Light chestnut hair color: choice of shade and tips on staining

Light chestnut hair color: choice of shade and tips on staining

Light chestnut color – very natural, but completely mischievous. Most often, he is chosen by the Russed young ladies who want to refresh their everyday image and make it more interesting.

Who fits?

Light chestnut hair color is not suitable for every girl. Although it is considered quite universal and looks great both on young and on mature lanes, the shade should not contradict the existing color. For example, This tone does not look very beautiful when too light or, on the contrary, too dark skin, as well as with blue eyes. The owner of neutral or golden skin in this situation is in a more winning position – the tone goes almost perfect.

Hairstyle, by the way, does not play any role in this matter.

Bright chestnut is suitable for the “Spring” color girls. Successfully look such subtops like golden, amber or even cherry. No less attractive is the use of this tone on the “autumn” beauties. Young Walnut Suitable Ladies with Karium or Green Eyes. Freckles and moles that are a characteristic feature of warm blooms, with such a hair color look very harmonious.

To understand whether the girl is suitable for the girl’s color of the young walnut, the first thing it is recommended to explore the information on all the color and attribute himself to one of them.

In the event that the girl has “cold” appearance, and you still want to try on a walnut, It makes sense to think about the ash and chestnut shade leaving olive. It is pretty neutral. However, at home, it is quite difficult to achieve this shade, and therefore it is better to contact a specialist.

If the girl has too light, almost translucent skin, then she should choose Chestnut shade going into a tone of a mahogany. Dark-skinned ladies are very suitable light-nut tones without some specific subtocks. For even more dark skin, a golden or honey extra tone will be required.

Trendy shades

Light chestnut color has a nearby shades that are most suitable for something or another type of appearance. All of them unites the maximum naturalness and relevance. Girl with green, blue or light brown eyes. It makes sense to try out a deeper nut color, for example, striving in “milk chocolate” or “pearl chestnut”. The spring color is suitable for variation with caramel subtock, that is, light red notes. You can try to go to Caramel or add more “gold”.

Green-eyed beauty with light skin can afford more vivid solutions. “Light chestnut” in this case is complemented by copper or golden subtock. If the skin is dark, that is, it makes sense to play with red or chocolate notes.

For those who are not afraid of experiments, experts recommend combining multiple brown shades with the use of degrading techniques, for example, beige and honey or sandy and caramel.

Cold color, as already mentioned above, does not imply the use of this walnut shade. It is better for him to pay his attention to the “chestnut dark” with silver or even black overflows.

How to get color?

The light chestnut shade does not relate to very complex, so it is quite realistic to achieve at home. However, if earlier my own hair staining has never been done, it is better to trust a professional. The best pigment is fixed on light, blond or golden hair. Brunettes or red-haired girls first have to discolor the curls that can take far from one week.

This shade of nut offers most famous mass market firms, as well as professional brands.

W L’Oreal Paris The palette shows several variations of the required tone, for example, “very light chestnut” and “pure light chestnut”. In addition, a special ruler intended for fast staining also contains the required shade – “very light-chestnut”. Thanks to the special technology get it will turn out only in 10 minutes. For toning, which, although not long-term, but does not spoil the hair, due to the absence of ammonia in the composition, the series will fit L’Oreal Paris “Casting Cream Gloss”. The necessary colors are located under the names of “Chestnut Honey” and “Bright Chestnut”.

The company Schwarzkopf The market presents the “light-chestnut” shade, which is part of the Nectra Color collection. He enjoys well-deserved popularity, betraying strands not only beautiful color, but also natural shine. In addition, it makes sense to draw attention to the shade of “Caramel Chestnut” of the same brand.

In general, picking up paint for changing the color of the hair, it is recommended to pay attention to a number of important criteria. The tool must give persistent pigment, do not deterulate due to the impact of shampoo, sweat or chemicals for curling. The small alkalinity of the product is important, but high coloring ability. In addition, it is good that the coloring substance is convenient for work.

Hair coloring occurs according to the instructions. The tinting shampoo will stay at the strands right up to the month, but with every wash the heads still get paler. Persistent paint can withstand almost two months on her hair and it will become much less noticeable.

Reloing roots makes sense to tint, mixing paint residues with balm or air conditioning, or use toning.

Quite often, light-chestnut tone is selected for partial staining. To do this, use such techniques as coloring, bouquet or ombrov, the essence of which lies in the partial coloring of the total mass of the hair.

It is not recommended to use these ways to change the image.

As for the cost, dyeing at home will require only purchase of paint and, possibly, tassels for the best study of the roasting zone. Appeal to the salon only for shifting the color will cost a couple of thousand rubles. The final price in this case is determined depending on the professionalism of the wizard and the prestige of the cabin. In the case when it comes to preliminary providing such complex procedures as ombre or bouquet, pay much more.

There is also a variant of hair tinting with the help of natural ingredients, not so spectacular, but it is completely safe. “Bright chestnut” can be obtained if you start rinse curls onion decoction.

In order to prepare a solution, you will need to take 100 grams of onion husks and pour them with 500 milliliters of clean cold water. Husk must be clean, ideally washed under the crane. Ingredients are put on the stove, after which the contents of the pan are brought to a boil. Bill onion will have about a third of the hour, and then it should be saved naturally. The cooled decoction is fastened with gauze or sieves, and is also released from husks. It will be necessary to apply it by completing the head wash. Wash up the onion decoction. The first result of the color will manifest only after several applications, so it is necessary to carry out this procedure regularly.

Another interesting solution is considered to use black tea, But not such that is sold in bags, but a dear sheet grade. For cooking, it is necessary to 5 tablespoons of dry cubs and 200 milliliters only that boiling water. When tea is imagining and cool, it will have to strain. Welding further will not need and it will need to be thrown, but the resulting liquid to use to rinse the washed hair. Color will begin to appear approximately after the fourth use.

Features of care after staining

Light brown curls require not such complex care, as clarified strands. But, of course, as a result of the procedure, they weaken, and therefore should be ensured by all the necessary procedures: purification, moisture, nutrition and restoration.

All leaving should be designed for painted hair, otherwise they will contribute to the rapid flushing of pigment.

In the case of dark hair, it is important to immediately respond to the appearance of sequential tips, as they are strongly distinguished on a general background.

Already spoiled hairs are better to cut, after which to acquire a special means caring precisely about the ends of the hair.

In order not to cut the hair and do not spoil the color, It is better to protect the hairstyle from the impact of ultraviolet rays. If possible, on the street should appear in the headdress, as well as do not forget about special protective equipment.

Surprise, On the noble light chestnut tint may affect even the use of conventional tap water. Since its composition is often present excessive chemicals, regular head washing can lead to the fact that the strands are green. To prevent problems, it is recommended to regularly rinse curls with increased acidity liquid. It can be like a mixture of ordinary water and lemon juice and a combination of water with vinegar.

Interesting, but productive will be the conduct of a bioolenization procedure to which you should contact in a couple of weeks after using paint.

It stops the flushing out of the pigment for a long time, and also copes with secting tips and externally improves the appearance of the hair.

Biolamination will be able to implement not only in the professional cabin, but at home.

Chestnut hair coloring in video below.

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