look clean and well-groomed, experts recommend using dry shampoo.

To eliminate the yellowness of the hair, periodically you need to use purple air conditioning. It is sold in any specialized store and intended for clarified hair.

It is strictly forbidden to often use hair dryers and iron. They can only worsen the condition of the hair. You need to learn to lay the hair without using such devices.

In the future, try not to use paints, which contains ammonia, because it harms it much more than from peroxide.


When conducting the disclightening procedure at home need to adhere to the following recommendations.

  • Best before dyeing not wash hair 2 days. Skin fats covering each hair will protect against possible chemical burn. There should be disposable gloves on the hands, and on the skin around the strands it is necessary to smear the cream.
  • When dyeing the head is divided into three zones: first the paint is painted, then go to the side of the forehead and ears, and only then – on the occipital part.
  • For rinsing strands after staining, you can lift the water a bit. This will protect them from the harmful effects of the composition and restore curls.
  • In case of accidental falling hydrogen peroxide on the skin, it is necessary to immediately wash off its with plenty of water.
  • You can not use a solution in the presence of children. If you get on the skin or inside the drug will cause a tangible burning.
  • When washed with the composition, it is impossible to heat the skin.

Many women do not believe that it is possible with the help of such a means as hydrogen peroxide, discolor hair. You can view an experiment with clarification in the following video.

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