Means from ESTEL for hair clarification: pros, cons of use

Means from ESTEL for hair clarification: pros, cons of use

Lightening hair – a fairly popular procedure. Girls of different ages are ready on a lot, if only, instead of red, chestnut and blond shades on the strand, was caramel, ash or pearl blonde.

The bleaching procedure itself is strongly dried curls, spoils their condition and does not always bring the desired result. To get the risk of getting yellowness, instead of a luxurious blond, it was minimal, it is necessary to choose a clarifying agent and explore the instructions for use. Most often mistakes during staining and lead to terrible consequences. To avoid this, you need to perform all items in order and do not keep paint longer than required by instructions.

One of the most purchased brands – ESTEL. Many girls recommend it, others – on the contrary. It is difficult to understand, it’s really good, or buy hair products from ESTEL still not worth. Consider the main products of the brand used to clarify the strands.

Powder for bleaching

This agent allows you to lighten the curls for 5-7 tones. Before use, it is necessary to study the procedure in detail, as well as estimate the condition of the hair.

If you do not follow the instructions, the powder will not only destroy the natural pigment, but also finally spoil the hair. The reaction of oxidation, the result of which becomes hair lightening, occurs when mixing powder with oxygen.

Estel has released Pudhru Princess Essex, It guarantees an edge of 7 tones and color alignment. Usually girls are experiencing that after whitening the hair will be too dry. The ESTEL medium includes moisturizing due to some ingredients in the composition. When used mainly, there is no sharp smell, powder does not cause allergies in most cases.

In spite of this, Staining is recommended in the cabin, where a specialist guarantees a neat discoloration. An experienced master himself will choose the necessary oxidizing agent, at home it is worth trying a low percentage preparation, increasing the time of staining.

If hair lightening will be held at home, It should be dissolved powder with an oxidizing agent in a ratio of 1: 2. Mixing the composition before homogeneous mass is needed in gloves, after which it immediately start painting.

The composition is applied along the entire length, retreating 2 cm from roots. It is evenly necessary to distribute it from the top of it, and then continue on the side zones. After 15 minutes, the means are applied to the roots. As soon as illuminated to the desired shade, wash the composition with the help of shampoo. It is mainly happening for 40-50 minutes.

To improve the quality of strands after staining, advise the use of restoring balms and masks.

Low price attracts many, but some are still experiencing for the quality of clarification. The only drawback, according to girls, caustic smell. Powder not only high qualityly illuminate, but also practically does not dry hair.

When painting with ESSEX SUPER BLOND PLUS Also little shortcomings. Among them, some girls celebrate the smell and yellowness that is as a result.

Ultra Blond de Luxe from Estel act on the hair is also gently, the only negative – it is hardly unlikely to achieve a blonde. But the result will still be slightly yellow curls that need to be toned.

Gel clarifier

Quite often girls brighten hair on 1-2 tones. To make it quickly and without harm to strands, usually use gel.

ESTEL offers gel clarifier Quality Formula.

Unlike other means in its composition there is no ammonia that spoils hair. Discoloration occurs due to hydrogen peroxide, so hair remains in normal condition. Various oils and air conditioning, which are also part, give curls softness and healthy shine.

Means are applied on dry hair. It does not blur the hands, so use gloves optionally. Usually, all means are washed off after a certain time, but the gel from ESTEL does not require.

From this it follows that the use of gel at home is very easy. Apply to the remedy evenly, and after some time get hair for 1-2 tones lighter. Once it is hardly difficult to achieve the desired result without harm to the hair, so the procedure is to repeat. But it is not necessary to buy another set. Gel in one bottle is enough for 4-6 applications.

That is why experts recommend using an Estel Quality Formula gel. No smell, vitamins and ease of use – the reasons why girls advise this tool. Of the minuses – again yellow.

To get the desired shade after using the gel, it is necessary to tint strands.


Another popular type of discoloration is the use of a soft cream. The action of such funds guarantees the lightening of strands by 4-6 tones. ESTEL offers two options: SOLO SUPER BLOND ESTEL AND ONLY SUPER BLOND. As part of usually natural ingredients that not only lighten, but also feed hair.

Creams of clarifiers are perfect for use at home. They are used not only for lightening hair, separate strands, but also in order to hide unwanted hair on the body, bleaching them.

In use, everything is very simple – You need to evenly distribute the means on the curls. Thanks to its texture, cream perfectly lies. You can keep on hair up to 50 minutes depending on the desired result. After time, the agent is washed with warm water.

Sometimes girls use cream together with an oxidizing agent to achieve brighter tone. In such cases, you need to follow the instructions in the instructions. Typically, the composition is mixed in the ratio of 1: 2, that is, the oxidant is needed 2 times more, the concentration should not be more than 9% so as not to ruin the curls. Kept 50 minutes, but with unpleasant sensations you need to immediately wash off the tool.

After the first application, the color will be on 3-4 tones lighter, after repeated – up to 6 tones.

Girls for Solo Super Blond Estel give the opportunity to see the pros and cons of money before bought it. Everybody likes a consistency: the cream does not flow from the hair and easily distributed. The tolerant smell also refers to the pros. Girls advise watch over time, because if you redistribute cream, hair will be very brittle and dry. If you use correctly, you can get light yellow or red hair. Many expect to get a pure-white color, but for this you need to tint hair after using cream-clarifier.

Only Super Blond acts more gently. With proper use, all girls get a wonderful result and hair of excellent quality. Some have more dry than usual, but it is easy to fix with moisturizing masks. Lightening strands on 5-6 tones is guaranteed, but the result will rather be yellow, which again will have to tint in the desired color.


Dispute hair to 7 shades will allow using lightening paste from ESTEL. Unlike other means, the paste includes a large number of natural components that allow you not to spoil your hair during the procedure. The company promises when used Whitetouch Estel Haute Couture from Estel Soft action and absence of a sharp odor, which is usually present during paint staining.

Before use of pasta, it is divorced with an oxidizing agent in a 1: 2 ratio. This mixture is applied to strands and distribute evenly. Use gloves required. Hold hair tools need from 25 to 50 minutes Depending on the desired result. Wash up with the help of a shampoo, and then apply balm to prevent dryness and fragility.

According to reviews, paste acts very gently and guarantees the absence of yellowness as a result. The tool is easily applied, there is no smell, as the company said, and absolutely does not spoil the hair.


Lightening hair is possible and paint estel.

If you believe the company, then after discoloration, it will not be yellow with paint, you don’t even have to tint hair. Of course, the use of paint strongly dries hair, but for the good result you can risk.

The mixture is preparing according to the instructions, usually in the ratio of 1: 2, that is, on 1 paint tube, you need 2 drying tube. Next, the mixture is evenly applied to the hair and keep 50 minutes. All this time will have to tolerate caustic smell. After washing off paint, the color is not always like that on the package.

So that this is not, you need to ask specialists to choose paint, which will approach the structure of strands.

Most girls are not lucky, and as a result, the color gets slightly redhead, the hair was unevenly brightened, and the ends were very dry. You can take paint for clarification and risk. It is better to use powder, gel, paste or cream. The result will be much cooler, and it will be cheaper.

About cooking there are funds from Estel for lightening hair, see the following video.

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