Light purple hair: to whom they fit and how to choose the paint?

Light purple hair: to whom they fit and how to choose the paint?

If your dream is a lilac shade on hair or strands, like a princess, then you are not alone. Light purple color is now at the peak of fashion, and fashionable can freely choose the desired shades in the palettes of any manufacturer of paints. If you correctly pick up a shade according to the type of appearance, even the most extraordinary color solutions will look stunning. In a situation with purple color, it is very easy to cross the face and look vulgar. In this palette, there are a lot of colors – from light lavender to intensive eggplant.

To whom the color is suitable?

An important point for predicting the perfect coloring result is a selection of a shade, considering the type of appearance and skin color. So, the perfect result will succeed in the beauties of Slavic appearance – on their hair, any shade of light purple will look gorgeous. Most of these girls belong to the winter color. Flooking and light-eyed with lilac shades can experiment as much as you will always be in winning.

For the ladies of the autumn type of appearance with their dark skin and brown eyes with lilac paints, it is necessary to be very careful, because these shades will rather emphasize the flaws.

However If you certainly want a purple color, then you should play with shades on separate strands, trying modern umbrovy staining techniques and balewomen, or paint hair into brown-purple tones, leaving your dark strands and purple.

On the girls “Summer” girls, if they have pale leather and green eyes, pink shades will look elegant and spectacular. Pay attention to berry tones: strawberries, raspberry. And the spring beauties with their bright skin and eyes will suit all pastel lavender tones.

To get an ideal shade better contact the beauty salon, where professional, fully taking into account your skin tone and appearance, selects the right paint and will surely stand the color time to achieve the desired result, because the intensity of paint also depends on many factors.

Blondes Much Faster Brunettes Get Magic Shades of Purple.

Therefore, it is logical to conclude that Independent staining in Lavender is not at all welcome even if there is a home painting experience.

Trendy shades

  • Pink-purple. You can get like a bold purple with easy retirement, and a pink with a purple sweat – it all depends on your personal taste. Blondes are simply gorgeous with berry tones, but if closer to the shade more than the purple, then the blond young ladies will get their trendy color.

  • White-purple. Unfortunately, without prior discoloration of the hair before the procedure of such a tone does not achieve. You can only achieve it after complete discoloration. Try to do everything in several techniques, giving hair to relax. “Chill” – exhausting procedure even for the healthiest hair.

  • Ashen. Sedina in Trend. Yes, yes, you did not hear. A lot of girls blew hair to paint them after that. If you are not so risky, but blonde, you can try “gray ombre” – alter only hair tips. However, it is worth noting that after such fractions and several weeks of pleasure, the result must be ready for the hair tips can drop, be dry and brittle.

  • Gentle-Siren. This color can be seen more often on girls and teenagers. The blond is transformed into this hue faster, for darker colors will have to lighten the curls.

  • Golden purple blonde. Gorgeous Mix Ash Blond and Lilac. Suitable for girls who do not welcome discoloration.

Independent coloring

If you are experienced enough (or adventure) in order to achieve a lavender color of the house, then with the help of simple steps described below, you will succeed. So, proceed.

  1. Run the clarifier in a glass or ceramic tableware (so that no oxidation reaction occurs).
  2. Follow the instructions on the manufacturer packaging.
  3. After the laid time, wash the clarifier.
  4. Drop your hair, divide into separate trips.
  5. Prepare the paint of the desired light purple shade.
  6. Apply on strands evenly with a brush first on the samples, then all over the length.
  7. Hold the desired time cut and smash.
  8. Apply the fastening balsam. Remove in a couple of minutes, if the wash is required.
  9. Dry and put hair.
  10. To maintain the result, you can use the sample shampoo.

The girl with a lavender tint on her hair will never remain unnoticed. This color is trendy, unusual and even fabulous.

Deciding to change the native hair color on the light purple, you will catch admiring glances. But still before changing the color, all weigh everything, because it will be very difficult to get rid of lilac curls. In many cases, the decision will be only one thing – wait when your hair will grow and cut painted. But our life has been created to experiment and rejoice at successful results.

About how to paint your hair in a lavender color, look next.

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