Light brown hair color: shades and staining fineness

Light brown hair color: shades and staining fineness

To date, there are many coloring techniques, and shades – even more. Pick up the right and remain satisfied sometimes very problematic. One of the most natural rings is a light brown tone, which is chosen by many women from various countries of the world.

Who fits?

There are four years of year: Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn. Similarly, all girls can be divided into four color types: Spring, summer, winter and autumn type. Winter and summer period are characterized by cold colors, and spring and autumn periods are warm shades. The light brown shade refers to a warm color and has a rich color gamut, so most of all it is suitable for a spring girl or autumn.

Naturalness – the main criterion for choosing a light brown shade for hair. Holders of the burning of black strands should be abandoned in a light brown shade, as it will look unnatural.

Light brown color fits almost any eyes. In this case, it can be called a unique tint.

Blue-eyed girls and ladies with gray, green or brown eyes can well be recommended staining in this color. However, women with very dark eyes are not suitable. The combination of dark eyes with light brown hair gives appearance fading look, and all the attention will be on the eyes.

Regarding the combination with the color type of leather, the light brown tone is suitable for owners of both light skin and dark. But girls with too dark tan should take into account that too dark skin and blonde curls are a sign of absurdness and misery.

In this case, it is necessary to choose a dark tone for hair. To porcelain, brown and peach color, light brown tone fits perfectly.

This shade will look more attractive on the girls warm, autumn type with a flavor of a beige leather.

Color spectrum

Brown has many beautiful shades.

  • One of the most popular is Classic light brown tone Or, as it is also called, Color Shathen. This is an option for those who choose delicate, classic images. Tone pigment warm, so painting goes almost to all.

  • Safety color with gray tone (blond) refers to the winter cold flavor. Suitable for gray, blue eyes and light skin. This color increases the age slightly, so older women should refuse to stain in the ashton. In addition, the pigment requires constant update to maintain a saturated tone.

  • Golden tint It looks gentle and warm on girls with a beige skin tone, with chubby lips and a pretty spout.

  • Tint with red overflow Choose bold, bold nature. Such an option will be a win-win for girls with green eyes and neat features.

  • Bronze light brown tone It has a rich overflow. Coloring suitable for girls with green eye and golden skin.

  • Light brown with copper tide Call trend season. Girls with dark-skinned skin should be abandoned from such staining, but the owners of light skin, on the contrary, should pay attention to such a shade. Color overflows in the sun and makes a look more expressive.

Selecting paint

To date, the range of colors for hair is diverse and has a huge color palette. Paints of the following brands enjoy great demand.

Matrix Colornessider

The popularity of this product increases every day, and the advantage of paint is that it can be used for both homemade staining and staining in the cabin.

The composition of the paint perfectly cries the hair, and retains color for a long time. Products do not contain ammonia, so safe and does not injure the hair structure.

All colors presented by the manufacturer guarantee 100% staining in the tone, which is specified on the package. Light brown color is presented with copper-brown and golden brown shades.

Igora Royal

Professional paint having cream consistency. Products contain ammonia, but it does not affect the smell. The advantage of paint in the form of a cream is its consistency that does not flow and evenly paints hair. Paint is in great demand, it can be used for self painting. The palette with the golden, beige and purple tint will help create an interesting and original image.


The tool possesses 100% painting with seeds, carries out protection and careful hair care.

The composition includes natural ingredients and henna, thanks to which the hair becomes silky and smooth.

Some chemical components in the composition do not interfere with the use of funds for any type of hair. Pallet “Rome Gold” is represented by light brown shades with a golden tone.


Cream paint consistency paints seeding by 70%. When applying the means, semi-performer shining staining. Thanks to the special caring components in the composition, after the procedure, the hair acquire a well-kept, healthy view. The remedy can be used both on natural hair and on the strands that were subjected to a chemical twist. With the help of a special emulsion you can give hair deep, saturated color. Color gamut includes light brown, golden, chocolate and bronze tone.


