How to make a dark paint wash with hair at home?

How to make a dark paint wash with hair at home?

Experiments with hair-starting haircuts and ending with color change, are quite popular among most of the most beautiful sex representatives. Still in adolescence girls seek to find something to transform and show the world to the world as far as they are beautiful. A huge selection of hairstyles, a large palette of shades and staining options will help to change appearance beyond recognition. However, everything is not always perfect.

Attempts to paint hair at home often lead to a number of errors in the form of spoiled hair or color, which is unlikely to like.

Fixing errors when painting hair

One of the most common mistakes is to believe that the color on the hair will get the same as on the packaging from paint. In the salons, experts pick up paint depending on the structure of the hair, a natural shade and color that should turn out in the end. And even they are not always able to make their job perfectly, because it is not known how one or another one will look when applied to curls. It is possible to return the natural color at home, but it is a rather complicated process, so most often refer to the specialists.

Paint flushing means

If you still do it yourself, it is necessary to choose the right tool, which will cause minimal harm to painted strands. The washing effect is the splitting of paint pigments that are in the curls. Due to this, the hair is spoiled less than during discoloration. There is a superficial and deep washed. The first softer affects the hair and is used to correct the shade, the second allows you to drastically change the color, for example, in cases where dark and black tones are required.

Having understood what kind of cleaning is needed, it is worth choosing the most suitable remedy for the products of different firms. It is necessary to draw attention to efficiency, security and take into account reviews.

Consider the most popular professional brands: ESTEL, BRELIL PROFESSIONAL AND L’OREAL.

Color Off from Estel

ESTEL offers us an emulsion to remove resistant colors from the Color Off. Catalyst, reducing agent and neutralizer in 120 ml bottles allow you to remove the color from the hair, saving the good location status. ESTEL declares that this washout does not contain ammonia in its composition, and also guarantees the absence of clarifying components in it.

Reviews of this means are – both good and bad. Efficiency, no ammonia in composition, simplicity to use and rapid action make it immediately buy washes. but The remedy is useless when the hair is stained with the hair or bass and, in addition, has a sharp smell. Cost is relatively low – 400-500 rubles.

If you decide to use Color Off, you need to buy gloves in advance, since there are no.

Depending on the color you want to flush, the result may not justify expectations from the first time. To remove black or dark chestnut paint, advise to use a wash 2-3 times. On the quality of the curls, this will not affect, so the tool is recommended even in the salons.

Washing from Brelil Professional

For 2 bottles of 120 ml asking about 800 rubles, which is expensive. For this amount we get a guarantee from the manufacturer that for 1 application is removed at least 2 layers of paint. Proteins and fruit acids in composition allow you to keep your hair in excellent condition and give them a healthy shine.

And it is actually so. Absolutely all girls note that the color is washed away from the first time, and the curls do not suffer at all, because there are no ammonia in composition. The only minus is the price. Not everyone is ready to pay so much for a means that will not spoil the structure of the hair and help remove the coloring pigment, not the touch of natural color.

EFASSOR from L’Oreal

Also a rather popular hair wash. There are 12 Powder Powder Boxes in 28 grams each. For a small correction, the shade of powder is bred in hot water. To remove color with dark hair powder mixed with oxidizer cream. It follows from this that the washout slightly illuminates curls. Thanks to this, the dye is quickly removed from the hair, but their structure will slightly deteriorate. A large number of positive feedback allows you to make sure that this wash is best returning a natural color.

Washing paint by folk methods

Remove the unsuccessful dye from the hair can be with the help of folk remedies.

  • With the help of fermented. To do this, choose products with a high percentage of fatty. Acosite medium of such products softens the hair and flips the coloring pigment. Of course, for 1 time the dark and black shades will not be able to remove, but for 3-4 applications it can be quite possible.
  • Honey. To remove the dye, sometimes use honey. It is damaged to strands, grind over polyethylene and leave for the night. The easiest way to remove bright shades, and girls with dark hair should choose another way.
  • Mayonnaise. Lemon juice, mixed with mayonnaise, with long use removes the dye and helps strengthen hair. Lemon acid cleans the pigment, and mayonnaise accelerates this process, eliminates the dryness of the tips and nourishes the cells.
  • Soda. This product is mixed with water and lemon juice, and after applying. It is important to remember that the soda works stronger than professional washes, however, the curls are very dry.
  • Vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is mixed with shampoo and leave under a shower cap for 1 hour. Color can be derived for 3-5 applications and do not spoil the hair structure.
  • Vegetable oil. Masks with oils in composition are not suitable for everyone, so trying to be careful. Most often, castor oil is used, as it is best removed by artificial dark pigments for 2-3 applications.

And now you can watch the video on how to get rid of an unwanted hair shade at home.

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