How to restore hair after clarification?

How to restore hair after clarification?

Many of the representatives of the finest floor, who choose a platinum blonde as the main shade, collided with problems of a significant change in the structure of the hair for the worse. The strands become tough, prone to tangling and cross section, because of this, the overall appearance of the curls looks uncompensated or even inaccier. However, there are many different ways and advice on the restoration of the curl after clarification.

It is important to familiarize yourself with the intricacies of these procedures. To deal with all the options for the rehabilitation of light strands after dyeing will help the material of this article.


Before proceeding to the procedures for restoring the state of the transition after its staining in the bright, a number of nuances should be taken into account, which possess both the consequences of clarification and the restoration itself. The most common hair problems after contact with light paint include several factors.

  • Surface sites at the ends of the hair. After chemical exposure to paint, hair becomes less resistant to the effects of external factors, and hair strips begin to decrease on tips. This process deprives the chapel of smoothness, gloss and homogeneity, and can also contribute to the tunnel of the sevenchers.
  • Brokes – the next consequence of the section. Blondes after dyeing often notice that the hair breaks when combing and other manipulations.
  • If the hair is subjected to clarification quite often, with time the hair falls out due to lack of moisture and nutrients. This is fraught with a significant reduction in the delay in the absence of proper care.
  • Almost every blonde faces the problem that the curls have become more dry – lost elasticity, elasticity and healthy shine. This is especially true when the hair is affected with high acid paint.

    If we talk about the features of eliminating the effects of discoloration and restoring strands, which deteriorated due to paint, take into account a number of nuances.

    • Quickly restore hair after clarification, most likely, will not work, especially if they discolored repeatedly. In order for the appearance of strands to become truly healthy, it is necessary to regularly make regular reducing procedures for a minimum of month. The exact period is determined by the degree of source damage.
    • It is worth paying attention not only to individual locations, but the whole head. On the top of the hair can be no less damaged than at the ends, especially if a high-speed clarifier was used.
    • The price range of rehabilitation procedures can vary depending on the selected method. Some salon services are very expensive.

    Best professional means

    One of the popular ways to rehabilitate bright strands are the use of cosmetics created specifically for these purposes. The modern market is replete with various products from popular firms. Each remedy has unique characteristics. The greatest number of positive feedback received funds that are often used even by professionals conducted by restoring procedures in the salons. Among the entire list of separate attention, shampoos of several companies deserve.

    • For hair with a thin structure perfectly suitable Shampoo Mythic Oil. According to the reviews, this means is particularly good because after it you can not even use balm. Shampoo not only feeds damaged strands, allowing them to be better combed, but also it is able to give them elasticity without weighing.

    • Liss Unlimited from L’Oreal – Stunning sample shampoo with protective function. It is due to the fact that each hairs are covered with a film after using this agent, the negative impact of external factors on the hair is minimized.

    • Among the rinsing balms is to highlight the means of the same company called ABSOLUT REPAIR LIPIDIUM. Possessing the properties of the air conditioner, this agent penetrates directly into the structure of hairs, which helps to increase their elasticity and helps to restore the vitality of strands.

    According to the reviews, it is noted that the softness of the champions is preserved on the following days after applying this Balzam.

    Masks – Another type of means for damaged hair, which perfectly complement the action of shampoos and balms. There are several names among such funds.

    • ABSOLUT REPAIR LIPIDIUM, Related to the above-mentioned series of regenerating cosmetics for the lap, excellently helps filling the hair at the cellular level and is used in particularly severe cases when strands are strongly damaged.

    It is noted that after applying this tool, hair loss is reduced during drying, and there is also a noticeable sealing of their structure.

    • Firm Redken You can highlight such a stuffing type mask as Extreme Strength Builder. It provides a truly deep effect on damaged by light paint strands, eliminating such problems as the sequesters and fragility.

    Since the life of modern girls is dynamic, they are especially appreciated by such regenerating products for the chapels, which does not require washing. It is worth paying attention to a number of funds.

    • LIS UNLIMITED FIRM OF L’OREAL presented as special oil. It has the effect of antifreeze, which is especially important for curls that have been discolored.

    Users noted that a well-kept species noticeable on the hair immediately after splashing on it. It is also capable of creating an additional layer of protection for the cross section of the ends.

    • ABSOLUT REPAIR LIPIDIUM SERUM – Excellent serum type tool for locked restoration. Its main task is to restore the balance of moisture in the strands that influenced light paint.

    There are a number of modern hair restoration techniques after discoloration, which are used only in salon conditions. Essential plus such care – long-term result. The most demanded salon procedures are several modern techniques.

    • Botoks The chapels are its processing with a special substance, which includes keratin components. They fill in the process of coloring microcracks and attach elasticity structure.

    • Based on Glazing used mixture made on the basis of ceramic. After such a care, damaged curls will not only get a healthy shine, but will become more obedient.

    • Shielding – The procedure that allows in a short period to saturate the damaged light hair with all nutritional components and moisture.

    • Bioolanization It is the use of a means that covers strands with a shell that does not allow the impact of harmful external factors, but at the same time transmitting moisture and nutrients.

    • Hot wrap It implies a joint action of a special composition, which is applied to damaged light strands, and temperature. It is with hot exposure that the components of the applied tool are activated and the nutritional and healing effect.

    Folk Methods

    Of particular value are the procedures that allow you to revive, moisten and saturate with useful trace elements of hair at home with the help of tested folk recipes. This option is different in that Shevlyura most often comes into direct contact with nutritional and moisturizing components.

