Long Hair Ball

Long Hair Ball

Making long hair is even more beautiful to help Ballwear. This technique helps to create a unique and very feminine image. We will tell about it in Read more.

Features of staining

Coloring hair tips at different from the roots of the shade Special technique is called Ballwear. This staining technique is popular all over the world. Even many Hollywood celebrities with great pleasure resort to it. Locks stained in such a technique look very stylish and beautiful.

A feature of this method of staining is that beauty can be resorted to his conduct at any age. The correct color selection for the staining of the tips will make any image in unique. In this case, painted curls help refresh the face, making it more gentle and attractive.

Another advantage of such painting is that it can be done on the hair of any thickness. And also such staining is suitable for owners and straight, and curly hair.

The base color of the curl determines the selection of the shade for staining the tips. To curls after painting looked very beautiful, you should choose the coloring composition for the distal ends carefully. At the same time it is recommended to take into account the source color of the curls. In order for the result to please, stylists recommend painting curls so that Roots and tips differed between themselves for 2-3 tones.

Holders of dark blond hair for staining in this technique can be used ash, silver, wheat, honey And other shades.

At the same time, it is recommended to navigate to the original color.

So, the owners of the “cold” type of appearance it is better to choose ash and silver blond for coloring tips, and girls with “warm” color will be recommended to give their preference to wheat and honey hinds. Such a color combination will help create truly unique and very beautiful image.

Beautifully looking and brown hair, painted in the technique of Bauble. To unveal the tips in this case, caramel and golden shades are commonly used. At the same time, strands can be used in such a way both throughout the head and only by the face.

And in order to give greater naturalness of the image, you can paint a few strands in a golden shade. This will make it possible to achieve the appearance of “sun glare”. This effect will make an image more stylish, but at the same time harmonious.

For girls who are not afraid of bold solutions, you can use bright colors for staining.

So, you can paint the hair tips in Red shades, purple, blue or green. Such staining is best suited for young, self-confident girls.

Long curls, painted equipment Ballozh, can be laid in different ways. It looks beautiful and simple classic image with elongated straight hair. To do this, you need to “pull out” hair with ironing.

It should not be forgotten about the use of thermal protection products.

To create a romantic image, hair can be turned on the curl. To create kudrey you can use and curle. Beautifully looking at the hair with soft, flowing curls. “Waves” in Hollywood style – a very stylish solution for creating an elegant and feminine image.

Hair painted in equipment Ballozh, beautifully looks too, if Collected in the tail. Oblique or straight bangs at the same time can refresh the image. You can decorate such a hairstyle with a beautiful barbant. You can assemble in the tail you can both straight hair and pre-twisted.

Technique implementation

Make staining in the technique Ballozh you can both in the beauty salon and independently. Experts note that not always the coloring at home is as needed. Long hair yourself quite hard to paint. Improper causing composition can lead to the desired beautiful color gradient will not work.

If you still wish to paint your hair at home quite strong, then in this case you can change the image and yourself. To begin with, it is necessary to determine the original hair color, as well as to purchase paint for staining the distal ends of the curls.

It is selected with her shade if desired, however, it should be remembered that it should differ from the main color of the curl about 2-3 tones.

Hair dyeing this technique implies drawing paint composition on tips. Prepared paint should be prepared according to the instructions. In order for the coloring composition to do not get on clothes, shoulders should be covered with a protective cape. For applying paint it is better to use a special brush. It can be purchased almost in any store with cosmetics.

Apply the coloring composition follows vertical movements. For girls with long hair, paint is applied about from the level of the uhi. Movement of the tassel should be such that they resemble the movement of the broom, that is, as if laughing.

At the same time, it is recommended to process the strand from the sides first, and then only her tip. Thus, the coloring composition is applied to all the tips – a strand of strands.

Collect hair should be sure to protect gloves. This will allow to protect your hands from the effects of chemicals that are contained in the coloring composition.

Before painting hair, I don’t need to wash your head. But if some products for styling remained on the curls, then in this case, the hair is better before staining.

Since hair coloring (albeit in a gentle technique) is a real stress for the chapels, then experts recommend to prepare for him in advance. So, 7-10 days before the procedure, it is recommended to apply on hair Masks. They can be both feeding and moisturizing. Such care will help “prepare” hair to future staining and reduce the risk of damage. Specialists note that in 2-3 days before coloring hair feeding masks on curls better not to apply.

Such a way of applying paint is called Open, as the foil is not used for it.

Many girls use exactly this method, as they note that after applying paints it is much easier for them to monitor the flowing process.

The time of staining depends on the features of the coloring composition, which was used. As a rule, it is about 30-40 minutes. After painting hair you need to rinse well. In order for the painted curls to look better and more beautiful, after washing on them you need to apply a rinse balm.

Evaluate the result is recommended after the curls are dried. If you wish, during drying hair, you can make various styling.

Recommendations of specialists

Ballozh is a coloring method that suits many. However, this method has its own characteristics that must be taken into account before carrying out the color. So, to create a natural image of rusola girls can be used Caramel, Chocolate and Golden Shades. This will make the appearance brighter, but at the same time the hair will look harmonious.

Before staining, it is necessary to evaluate and haircut.

Experts do not recommend painting curls of the house in the style of Balazhda Beauty, whose curls are tonsured in complex multistage techniques.

They believe that in this case the risk that a beautiful color gradient does not work, quite high. In this situation, it is better yet paint hair from a specialist.

In order for the painted hair to looked well and stylish, it is not recommended to forget about regular correction.

Through the tips of the hair at the same time it is better to cut a little. Stylists recommend correction of color painted hair in the technique of Ballwear at least 3 times a year. In some cases (usually in the case of complex haircuts), more frequent correction may be required.

Painted hair require special care. Curlon tips – Pretty vulnerable zone.

If there is not enough care for them, it can lead to the emergence of such problems as a strong hair loss, cross-section of the ends and fragility.

To care for hair whose tips are painted in the blond, experts recommend using Products for Melted Hair. At the same time, on the distal part of the curls, it is necessary after washing to apply a rinse balm.

In order to reduce the skin section, it is recommended to apply special Carrying oils. Such a simple procedure also contributes to the fact that curls look more neat and well maintained. Painted (especially in blond) tips need to be cut regularly. This will allow you to maintain a good type of hairstyle.

The next video is dedicated to the hair coloring technique Ballozh, which will help you create a unique image.

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