Lightening hair paints: rating of manufacturers and selection subtleties

Lightening hair paints: rating of manufacturers and selection subtleties

In the middle of the 20th century, after entering the screens of the musical film “Gentlemen prefer blondes” with blonde Bestia Marilyn Monroe, fashion came to lightening hair. Currently, there are a huge number of different compositions in stores in order to make curls lighter. And which one to choose, read in our material.


Become a blonde in the XXI century with a large selection of clarifiers is easy. The main thing is to choose the desired, discolor the natural color, give the chapel to the chanda.

Under the influence of aggressive chemical components of scales, hair rod raise. Coloring substances fall into the center of hairs. Oxidative reaction occurs, and Melanin, who gives them a color, is split. The intensity of the color depends on the time of exposure to the strands and the product used. With a protracted process, the hair is riveted and falls out, and the head of the head gets burn.

Yellowness when lightening – frequent trouble. Avoiding such an effect during coloring Blondes will help compositions with caring components: vegetable oils, protein and keratin. Choose platinum, cold shades and paints with a mark “without yellowness”, as well as thoroughly study the instructions attached to them.

For lightening the chapelurs it is better to use the services of professionals, especially if this procedure you have the first.

However, it is possible to paint on yourself, only first carefully prepare for the process: study step-by-step execution, watch the video on the Internet and so on.

What paints are there?

Products for clarification are represented by various types.

Bleaching powders

Good for brunettes and brown. Contain peroxide and salts that are oxidizers and reaction amplifiers. Bleach at 7-8 tones after the first application. Ammonia particles and hydrogen peroxide radically act on the hair structure. Requires additional care. Staining at home costs cheaper.


  • aggressive components lead to fragility+
  • hard to dissolve to safe consistency+
  • big risk of chemical burn+
  • Need professional application skills+
  • Locks after clarification are confused.

Brightening paste

This is a more sparing remedy, as it contains a large number of vitamins of plant origin. Lightens up to 7 tones. Is a tool “two in one”: Powder Plus Balm Caring for curls. Does not fall on the mucous membrane, having a cream consistency.

No caustic smell, not pinching scalp. When lightening on 5-6 shades, use a non-ammmonium base. Super light pasta – with ammonia.


  • The thick composition is badly applied, even after dilution+
  • high price+
  • not sold in stores – only official dealers.

Cream paint

Created on the basis of emulsion. Easily applied for the entire length of hair, do not flow. Long save color. Can be painted at home and not only in the salons.

By chemical composition and exposure to hair are divided into ammonia and non-ammmonic.

Ammonia – Basis Cream Emulsion. Do not wash away, long retain brightness. Qualitatively paint gray.

    Weak spots:

    • not always fall uniformly+
    • destroy the top layer of hairs and eaten natural pigment+
    • Increase dryness, provoking thinning+
    • When hitting the skin, it is difficult to wash off+
    • May cause allergies.

    Non-ammatic – mousse form, convenient to use. Do not spread. Hypoallergenic. Remote soft effect on curls. Penka gently envelops every hair without disturbing structures. Ready to use immediately after purchase. Easily washed off from the skin.

    Refers to gentle products. Can cover a large surface than emulsions.


    • washed off faster, not penetrating deep into hair scraps+
    • Bad paints gray hair+
    • more than its ammonia analogues.

    Colorless paints

    A variety of coloring moussa. Even pregnant women are suitable. In essence, it is lamination, but bred and applied as ordinary paints. Denoted by tone 00. Applied to clean, washed twice hair.

    Wash off without shampoo. Provide full-fledged care. Protect against aggressive environmental impacts. The volume of Kudrey is increasing. In addition, they are smaller and not filled.


    • Based on colorless, it can slightly clarify the tone, will not help in the cardinal clarification (to a greater extent it can be attributed to reducing procedures)+
    • Price is pretty high.


    Fully genuine fatty emulsion. The dye is better penetrating the bulk of the hair. Color fixed for a long period.

    Good cares for the hairproof, does not damage the skin of the head. Additionally feeds hair follicles.

