How without harm to lighten the hair at home?

How without harm to lighten the hair at home?

Light hair color will never come out of fashion among the representatives of the beautiful floor. An example of this is a lot of famous stars of Hollywood, such as Reese Witherspoon, Charlize Theron, Diana Kruger and other dives, which for long years make platinum hair trend.

Most girls have a lighter procedure associated with a long stay in the hairdresser, but in fact it can be performed independently at home. However, not all the ladies know how to properly implement the procedure with your own hands, so as not to apply strong harm hairs. About what nuances of such staining will be described in detail in this article.

Preparation of hair

As you know, the most efficient and safer staining is that the hair is pre-prepared. To brighten the hair at home, you need to hold a number of procedures, the number of which is often governed by the natural color of the strand, which is planned to give a platinum tint.

Need at least for a month Maximum fencing curls from the impact of chemistry, sunlight and hair dryer. Dry them natural way, do not use frequently currency and heavy fixing means for laying.

Crab hair shortly before clarification is categorically impossible, Because it does not only affect the result of clarification, but also the state of strands will significantly worsen.

To prepare blonde or other, previously not painted curls, to a new shade, A few months before staining, you can start using folk clarifying agents based on food and natural components. Also intensively use restoring masks from the same natural materials. For a couple of weeks before discoloration, the procedure should be discontinued.

Black hair quickly prepare for clarification in a natural tone will not work, so either begin to use folk remedies long before planned staining, or use the chemical products that contribute to complete discoloration. If black hair is painted, then several sessions of washing to a natural shade should be held and give curls to recover after this procedure.

Get rid of the hair from the sequential ends in advance. As a result of the impact of light paint, they will acquire an even more lifeless look and will look unesthetically. So remove several centimeters of damaged strands in advance.

Make sure before painting that hair does not contain such elements like sea salt, stylers or chlorine from the water in the pool. Their presence can adversely affect the final result of clarification and spoil the desired shade.

Do not wash your head between 1 to 3 days before the start of the coloring procedure. This will protect the head of the head with the help of a natural fat layer, which will be formed in these days.

Of course, the process of exposure to hair paint will be moved much better if the body does not have stress, is not exposed to bad habits and gets healthy regular sleep.

Cosmetical tools

Clarification of strands can be made at home with paint or powders that will not bring your hair more harm. Of course, the lightening is a big stress for curls, but you can minimize it by choosing a suitable tool for staining.

Formulations containing 3% peroxide, optimally choose the ladies who, from nature, not very dark hair, never painted earlier. Also means acceptable for those girls whose hair is painted in light blond tones. Often, the coloring powder with a 3% oxidizing component in the container not made of metal is mixed for safe clarification.

Chestnut shade hair requires a more aggressive oxidative component, which already contains 6% peroxide. Due to this exposure, the color changes by 3-4 tones.

Locks will be 5-6 tons lighter if use 9% solution. Such paint is often taken for damp hair.

But the most maximum effect allows you to get coloring powder in combination with a 12% component, allowing to achieve platinum blond and paint yellow. However, remember that the root area should do without such an aggressive impact, since it can destroy the bulbs of hair. On the roots of strands, the oxidant is usually applied with an indicator of 9%.

None of these clarifiers should be applied on her hair after henna. Make sure that the henna naturally washed off with strands before proceeding with clarifying procedures. Otherwise, you can get rusty color.

To faster get rid of unwanted redhead before lightening, use the washing, as in the case of black flowers, but remember that in this case is not welcome.

There is also an original express way to clarify strands – Using a special spray. It comes out of the originally blonde or rusia girls who want to create the effect of burnt strands. Spray is not harmful, but the cost of it is quite high.

The popular home painting tool is cream-paint, presented in the cosmetic market in a huge range of shades. Thanks to its texture, she cries the hair well and gives the desired shade for one staining, provided that the forestelles are properly prepared. Such an effect is obliged to aggressive components in the composition of the substance.

If you want a more sparing approach without harm for the hair structure, use Lighter oil. It is created on the basis of natural oils, but the staining procedure will not be able to exercise at once. Depending on the original shade, the number of staining sessions can sometimes be quite large.

Also consider the skin reactions and make a preliminary test for allergies, otherwise such a clarification is fraught with itching, burning and other unpleasant sensations.

Folk Methods

There are tested people’s recipes on the use of products that make the shade of the chapels lighter. Of course, they do not give such a cardinal effect as chemical staining, but they can rightly be considered more harmless. However, remember that it is better not to do similar experiments with earlier hair, because it is possible to obtain an unwanted shade. Use folk recipes only for converting natural hair. The most relevant includes the following methods.

  • Decoration from Romaist, which is usually done on the basis of the raw materials purchased in the pharmacy. A glass of dried daisy flowers is taken on a liter of water and insisted for 90 minutes. Profilge the resulting infusion before applying, and then quickly apply it to Locks so that it imprepose all strands. After it is necessary to bite your head film. You can evaluate the result after a couple of hours, washed off the infusion from the head, without using the foam forming agents.

