Light-brown ash hair color: shades and staining fineness

Light-brown ash hair color: shades and staining fineness

Light-brown ash color hair – a stylish solution for girls who are not afraid of attracting attention. The noble shade in nature is almost not found, and therefore it looks rather original, but at the same time appropriate in any situation.


Light-blond ash color hair is recognized as one of the most attractive shades. He has an unusual ability to distinguish the features of the face, which plays on the hand to holders, for example, small eyes or narrow lips. “Light asian” makes the skin glow and really change the age of its owner. And, of course, he gives the opportunity to create a winning and spectacular, but at the same time elegant image.

Nevertheless, this shade is quite complicated in obtaining, and also requires regular leaving procedures to maintain. In the case when the radical color change scares, a full color can be replaced with a decay.

Who is coming?

Lightly blond ash tint comes far from every woman. Firstly, Aristocratic tone looks good only under the condition of perfect skin devoid of pimples, stains or dark circles under the eyes. All these flaws will only become brighter if there are silver curls. The same applies to mature women whose skin is already dressed with wrinkles. Such a shade is significantly addicted to age, simultaneously adding several years.

Secondly, For ash brand, the chapels are important to match certain color,5. The best shades of this palette look at the “summer” beauties with bright cold or olive skin, as well as blue, gray or green eyes. Natural shade of the chapels in this case is a rusmeam or a cold blond. In principle, as well as the ash looks and in the presence of light brown iris and golden curls.

Dark-skinned ladies ash-blond shades are categorically not recommended. The same in most cases applies to the owners of Asian appearance. If the girl has a “summer” color, then the color is definitely suitable for her, if the “winter”, then with a shade it is worth being careful. “Spring” and “Autumn” young ladies “Blond Sisel” will not work.

Color spectrum

Blonde ash color has several interesting shades, so adding a different pigment to light-colored paint, it will be achieved to achieve such a shade, which is even suitable for the ladies with which it is not recommended. Dark blond ash color looks perfectly on mature young lady, unlike its bright “fellow”.

It looks quite classic and even business, and therefore perfectly combined with any style of clothing and is considered relevant in any situation. In addition, its receipt is much easier than light-light, since the hair does not have to pre-discolor. Suitable dark blond shade and for women with oriental type of appearance.

Ash blonde is a complex shade that suits a very small number of women. For its application, mandatory conditions are perfectly clean porcelain leather, bright eyes and subtle neat face features. If you dilute the ash blonde golden subtock, then the color will fit the girls who have a warm tinge of skin with freckles. Ash Blond with Blue Podatoes Recommended by Light Leather and Green Eye.

The ash brown tint is the most versatile palette representative. It combines well with dark eyes and such eyebrows as well as warm tone leather. With such a hair, the skin’s skin looks funny and even rarely, so the ash brown is chosen for ladies aged. Often, this tone is applied not only for full-fledged staining, but also for partial change of image using Ombre or Shat.

Dark ash color Hair recommended for girls with brown eyes. Since he vividly emphasizes all the flaws of the face, inlating should be ladies with skin imperfections or too large and frightened features. The ash rose tone is the perfect choice for young people. The only recommendation of specialists is that Use the shade recommended for partial staining, for example, in the technique of fastener, Ballozh and Ombre.

Selecting paint

Without high-quality paint, get a light-brown ashton at home is actually impossible. One of the most popular and deservedly beloved paints is Essensity Schwarzkopf Professional. Natural components in the composition and absence of ammonia do not cause strong harm to hair, but the color is quite saturated. The dye is easy to use, and it perfectly copes with a masking of gray hair. However, the disadvantage of this solution is the short-term service life – the paint is quite quickly washed off from the chapels.

Quite good Creasproof brand L’Oréal Paris. They cope with the painting of gray hairs, keep the resulting shade for a long time, as well as little harm, since the ammonia is missing in composition. To achieve the original appearance, shades will be suitable “Blonde ash”, “pearl blond” and “very light-brown ash”.

For testing, you can try to take advantage of the skeleton shampoos or balms. The guarantees are that the desired shade will still manifest, it is not, but still you can get a primary idea of ​​whether the shade is suitable, and at the same time not to spoil the hair. Washed off the color somewhere through a pair of heads of head wash procedures.

As a rule, brands are used for this purpose “Tonic” or “Irida”. In addition, it is possible to start with normal timing for “fitting” shade. This technique will not change the conceptual appearance, but will significantly refresh it and will get used to the ash tones.

How to paint it right?

Ideally, the achievement of the ash-blond shade should be entrusted to a professional, since in almost any case the process begins with a difficult procedure for bleaching strands. Getting rid of the yellow pigment is necessary for further obtaining the desired color, since otherwise the chapels may turn out to be greenish. If the hair was pre-stained in a dark shade, then First, the paint will have to wash off, and then still repeat the procedures of getting riddled from the pigment.

In addition, experts recommend first to improve the curls, and then change the color of the hair. It is important that the strands are moistened, trained by all the necessary vitamins and useful elements, as well as cured.

Holders Hair Shade Beige or Light Rusam Ladies Optionally Use Resistant Paints – There will be enough toning balsam or shampoo making hair ash. Although the color is pretty quickly flushed after washing the head, it is believed that with constant use, its action can last up to one and a half months. If we are still talking about full-fledged staining, it should be started with clarification.

Experts recommend using for this purpose A gentle solution of low concentration oxide, and also carry out a procedure in several stages. Of course, a more reasonable decision will entrust the task of a specialist.

The amount of time, during which the clarifier is required on the strands, is determined depending on the natural color of the curls. However, it is necessary to act as instructions and not linger, otherwise living curls are quickly transformed into the “dry straw”. Next, home painting is carried out according to the instructions attached by the manufacturer.

Care for curls

The ash-blond curls will retain a spectacular appearance only under the condition of regular and high-quality care. Experts recommend to think not only about external impact by using a variety of masks, oils and decoctions, but also On keeping a healthy lifestyle and maintaining proper nutrition. This mode should be installed minimum a month before the hair color change. After direct staining, it is necessary to engage in the restoration of the champions, since the achievement of such an unusual shade is very injured. If the coloring occurred in the cabin conditions, the specialists will definitely prompt how to properly care for their hair, but if the painting was home, then the leaving complex is compiled independently.

As a rule, we are talking about the moistening of the strand, nutrition of the roots and the use of funds intended for painted hair, and therefore preserving the received pigment. When they begin to grow root, they will have to be painted, otherwise the appearance will quickly become inaccier. To adjust the roots, you can use the same paint that was used for the main painting, but already used on another instruction, or the toning shampoo. To prevent hair breaking, it makes sense to take advantage of special serums that have liquid crystals in its composition.

In critical cases, the biolanation procedure will come to the rescue. She will save the color of the curls, and improve their condition. Caring for weakened hair, you can not forget about the natural components. Best of all overcast after staining affects oil wraps and herbal decoction. Such natural funds will not harm the color of the hair, but will significantly improve the location status.

Next, watch the video with the advice of a specialist in staining of blond hair into ashes shade.

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