    All aggressive “destroyers” of curls are excluded. The composition is enriched with keratines, a cocktail of amino acids, vegetable and fat-soluble proteins. Easy applied.


    • high price+
    • Have little ash pigment – are warm and beige blondes.

    Best manufacturers

    The beauty industry offers a rich selection of clarifying paints and for professionals, and for lovers of home dyeing. Below is the rating of the most popular manufacturers with customer reviews.


    Special series of orange oil has been developed for blonde. Palette – long retains the color, whitches for 6-8 tones. Saves the power and beauty of strands.

    Kristina, 19 years old: “Paint does not” fire “hair. They are soft and pleasant to the touch. Igora Royal – sparing, professionally painting cream, clarifying on 3-4 levels. Saturated. Democratic price ».

    Love, 63 years old: “After washing, for the fifth time, the roots began to yellow, the coloring pigments began to wash. In the next staining, the pigments will shrink more – the accumulative effect will work “.

    Kapous Professional

    Professional cream. Renders Sinking effect on curls, discoloration up to 8 tones (depending on the composition). Possible home painting.

    Angela, 22 years old: “Uniformly was not able to try. Without caustic smell, not dried. Does not go into yellow tones “.

    L’Oreal Preference

    Platinum ultra-blind

    Effective lightening composition, for persistent staining without yellowing. Gray gray and dark strands to transform into shining blond. Included protein extract from wheat germ, fragrant volatile oils increase elasticity and density, moisturize.

    Elizabeth, 23 years old: “Coloring in golden shades. The effect of ash cold blond fails, tinting is needed “.

    Platinium Plus

    The non-ammmonic discoloration paste contains nutriseride, preserving the initial lipid layer of cuticle. Restores the main protein of horizontal horny cells, and vitamin and mineral substances included in the beeswax penetrate emptiness and nourish. The remedy with the elastic structure does not smell, evilates the existing color on 5-6 levels.

    Irina, 34 years old: “White color, has a smell, but not sharp and caustic like powder. Texture is thick, when applied does not flow. After painting, the hair is soft, silky, but a few days a little yellow “.

    Richesse Clear

    Colorless paint. Regulates the acid-alkaline level to open the cuticular layers and gently saturates the pigment. Enriched with biosotes restoring the structure of the Kudrey.

    Ksenia, 41 year: “I have a dark blonde hair color. Crashed. Held 20-30 minutes. They became silk and shiny. Washed off dye less than a month. “.


    Oil, does not destroy the external cuticle, restores the structure. You can use nursing and pregnant women. Protective and nutritional components actively fill the lack of lipids and amino acids, spoke well with seeding.

    Svetlana, 45 years old: “Several advantages allocated for myself: gentle, does not spoil strands, there is no smell, resistant color, beautiful shades. Of the minuses only the price.


    Princess Essex

    Powder for cardinal whitening. Blonde changes color up to 7 shades. Falls uniformly, without yellow. Silicones, fatty acid esters, hyaluronic acid moisturize and strengthen the hairs.

    Eva, 38 years old: “Effect of delicious – Alpine cold, without yellowing and rim. If you reap, the composition will burn the scalp. After the hair dryer, the hair is sometimes seed. Imperfect paint, but clarifies well. Disadvantages: hair becomes hard and dry, but well fit “.

    Whitetouch Haute Couture

    White pasta, Requires additional use of non -ammatic paint to make curls of the desired shade.

    Alina, 29 years old: “There is no unpleasant smell of ammonia inherent in powder. When connecting to the oxygen increases in the amount. Acquires a consistency of the mousse, thanks to which it is applied evenly. Does not go in the yellow shade, strands are soft “.


    Paint care. Blew up on 4 tones and easily tinting strands. The choice of oxidant depends on the natural color, the status of the curls, the expected result.

    Inna, 37 years old: “I am a dark blond brown. After the first staining, the hair became yellowish with the roots, the second leveled the color, but the third gave the perfect noble blonde. Flaw – strongly cuts hair “.

    Wella Professional Koleston Perfect

    Multilayer esters of fatty acids, penetrating in the voids of hairs, fill them. Creates an ideal tone intensity, 100% paints seeding.

