How to restore hair after clarification at home?

How to restore hair after clarification at home?

The transformation into a spectacular blonde may have unpleasant consequences. The hair changes the structure, the state will deteriorate them, they lose the density, strength and shine, badly hold the laying, are worse than combing. What to take to restore the health of the discolored hair, what means to give preference – professional or folk? Recipes set and main of them – careful attitude to clarified curls.


Restoration of damaged curls is an uncommon procedure requiring regularity. Here you can not do one-time visiting hairdresser. How to restore hair after lightening at home, if it is not possible to visit the beauty salon? Verified folk methods and professional funds available on sale come to the rescue.

Why the hair is spoiled during clarification? The fact is that all means for clarification includes hydrogen peroxide in a particular percentage. It disrupts the smooth surface of the hair, corrosive it, through the resulting pores penetrates inside, where the natural pigment is oxidized by natural pigment. So the more often the hair is painted, the worse their structure: the curls become dry and brittle, losing shine.

Return the shavenur the original appearance, of course, is unlikely to succeed. But to support it in a state as close as possible to the natural, it is quite a satisfying task.

If there is no time or means to visit the master, hair treatment can be carried out at home. Nutrient hair masks with vegetable oils perform a protective function. The empty surfaces formed due to the hydrogen peroxide on the hair surface are filled with nutritional particles, the curls acquire shine and begin to look more healthy. However, it is not worth it too abundantly to apply oil masks – the hair will be pulled out, and due to the disturbed structure they can break.

Special attention requires the ends of strands: it is necessary to monitor their condition, the sequencing tips to cut more often.

Choose professional tools

The most powerful in leaving for clarified hair are professional, competently selected funds. On the package, the shampoo is indicated that it is used for painted or bleached hair. Select professional care products should be guided by the instructions on the package. If you failed to choose a specially intended for damaged hair, you should select moisturizing.

In the professional rules of care products, you can find many reducing masks containing the necessary substances: amino acids, proteins and keratin. These components nourish hair, enliven their structure and appearance.

Choosing shampoo, it should be remembered that It should not contain such hazing hair products like sulfates and silicones. Shampoo must be transparent or with a weakly pronounced purple tint. The label should be information that the tool includes protection against ultraviolet rays, it has a moisturizing and softening effect, strengthens the color of the hair. In the shampoo there must be plant components.

After washing with shampoo on the whole volume of the champpers should be applied Nourishing balm of the same brand. After a few minutes, wash off warm water. Balm feeds the scalp, has a protective effect on the hair.

One of the most effective and affordable care products – Colorless hen, which is sold in the departments of cosmetics. In the form of a HUN mask will help in a short time to reanimate the burned curls. Mode of application:

  • Dissolve henna powder in warm water, mix thoroughly to get homogeneous casheam+
  • Apply on the hair, wait half an hour and wash off.

    At the end of the procedure, rinse the curls of the strap of nettle, chamomile and field horsetail. After 2 days, repeat. For four uses, clarified hair come back.

    It will be easier to care for damaged hair, if you pre-cut the ends of the hair (approximately 5 cm), which are no longer subject to recovery, but only spoil the appearance. At the same time and update the haircut.

    Folk Methods

    The mask based on egg yolks with the addition of brandy and honey is very useful. It is especially effective in the treatment of risen hair tips. Preparing very simple:

    • 2 C. L. honey mixed with 3 hours. L. Cognac, stir+
    • Drive in the resulting mixture of yolks of two eggs+
    • Apply a mixture on the roots of the hair and distribute all over the volume+
    • put on a polyethylene hat, hold so about an hour+
    • wash off a little warm water without detergent.

      An ordinary kefir is also suitable for hair revival. This is a wonderful means to improve the structure of hair and feeding the roots will help to quickly revive the tired and rided strands. Due to the high content of amino acids and protein mask from kefir, heals and strengthens the hair, making curls lush and shiny. The method of its use is as follows.

      • Preheat kefir to warm. The amount of kefir depends on the volume of hair. On average, 0.5-1 glasses is enough.
      • Circular movements to launch in roots and scalp.
      • Put on a polyethylene cap, over to insulate.
      • Hold about an hour.
      • Wash the composition with warm water with shampoo.
      • Nutrient balsam.