Despite the low cost, products are very high quality. After staining, the color is saved for a long time. Of the advantages it should be noted the diversity of color palette and the absence of smell. Thanks to the consistency of the cream, the paint does not spread and is evenly applied to the hair. But there are some shortcomings. For flushing, it will take a long time. In addition, the composition of the paint is severely entrusted to the skin and clothing. Stains from the means is difficult to wash. Palette is represented by the following shades: cappuccino, mahogany, rosewood.


This product can be used when painting seeds. After staining, the curls acquire softness and well-groomed species. The color palette includes a lot of light brown shades.

Natural components that are part of, protect the hair from exposure to the external environment.

Pigment stains hair into a deep, rich tone, and natural composition promotes hair improvement. Almonds, Oil and Orange Oil Restore Hair Structure. In the palette you can find the following colors: Honey chestnut, golden grill, cocoa.


When painting, hair acquires shine and well-kept species, along with a saturated brown tone. The result of painting is preserved for a long time. Paint is suitable for thin and weakened hair. Thanks to a special complex in the composition, a universal protective film is created on the hair from the negative impact of the external environment. Reservoir and moisturize strands. The palette of shades includes light chance, chestnut and medium blond color.


The tool is perfect for independent home dyeing. Paint cries the hair well, removing her gray and natural color. Special components take care and protect hair, healing and restoring the structure. Color palette is represented by a chocolate tint, deep light-chestnut and cream tone with a pearl.


Trucks for painting at home. Convenient application, without additional purchase of oxidizing agent. Gives shine and cares for hair. In the palette you can find frosty chestnut tone, color chocolate cocktail and praline mix.

Technology Painting

Independent staining of the house will suit girls with natural hair. Using paint on natural curls will give the desired result, but the owners of painted strands are recommended salon painting.

The process of painting hair in the cabin has its own characteristics. In order to obtain a long-lasting result after the procedure, permanent staining is used.

The procedure requires the application of a special formula. The process calculates the exact amount of paint and exposure time.

Permanent staining occurs as follows.

  1. First, the hair is thoroughly wash with the help of a professional agent to achieve deep purification. Thanks to this procedure, hair is most prepared for painting: hair scales are revealed, silicone components and styling agents are removed. Such a head of head washing contributes to uniform staining and long-term results.
  2. After washing the cabin master calculates the painting formula, based on the color and structure of the hair, previous staining and other features.
  3. Then the tool is applied to the hair and withstand the right time.
  4. The paint is washed off, apply the necessary masks or balms for closing hair scales.
  5. Dried and make laying.

This technique is suitable for any type of painting.

With light natural hair, you can use toning. This procedure can be held at home. The process does not harm hair and allows you to achieve the desired shade. For the procedure, you must purchase any means for toning: Tint Balsam, Shampoo or Paint. But it must be borne in mind that the dye of the shed means is quickly washed away, so you have to update the color.

Painting with natural means does not harm hair. Thanks to the plant components, the hair acquire a healthy look and shine. At home, get a light brown tint with the help of henna.

But it is not worth buying cheap products of the Indian manufacturer, attention should be paid to professional funds.

For example, LUSH manufactures products for painting that allows you to achieve the desired tone. Remember that after the use of Henna cannot be used industrial paints. It is necessary to wait until the hair painted with the help of henna will not grow.

When dyeing at home, in no case can you mix different colors. This technique can only use a specialist. It is also worth considering that with independent staining, you must first check the skin for allergic reactions. To do this, we need to apply a small amount of mixed elbow fold or on the skin behind the ear and wait about a day.

Care for curls

Painted hair require special care. Funds with natural composition here is better not to use, you will have to purchase professional offers. One of them is a random shampoo. Using such a means helps to keep the color for a long time and gives the hair a rich shade.

Balsams apply for hair moisturizing. Their composition closes the hair scales after the washing procedure, moisturizes and removes the electrical.

Thermosphere primers and sprays should be used if the hair is influenced by hot air, stacked by the catch or iron. But the use of all sorts of bad is better to restrict, and the hairdryer is customized only on cool air. Also colored curls require the use of nutritional masks that support health and hair shade.

How to make light hair coloring, look next.

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