Light pink hair: options and rules of coloring

Light pink hair: options and rules of coloring

Pink shades of hair – Currently not only the lot of frivolous coquette, but also business ladies. The second pink palette is more suitable for the second. In the article Consider the coloring options in this fashionable color.


Pink tonality on hair attracts attention. Achieve this shade sometimes it is difficult.

It is much more difficult in this plan a dark-haired: Without clarification, which, in fact, spoil the structure of the hair, washing the minerals and vitamins from it, from which the health of the chapelurs do not dispense.

But the blondes are devoid of such a shortage: they can safely color curls in any – and more necessarily bright – colors.

If your image belongs to a warm color, pink hair coloring you perfectly fit. Coloring may be subject to both separate strands, and the whole hairstyle.

Shades Pink

The most gentle, inhabitant shades of pink color are a few tones.

  • Pink-pearly – Non-lass pastel tone with “silver-cold” with a “cold” in the color of the beauty. It does not suit the girls of Eastern appearance – the pearly pink will make them painful. But for the rest, this color is suitable perfect.

  • Pastel pink (pale pink) – Creates a gentle-innocent vision, especially on long and direct strands, as well as on particularly curled, especially in the style of strawberry marshmallow.

  • Blond pink – Any “dazzling” from the nature of the blonde it will be easy and simple.

  • Pink Pink – grows the main bright tone, looks much more conservative than all the above.

  • Serovato-pink – also muffles the main color, suitable for any skin shade.

  • Bubble Gum – tone to all of the famous chewing, ideal for the most glamorous.

Homemade painting

To get a pale-pink staining, for blondes there are ready-made options for industrial manufacture – tinting balms and shampoos.

  • Rocolor brand offers Tonic – Pearl and smoky-pink shades created for light hair.

  • L’Oreal Colorista Oreal Colorista Balm gives a blonde strand of a non-rose pink shade, flushing after the 5th wash session. However, the darkened roots he does not change.

  • Color solution “Diamond pink” Provide Mark Irida.

  • The advantage of tinting compositions – relative low cost. But after several sessions of hair washing, they are almost completely washed away.

For amateurs for a long time to delay the gentle pink color on its hair also there are much more advanced ways – branded hair paints, equally suitable for both clarified and natural light hair.

  • L’Oreal – Flower palette Here Next: Pearl Blond, Sandal with Peach Taming, Mango, Pinkish-Lilac, Denim and Violet Smoke. For example, you will appreciate the composition “Pink Panther: Pastel” with catalog code S01.

  • ESTEL – Among the light pink is offered a corrective color of the ESTEL DELUXE SENSE tool, which covers the lighteous chapels.

  • Kapous Professional – Paint-cream shades “Very light pink blond” and “peach pink”, unfortunately, will not last for a long time.

  • Revlon – Blond Champagne and Tining Corrective Balm Nutri Color Creme with Catalog Number 005.

  • ACME Color – From the closest to gentle-pink, the color “Vanilla Sky” will fit.

  • Crazy Color – In stock Pastel pink.

  • Cotton Candy – Bubble Gum color.

  • Manic Panic – “Fuchsia”, “Pink sweetie”.

  • Palette – “Phytolinium 220 pearl blond”, withstands 28 hair washing sessions.

  • Lady in Color – “Pink Blonde” does not qualitatively cover gray hair and quickly washed off.

    If you wish to try high-quality hair color without visiting the salon, homemade craftsmen acquire, for example, a gold-colored mixer, and a blond color prefers as a painting composition. Tonic with shades are introduced in a small amount. For example, to obtain a restrained pink marriage, a portion of the mixtone should be increased. To give a warm tone of greater expressiveness, add a red micstone to “Blond”. The scheme resembles breeding whitewash the desired color in the presence of an appropriate.

    To get more gentle color, enter the pigments that do not contain ammonia. At the same time, the color will not wash off only for several weeks, but the exposure to the curls is minimal.

    Attempts to achieve the desired color, applying, for example, Cherry juice, will not lead to anything. Unfortunately, the dye must contain industrial chemical components, and not herbs, the juice of roots or berries.

    How to paint in the desired color?

    In general, staining passes through the same scheme, Regardless of color and hairstyles:

    1. Apply fat cream on the skin around the head of the head+
    2. Stir the mixture of ingredients by following the instructions on the box+
    3. Apply the dye to purely washed and dried hair+
    4. Give the paint to make your work in the period specified in the instructions+
    5. Remove the residues of the paint, wash your head re+
    6. Apply the fixing balsam on the just painted hair.

    Coloring of clarified hair from roots

    Perhaps the lightening of dark hair will be carried out in several stages. The easiest way is to apply hydrogen peroxide to curls along the entire length, then give them to grow in a week or two until dark areas on each hairs near the roots. Lightening hair with hydrogen peroxide dries them, depletes their structure. Requires a firming, enriching the structure of the hair balsam.

    With this approach, the hair is painted in the previous scheme, however, their roots, although they will find a burgundy tide, in general will remain dark.

    More advanced coloring color with dark roots

    By reflecting the hair of your color “By default”, or, on the contrary, making staining the roots of the original light hair dark, do not forget about some features.

    1. Observing exactly the smooth transition from light tips to dark roots, do not use tablets of 6% hydrogen peroxide – 2-3% composition is suitable. Otherwise the transition this will be sharp.
    2. Dispense your hair on 4 approximately the same area in the form of a cross. The first sample in the center, the second – at an angle of 90 degrees.
    3. Painting from roots is made stadium: the paint is first applied to the roasting zone of each of the strands, the maximum of 20 minutes will wait. Through a calcination with smooth spikes, paint is distributed over the entire length of the curls. The process is repeated for all four samples.
    4. Having finished applying paint on the roots, collect hair into the bundles and switch to the processing of the pattern and temples.
    5. Do not remove your hair once again so that the paint does not spoil the “blond” throughout the length of the hair.
    6. Withstand 20 minutes, wash under the shower of paint. If necessary, handle the hair by the locking balsam.

      The described methods are suitable for a kara, cascade, pixie and other hairstyles for any length of hair, including short. Exception is only hairstyle “under the boy” – it is complex and irrational in the scacing of only hair roots.

      It is important not to break the sequence of actions in order to avoid “swaming”, randomly mixed colors.

      How to paint your hair in light pink color at home, look in the video below.

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