    Eugene, 38 years old: “Carefully brings hair. After washing and drying, they are alive, velvety, no itch.


    Color Sensation

    Super lightweight means enriched with hydrolyzed proteins of wheat, olive oil and liquid wax from jojoba. Carefully brightens on 4-6 tones, gives radiance and elasticity of the chapels.

    Oksana, 50 years: “Not a drop of yellow. Not flowing, but very sensible burns the scalp. Resistant dye “.


    Color Naturals Superblond

    Blooming cream paint with a small amount of ammonia.

    Veronica, 57 years old: “The hair was not overwhelmed, did not become tough and thinned. Minus – for the unbearable and tear odor “.


    Allows you to change color to 8 positions, having a gentle effect on hair. Coloring and caring for strands, protecting from cutting.

    Lydia, 46 years old: “No sharp ammonia smell. The tone is noble, neither yellow, neither cheaply evillarified.

    Londa blonding powder

    Professional decapping agent with gentle. Used for clarification, paint removal with strands, recovery of natural color, painting seeds. Amino acid complex and vegetable oils retain the curbalance of curls and discolored by 7 tones.

    Victoria, 32 years: “The head was not smashed. After a week, the roots of the roots sat down and the kel went to the blond. Failure – dry hair, thin layer dries quickly, thickens, it is difficult to apply “.


    Light Master

    Clamping high-speed powder. Incoming provitamin B5 nourishes hair onions, they grow faster. Elects up to 8 tones. Sparkling glare without yellow. Cons: aggressive components lead to hair liness, it is not easy to dilute to a safe consistency, a big risk of getting a chemical burn.

    Olga, 32 years old: “Failed to find in free sale. This is a professional remedy – I had to order through the online store. Gently acts on curls and skin ».

    Color Sync Clear

    Colorless cream paint. Contains a complex of ceramic, which restore porous parts of the hair. Pigment does not settle shoes, toning uniform.

    Gabriella, 35 years old: “Ordinary coloring, abbreviated 2 times. Without using color stabilizer and balm. Glazing the curls, does not lose them. Resistance – more than one month. The price is non-democratic, available only in professional stores. “.

    Criterias of choice

    In the beauty markets offer a variety of discoloration. Competently selected composition will help make an attractive face, emphasize the eyes, change the image. For the health of the curls and the effect of naturalness when painting in the blonde, use soft natural paints, without ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. These products brighten up on 2-4 positions.

    To bleach black, dense, thick strands need the strongest formulations. Thin light hair is easier to overhear, so for them the paint is chosen gentle.

    For radical bleaching, you will have to use the powders and pasta. To mitigate the impact on strands, you should add natural ingredients.

    They neutralize the aggressive component, strengthen and moisturize curls.

    Recommendations for use

    Lightening hair at home – Satisfied Simple Procedure.

    Before painting, you need to read the recommendations that are invested in packing with paint, prepare a container for dyeing with an oxidizing agent. If it is not included, buy, preferably the same manufacturer. Special brush for applying paint sold in cosmetic stores.

    • Dilute the required amount of paint with the oxidizer of the desired percentage strictly according to the instructions. Mix right before coloring – keep a mixture in a divided form. Please note that the composition should be without lumps, otherwise the clarification will be used unevenly.
    • On the hair line apply fat cream. Protect the area of ​​ears.
    • Evenly apply discoloring remedy for unwashed dry hair.
    • Leave for the time specified in the instructions. To withstand the clarifier more than 50 minutes is prohibited, otherwise the straw works out of the hair.
    • Wash off with water, apply shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

    So that with time on the hair does not appear yellow, Wash curls only with filtered water. Divorced lemon juice in liquid will also help support the resulting color.

    Black hair is impossible to discolored for one application. Coloring is carried out in stages, alternating it with care. At the same time, the next color must be carried out at least a week later. This technique helps to get a good result without having hurting the chapel.

    The composition of high-quality clarifiers always includes useful substances and oils, vegetable proteins and wax, hoods of plants.

    The degree of color is changed, but the aggressive “attack” of chemical compounds on hair is reduced.

    How to make lightening and tinting hair at home, see the following video.

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