  • Many ladies tried to use for clarification Natural home kefir. Be sure to take the one that is brought from the farm, and not the one that can usually be found on the shelves of grocery stores. For clarification on clean hair, you need to apply kefir, then strands are wrapped in a film, and after five hours the composition is washed off.

This procedure must be repeated in a day so that the effect is more noticeable.

    • If you decide to give hair a light tone with hydrogen peroxide, then before that it is recommended not to wash your head over a couple of days. Before the start of the procedure, it is necessary to comb on strands, and skin in the temporal area and on the front border of hair growth, lubricate with a cream of fatty consistency.

    The mixture for clarification is prepared by a combination of 60 grams of shampoo, 60 milliliters of ammonic alcohol, 60-70 milliliters of peroxide and water, also taken in the amount of 60 milliliters. It is necessary to apply the mixture from the occipital part, then turning to the top of the top, and ending with the side sections. After watching the color change yourself, wash the composition from the head and, if necessary, make tone more lighter, repeat the procedure. With the final washout of peroxide from the head, you should use shampoo.

      • You can give curls lighter shade with lemon-based mixtures. It is important to check in advance whether you have allergies for this citrus, causing lemon juice to the region for 30 minutes. If the rash and irritation did not appear, then you can start cooking.

      First, a couple of lemon fruits are lowered in boiling water for a couple of minutes. After they should be cut and press the entire juice. All juice must be mixed with olive oil in proportion 2 to 1 and then warm. When the temperature of the composition becomes warm, it must be applied to the unwashed head, distribute the chapels, then put the cellophane package and towel on the head. Rinse your hair should be at least a couple of hours.

      • Pretty fast clarification method is Using powder soda. To begin with, the substance needs to be sifted, and then mix with mineral water to the formation of pasty consistency. The right amount of soda for the whole chapelurs is installed experimentally, because for each lady it may be necessary to take a different amount depending on the thickness of the hair and their length.

      Apply the composition needed on dirty hair, not reaching 5 mm to the roots. Then the head should also be wrapped with a film and a towel that creates a thermal effect. Keep a mixture on your head better no more than an hour, sometimes even 30 minutes. After this time, it is necessary to quickly wash the substance from the chapels.

        • Excellent hair recovery in combination with clarification is Natural honey. Protopping the product with a water bath is only needed if he snapped. If not, then it is just necessary to warm.

        Next, you should distribute the honey on pure dried hair, rubbing it into strands. To strengthen the effect, you can add lemon juice or cinnamon. After we look the hair and leave the honey on your head for 60-240 minutes. If after washing the effect you seemed insufficient, then no earlier than three days you can re-procedure. In addition to the effect of burnt-colored, hair will also get a healthy shine after a similar mask.

        • Those girls whose hair have a thin structure, suitable for clarification cinnamon. It, in addition to changing color, also has a useful nutritious effect on strands. Symptore cinnamon powder, and then connect it into emulsion consistency with one of the following components: lemon juice, kefir, honey, coconut oil or cucumber juice. The choice is determined by the individual preferences and the presence of one or another raw material.

        Using a brush, apply the composition on your strands, slightly retreating from the roots. Wrap the hair with cellophan. After 30-45 minutes, wash the homemade paint. You can repeat this procedure after two days.

        • A rather aggressive way to give hair lighter tone is Use of hydroperite tablets, which can be bought in pharmacy kiosks. Two tablets must be mixed with 15 ml of pure water, after stamping these components, another 2 ml of ammonic alcohol should be added. Such a number of ingredients is added to 25 grams of hair shampoo. For the manufacture of more mixture, calculate the ingredients based on the specified proportion.

          Apply the composition on the curls and wash it after 7 minutes. After dry your hair and evaluate the result.

          Useful recommendations

          So that the process of turning into a platinum blonde at home has passed without flaws, Listen to the following advice.

          • If you want to achieve the light color of the chapels with the help of folk remedies, keep in mind that this process will require a longer time and regularity of procedures. In addition, the darker of your natural shade, the greater the number of procedures will need.
          • With the help of a spray for hair with a clarifying effect you have the opportunity to give a brighter tone not only the whole chapelur, but also separate strands. Many ladies experiment, making the lower hair area on the tone lighter.
          • Balms for lightening hair also take place as an alternative version with a temporary effect. But they will suit the ladies who have hair prone to fatty because they have a dry effect.
          • If you do not have much experience in self-lightening of the chapels, ask someone from loved ones to help you cross your hair on the back of the head, or use the mirrors to see how carefully paint covered hair behind. Do not forget about the fact that the clarification procedure should be carried out with good lighting.

          How to brighten your hair at home, look in the following video.

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