How to do Ballwear on straight hair?

How to do Ballwear on straight hair?

In recent years, the popularity of hair coloring technique, called “Balliz”. It was invented in France in the 70s of the last century. Locks painted with its use look as natural as possible. Most often, when using this technique, the hair remains dark, and at the ends acquire a lighter shade – by 2-3 or more tones. Ballow allows you to achieve the most soft transition from natural color to the lightest.


Inspiration for the emergence of this technique served Burned hair. Natural glare, light tips, game of light in strands, healthy shine and radiance – it was such an effect initially was the main purpose of dyeing. Currently popular Not only the combination of color in the redesters of several tones, but also contrasting staining with brighter color solutions.

One of the characteristic features of this technique is Universality of such staining. It is perfectly suitable for owners of direct and curly, thin either thick hair. Length In the case of Ballizhem also does not play a big role – staining will fit almost any haircut. The usual staining of one tone looks often too “flat” compared to the Ballizhem, which adds hair visual hair at the expense of light strands.

For owners of thin or straight hair, Ballozh can be a real “chopping-grinding”. After all, it is such hair, especially if they combine two of these properties in themselves, most often suffer from lack of volume. With the help of this staining technique, you can give a hairstyle with a noticeable puff, and even visual dense.

Ballozh – very multifunctional technique. With it, you can not only change the image and sue with a new force.

He will also come to the revenue to those who encountered unsuccessful staining or wants to get out of a perennial circle of permanent tinting of the reversing roots.

Recommendations for selecting shades

Ballwear looks great on dark and light hair. This technique does not oblige to choose to dyeing only Natural colors, Factory natural color. Although such staining looks most harmonious and give the very effect of burnt strands. Nevertheless, a wide distribution now has a bailing using pretty Bright flowers, Creating a memorable image based on sharp color contrasts. There are several tips for the selection of a suitable shade for such staining.

If we talk about harmony, The following shades are best suited to the Rusim and Hair of Light Tones:

  • gray and ash – for those who prefer the cold blond, but wants to avoid sharp color contrast with natural, which occurs in the process of hair growth in the roots, and also wants to paint hair more carefully+
  • Pearl and pearls – such shades are distinguished by glitter and radiance, which gives strands of a special.

Dark hair In terms of selection of color are an option more advantageous, as they are combined with a huge number of tones. Dark curls are very interesting with copper shades. Such staining will refresh the image and adds it a bright spark.

Also dark colors are perfectly combined with options proposed by the owners of blond and light curls. Coffee, caramel and golden shades equally good will look on dark and light hair.

As for contrasting shades for balaby, it all depends exclusively from fantasy and personal preferences. Blue, green, raspberry, red – All these colors are a sharp opposite of natural tones, and the attention of others will always arouse.

The choice of palette is not limited. The main thing is that staining is accurately and with the knowledge of the case.

Also, Ballozh looks very impressive and on red curls Any shades. Redhead hair in themselves are very bright accent, and adding glare and transitions allows you to achieve more naturalness, if, for example, redhead is not a natural color of strands.

Hair dyeing of different lengths

The versatility of the Bouquoule is due not only to the fact that it is suitable for any color, but also in that it is possible to perform it on hair of any length and haircuts of any form. The hair themselves can be straight or curly – the painting will not lose.


Ballozh on short hair does not cease to be relevant for several years. Hairstyle painted in this way looks a little careless, but always winning. The method of staining for short hair is pretty simple, which makes it possible to fulfill it yourself, at home. But still recommended similar procedures in the cabin.

Staining consists of several stages:

  1. To determine the strands that the paint of light tone will be applied, it is done so that the hair tips stick up up+
  2. Paint is applied to the tips using foil and withstands over a couple of tens of minutes+
  3. Painted roots of hair (if necessary)+
  4. After some time, paint with roots stretches closer to the conchs of the curls to toned, but not until the end+
  5. Withstand the paint for about ten minutes, it must be washed.


On the hair of the middle length, the BALAZH looks no less effectively. However, the coloring method will look somewhat different than on short hair. It will be harder, and it is already unlikely to fulfill it.

  1. Hair is divided A few squares on zones (temporal, dark, occipital and top) and chained with hairdressers in bundles or tails – the main thing is that they do not come into contact with each other in the process of staining.
  2. Paint is applied on the tips of the strand, where it is left for some time depending on the desired shade and instructions of the paint manufacturer, then it must be washed off with water.
  3. Further The paint is applied to individual strands, brush strokes should be as easy as possible to stool transitions. At this stage, you need to withstand the paint for no more than 15-20 minutes to achieve a darker shade than on curl tips.
  4. Hair Carefully washed from the coloring composition.


The most difficult in the color of the coloring will be bouquet for long hair. To fulfill it strongly It is recommended to refer to the experienced master. The coloring method is similar to the technique, suitable hair of medium length, however, with long curls you need to be more attentive so that the colored strands do not stick together and did not spoil the result.

On climbing hair, Ballizh almost always looks very natural, since all the transitions of tones are lost in curls and curls.

Before painting hair Be sure to straighten. Drawing paints on curls can lead to an unexpected and undesirable result.

Ballow on long straight hair deservedly considered one of the most beautiful variations. From the point of view of technology, such hair is much easier to paint than curly, since there is no need to carry out some preliminary manipulations. On straight hair transitions Colors can be made quite soft or sharper – They will be visible much more distinct than on the curly.

Staining in this technique will suit the owners of long hair that would like to update their image. Often they do not want to part with a length or do some fundamental changes in the haircut like cascades or bangs. In such cases, staining comes to the rescue. Paint into one tone if it differs from natural or the fact that the girl wears usually happens. But the use of equipment Ballwax will allow to achieve a much more expressive result.

Care after the procedure

After balaby, hair does not require any special caring procedures. Shampoo it is better to use for painted hair. Such shampoos are aimed at sealing hair scales and prevent fast paint flushing. Nessesary to use air conditioner with each head washing, and one or twice a week – Mask. Preference is best to give masks with moisturizing either restoring, since most often staining dehydrates strands.

The most clear plus of balabyage is the need for subsequent staining after a fairly long period.

Usually Repeated coloring held approximately three months. However, depending on the tone of the roots, it can be done much less.

Owners Seedy, For which it is critical to mask, you will have to update staining with the usual frequency once a month. But in the case of Ballizhem, it will be enough to update the color only at the roots. Tinted strands along the entire length can be much less likely, and not necessarily at the hairdresser.

To maintain a fresh type of coloring, you will not always need to go to the salon. In the case of Ballizhem perfectly fit Shampoos or Balms, which should be used once or twice a week. They will save the shade in the original form and get brilliant and healthy hair without additional staining.

About the staining technique Ballozh will tell the following video.

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