Light Schathen: who suits the color and how to achieve it?

Light Schathen: who suits the color and how to achieve it?

The main advantages of the shade of light chaten are Universality and naturalness. It is ideal for those women who do not want experiments with hair, prefer natural tones and descend to look great.


Shathen – Tint, which is something average between blond and brunette. And if the blonde is characterized by white, gold or platinum hair, and for the brunet – the predominance of a pure black pigment, then Shathen does not fall into any of the above extremes. At the same time, he has a huge amount. Often even reddish curls are considered one of the varieties of brown.

For the slant characteristic blond tone and his whole gamma from light to dark. Every shade is natural and almost universal. So that the naturalness of the hair looked as possible as long as possible, and the curls did not lose shine and elasticity, they need to carefully care.

We used to call bright timetage Light chestnut hair color. And if you consider his diverse subtocks (golden, milk, chocolate, brown, copper, red, mahogany), you can imagine what a huge range of different shades is possible. Based on Light Shawn most often there are nuts or caramel.

Like any other chatene, its light tone is universal. It suits not only women of Slavic type with gray, gray-blue, gray-green eyes and pinkish skin. Properly selected light shade will decorate and dark Latin type girl with an olive skin tone and dark brown eyes.

To whom the color of the hair is suitable?

Bridal, if desired, can be almost any woman. You can repaint in it both blonde and brunette (the last harder). In order for the owner of black hair (from nature or from staining) with a light bright brown, you will have to either illuminate natural black strands, or do dark paint washes.

Do not choose brown shades, if you are not ready to spend a large amount of time to care for your hairstyle.

In the absence of systematic leaving events, they dump, lose their attractive appearance and naturalness itself.

So that the brunette becomes brown without different unpleasant complications, it is necessary to consider both the desired shade of chestnut and the structure of the hair that is planned to be painted. The longer, thick curls and the lightest shade of the shten need, the more desirable to seek help to a professional colorsist and not engage in painting yourself. First, the Master will apply the most gentle formulations for discoloration, which will cause minimal harvest, secondly, paint strands evenly, without stripes and “propelin”.

If we are talking about staining the blond in the chestnut, then it is also better to do in the cabin. This will help to achieve a uniform homogeneous tone. In addition, before painting, it is necessary to consult with a flavor relative to the desired shade. Too dark shade with originally light hair will wash it very quickly, so With a high probability, the Master will advise you to choose one of the light-chestnut tones.

Also, the Master will advise the care facilities that can slow down the process of fluffing the pigment.

In addition to full staining, the master can advise one of the partial dyeing techniques – Shatuch, Ballozh or Ombre. This will, firstly, do not apply a dark pigment on the entire surface of the hair, and, secondly, to understand whether the client wishes in the future to go to complete staining or limit to fragmentary.

A variety of shades

Probably, only the blonde can move with chestnut in the number of shades. Light Shathen is both milky chocolate, and copper-brown, and ash-blonde, and golden-nut, and caramel ..

In the last couple of seasons, such tones remain relevant.

  • Blonde. They are cast silver, as well as in them there are inclusions of the dark. Light decorate girls belonging to the summer color. However, with dark dark affiliates of the young lady, you can try to try tone.

  • Ash-bliny. The most universal tone goes almost to all women.

  • Chocolate caramel. Has a golden subton, very fashionable. The most advantageous on reddish girls with light skin, green-eyed or blue-eyed. If the woman is spring, the shade will look more piquant.

Relative to the desired shade can be consulted with a colorist to pick up that tone that will look best.

How to achieve?

At home, it is advisable to paint hair only to girls, from nature also having a chestnut hair color. In all other cases It is recommended to contact the beauty salon to the Master-Colorist.

If you are from nature a blonde or brunette, it is better to try the method of partial dyeing – Ombre, Ballozh or Shatu.

Ombre can be different, but two options will suit brown.

  • Three-color. On the basis of the main chocolate or tone mocha, the transition from light to the dark.

  • Creative. In this case, atponous shades are used – from green, purple and blue to silver and pink. In this case, the separation should be clear, shades transitions – strictly horizontal.

It is intended to paint the hair into a light chestnut, study, firstly, all possible results that can work out, secondly, analyze which color you get based on your genuine shade of hair, as well as their structure and quality.

Natural browns can be painted strands with natural henna, so the shade will be rich. A strong tea or natural coffee is also suitable for this. But it should be borne in mind that these funds may not give any effect at all or the result may not be as much as I would like.

In addition to ombrov, such a method of partial staining can be approached to obtain a light-chestnut hair shade, such as armoring. It is one of the most relevant currently. According to this technique, 3 shades differ in one or two tones are selected, and the hair is painted immediately in 3 tones.

This turns out the effect of bulk hair with beautiful overflows of color and the natural tone is saved.

For brunettes there is also the possibility of creating Melting. With this technique, staining is obtained more voluminous, creating a motion effect and color transitions.

To care for painted in the intensive chestnut hair, you need to comply with certain rules.

  • Be sure to use specialized cosmetics for your hair type: shampoo, balm, mask, serum.
  • It is advisable to use one product series. Often the ruler recommends that colorist who carried out staining.
  • At first, after applying paint, you need to avoid visiting the pool. Chlorinated water can enter a reaction with a pigment, causing an unpredictable effect. Visiting the pool, you need to constantly wear a hat, protecting hair.
  • It also applies to sunlight. Walking in hot weather or underwear on the beach, you must necessarily wear a hat with wide fields. Otherwise, the strands can burn and ship, having lost their natural well-groomed species.
  • Using a hairdryer, nippers or iron, predefinitely should be applied to the hair of thermal protection. In addition, the more often you use thermoders, the more likely you will need restoring agents – masks, serum, butters for tips.
  • As for the last item, it is necessary to consult with a colorist, which will recommend to you with oil content that will not change the shade of your hair.

On how to go from brunette to brown, see next video.

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