    Recipes of homemade masks for light hair are in most cases uncomplicated and quite budget.

    There are a number of procedures that are most effective in order to reanimate damaged strands after clarification.

    • Colorless hen Suitable in cases where the secheny ends appear after discoloration. The powdered component needs to be brewed with boiling water before the formation of Cashitz, which is subsequently applied for the entire length of the champions and leave for 30 minutes. Already after four applications, you can notice that your curls have gained a healthier look, and the tips were restored due to the natural component as part of such an inexpensive means.

    • It will be useful scams based on natural herbs as a rinse. This is especially convenient in the summer season. You can make healing decoctions based on wildcake, as well as even more common daisies and nettle. Rinse them strands should be regularly after washing and other reducing procedures.

    • The proven folk agent is a decoction of such natural components like a bark of oak, a chamber, roots of the burdock, as well as sage. You can apply both independently collected herbs and sold in the finished form. The vegetable ingredient taken in the amount of two or three tablespoons is poured with water previously brought to boil, taken in the amount of one and a half liters, and for a third of the hour insist.

    Rinsing like a solution after washing will contribute to the integrated restoration of discolored strands.

    • Very useful is 3-component mask, Made from natural honey, brandy and egg yolk. If after the clarification you noticed the literance of strands, then mix 2 teaspoons of the honey component with cognac taken in the amount of 3 teaspoons. Then add whipped yolks for eggs. When you distribute the resulting mixture along the entire length of the curls, cover your head film, and keep the composition on it for 60 minutes. Flush need water slightly cool temperature without using shampoo.

    • It is important to pay attention not only to the tips of the clarified chapels, but also the roots. Drink them with useful components, reviving the whole structure of the chapels, and save it from damage after clarification will help mask based on kefir. Dairy product should be heated in a water bath until its temperature becomes slightly warm. After you need to rub it in the roots of the curls, making circular movements, and bite your head with a polyethylene and a terry towel for an hour.

    After a thorough flushing of the hair with shampoo and warm water, you need to put balm on them, which will prevent the curls to be confused and will increase the effect of the mask.

    • Do not also forget to use oils after the staining procedure in a light shade. If you take care of the hair with oils, you can ensure that its structure will become much softer and silky. You can make a procedure with the use of castor oil, before that heated. They should be smeared dry hair along the entire length. For a full-fledged mask, such components are also added to the oil as honey in the amount of two teaspoons and yolk of one eggs.

    • If your goal is to have a special attention to the weakened root zone of the chapels, then a good tool will be a top oil for this. Rich in healing resins, vitamin C and tanning components, it is applied on the hair for an hour (sometimes in combination with olive and almond oils), then washed off with shampoo.

    Thanks to this strengthening of bulbs, the whole structure of the hair changes for the better – becomes more elastic, and even acquires pomp.

    • You can make a 7-component mixture of natural oils. Components are castor, peach, almond, ray, olive oil, as well as jojoba oil and avocado. A couple of drops of castor oil should be added to the rest of the components taken in equal proportions – 1 tablespoon. The resulting composition is applied along the entire length of the champions not more often than once in 10-12 days, since its effect on follicles can turn the useful effect into the fattyness of strands with frequent use.

    • To make a hair more soft to the touch and give it a healthy shine, use a very simple recipe. Juice of one lemon fetal should be added to the liter of warm water, this composition is rinsed with light hair.

    Useful recommendations

    To care for clarified hair be as correct as possible, and they recovered faster after the impact of chemicals, We should listen to the recommendations of specialists.

    • Maintain the overall condition of the body normally, since it is an important factor influence on the appearance and the process of restoring bright chapels. Drink more fluid and eat foods rich in calcium and other vitamins and minerals. And you can also introduce a vitamin complex in your diet.
    • Avoid using thermal laying devices. If you regularly use a thermal car, a hairdryer or tongs, the already victims of the aggressive dye strands will look burned and lifeless. Therefore, drying the curls should be naturally, and you can create curls and without the use of hot temperatures.
    • Pay special attention to the material and rigidity of the combs you use. The most gentle for damaged light hair will be a comb of natural wood.
    • In case of acute need to dry strands quickly, you can apply a hairdryer, but only in cold drying mode.
    • If you are in the sun, then that your strands do not lose and without a small moisture stock, wear a headdress, try to spray curls protective sprays.
    • To protect the ends from a strong section, cut them before painting, and also regularly remove a couple of centimeters after clarification.
    • No less important process is the revival of follicle hair. This is achieved through the implementation of the head massage.
    • While the curls have not recovered after the impact of aggressive components of the paint, refrain from creating on the head of combs or the use of lacquer for hair and other styling.
    • If you care for clarified hair with masks, they must be changed periodically at least once a month or alternate.
    • In addition to the heat and sun, low temperatures also affect the damaged hair. So after clarification necessarily wear a warm headdress in winter and autumn.
    • Avoid overvoltage and stress, since these factors impede the improvement of the condition of both the body as a whole and the damaged chapels. Be sure to follow sleep and power mode.

    Thus, compensate all the negative effects of the clarifying procedure can be successful if you choose a suitable folk, cosmetic or salon to you personally. Subscribing the result of the procedure due to care and attention to your lifestyle, you can combine an attractive blond and healthy appearance in your hair.

    About how to restore strongly damaged hair after clarification, look in the following video.

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