        Another worthy and affordable means – mayonnaise. It is used if the hair when painted turned out to be darker than I wish and now need to clarify. The regular use of masks from mayonnaise is similar to kefir for a month not only will give the hair desired tone, but it will noticeably improve them by making shiny and alive.

        To prepare a mayonnaise mask, you will need the following components:

        • Lemon juice – 0.5 teaspo+
        • mustard oil – 2 h. L.+
        • Olive oil – 2 h. L.+
        • Mayonnaise of any fat content – 2 st. L.

        All components thoroughly mix and warm in the container in hot water. The resulting mixture is distributed throughout the hair, including roots. Head to cover with a plastic hat or package, to bite on top, wash the mask with warm water with shampoo. Then you can apply a nourishing balm.

        Damaged, cursed curls will help cure Aloe, whose juice has long been known for its healing properties, effective in various diseases.

        Vitamin C, this juice, although bitter taste, when used inwards, successfully treats colds and other diseases, which means that it is not only safe for the lap, but also very useful when the vitamins lack.

        Therapeutic mask includes:

        • Castor oil – 0.5 h. L.+
        • Honey – 2 h. L.+
        • Aloe juice – 2 st. L.

          Mode of application:

          • Preheat castor oil on a water bath+
          • pour aloe juice to oil and honey how to stir+
          • split the mixture into two parts – one on the roots, another to distribute over all hair+
          • Wait half an hour, then wash off, you can apply shampoo.

          In the treatment of discolored hair can be used Mixture based on a ray oil, Its useful components affect not only curls, but also on follicles (hair bulbs).

          For a better effect, the plot oil is recommended to mix with almond and olive in the same proportions. The mixture is applied to the roots, after an hour it is washed off with the use of shampoo.

            From folk remedies for hair care are widely used Warmings of medicinal herbs and other natural components. A decoction of a mixture of such ingredients like the root of the burdock, sage, oak bark, a chamber. Crushed dried components (3 st. L. each type) is poured with 2 liters of boiling water, they insist about half an hour.

            The resulting infusion is especially useful for rinsing damaged strands after aiming.


            • At least once a month, the ends of the strands should be cut to revive the appearance of the chapels and not spend the nutrients on lifeless tips.
            • If possible, avoid hot drying and styling with a hairdryer, tongs and similar devices.
            • Chemicals for fixation hairstyles also have an aggressive impact on curls, so on the clarified strands it is better not to apply them.
            • In winter, to cover the head on the street, avoid the temperature drop.
            • Masks should be done in 1-2 days.
            • Once a month it is necessary to change the composition of therapeutic masks, giving the hair and the skin of the head to get other nutrients.
            • Do not often wash your head, because the washing deprives the skin of the head and the hair of the protective film and flushes nutrients together with pollution. The first time after the discoloration procedure, wash my head is recommended only in a few days.
            • Wash is recommended only specially selected shampoos for clarified hair. Before washing the head, careful combing, which will help the distribution throughout the length of the hair of the protective substance highlighting the scalp.
            • After washing the head you can rinse the hair with ordinary water with lemon (1 st. L. Lemon juice per liter of water). This composition works like air conditioning – facilitates combing, softens strands and gives it shine.
            • It is recommended to regularly make a head massage. It improves blood circulation and revitalizes follicles.
            • Regular reception of vitamins inside strengthens the general condition of the body and promotes rapid hair health restoration. The vitamin complex must include calcium, zinc, biotin, group vitamins in.
            • In pharmacies, you can also purchase vitamins for outdoor use – a solution that should be rubbing into the skin of the head or add to the shampoo according to the instructions.

            As you can see, being a blonde is not from nature – the thing is troublesome. But if you still have a goal to keep the desired image, you will have to try to provide the hair with the necessary care, to protect them in every possible way from adverse external influences in the form of direct sunlight, minus temperature, excessively cold or hot water and chemicals.

            About how to save damaged hair, look in the following video.

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