Middle Length Hair Shatus: Description and Tips for Sleeping Shades

Middle Length Hair Shatus: Description and Tips for Sleeping Shades

To date, girls have a lot of hair coloring techniques available. This allows you to completely change the image in a short time or simply make a beautiful hairstyle. Among all these technicians, the Shatus is now covered by the leading position. After all, it will fit perfectly for girls with blond hair, and for those who have a lot of strands. In addition, it is possible to work in this technique and long-haired girls, and those who have a medium length chapel.

Pros and cons

After such painting it turns out a fairly inconspicuous transition from a dark shade of hair to light. At the same time, the curls look completely natural, as if simply were for a long time under sunlight. Working in the Shatus technique, the master must first put on the curls of paint. At the same time, the shades can immediately be several. They will differ from the main hairstyle for only a few tones. It is necessary so that the transition is not so sharp. With this technique, the roots remain not touched, only tips are painted.

Of course, the tent has both shortcomings and dignity. Among the minuses it is worth noting that without the help of specialists will be very difficult to cope with the process of hair color. Therefore, the lighses are not recommended at home.

But the advantages there are a large number.

  • It will not be necessary to apply the chemical composition to brighten them. Therefore, the coloring does not affect their structure at all.
  • Thanks to this technique, the hairstyle looks much more magnificent and volume.
  • Time for applying will be needed quite a bit.
  • Hair looks as if they kissed the sun “.
  • Often make the correction will not need, because the roots do not score, which means they will not stand out after the rustling.

Who fits?

Such a staining technique is suitable for girls who want their hair to look beautiful, however, do not want to paint them too often. After all, the correction after that can not do almost half a year. Among other things, such a technology, such as the tent suitable for female representatives of any age category, and will also be combined with any color or hair type.

However, there is still some unwritten restrictions. Among them – the length of strands. On the curls on the belt and on the hair of the middle-length, the sludge can be revealed to the maximum. But on too short haircut such a technique will look quite inappropriate. Therefore, the young lady, having a shrieked boy, should just refuse.

In addition, if the hair is red, then some problems may arise when staining. In this case, it is necessary to make simple tinting for the entire length of hair. Best of all the fastener is suitable for brown or brunettes. Specialist can choose a variety of shades. In addition, the clarified spars will make a woman younger, and also add softness to her image. For blond hair, whether they are medium-blonde or dark blond, the tent is a good choice. Smooth transition to a lighter shade will add not only brightness, but also brilliance strands.

The charming blondes of the masters recommend using a shade of only 1-2 tones lighter. To begin with, you will need to reject your hair and only then paint them in that very technique. For those who have thin curly hair, this technique also fits. However, you can use only 2 colors.

Such staining will make hair more shiny and expressive. So that everything turned out well is best to make the sludge in the cabin.

Color selection

Pick up the perfect tone for your hair is the most important task. Such strands look at times more effectively by adding the image of the raisin. The girl immediately seems for several years younger. However, with the wrong color choices, the result will be completely opposite. Hair will seem disheveled as if neglected. Therefore, refer to hair coloring need more responsibly. It is worth considering the use of this technique on her hair with different color.

On blond

Tips to lighten you very carefully so that the transition looked natural. For example, dark blond strands can be strained with ash-blonde or wheat shade. Also suitable and middle-blonde tint. After all, it is on such hair that the shtusch will look more natural.

In addition, such a technique will allow to revive ash-blond curls. They will become brighter and beautiful.

On dark

For browning palette of colors is much richer. The choice is so huge that sometimes the girl is very difficult to decide on the tint. It can be honey, and coffee, and even amber. For those who have flawless facial features, you can apply paint with a redhead. Brunettes, as well as ladies having brown and brown hair, can be used by flowers that will be tone or two lighter. You can apply chocolate or coffee tint or even the color of “hot chocolate”. In addition, you can dilute them with such bright colors like eggplant or cherry. Also very beautiful will look on black strands and such cold colors as ashes-dark or platinum.

Most often girls with dark hair hair belong to the winter color. So, the paint is best to choose cold shades.

On light

Blondes experts recommend using the same light shades. For example, it will be perfectly combined with wheat or seen wheat pearl color or platinum blonde. In this case, the tent will not be too noticeable, however, the shades applied will give their strands of more shine, and also make a hairstyle. For light, blonde hair can be used by flowers as milk, cream or even wheat.

How painting is carried out?

It is best to contact the salon, where experts will help you choose the right color so that they look beautiful. However, not every girl can afford a campaign to the master. After all, this requires not only money, but also time. Therefore, you need to get acquainted with the technology of the tent, so that you can make it at home. It is easier to do it will be those girls who have hair medium length.

The main goal of such equipment is to make the transition from dark tone to the brightest smaller. Shutush no foil. This is distinguished by the technique of timing. And in order to mix paint on the hair, you just need to free your strands. All shades should be selected individually so that the curls do not look as if they were “burned”.

Before you decide on the sludge, you must first prepare the hair. That is, take care of their “health”. Need for crescent making hair masks. In addition, it is necessary to use only good shampoos, as well as balmes of the same line.

Before the color itself, you must first test the paint for the presence of allergen. Before making the tent, you need not to wash your head for several days so that the paint is better penetrated into the hair structure. Also for a while you need to refuse both from varnish and foam. In addition, it is necessary to prepare the tools that will be needed for work. This is:

  • latex gloves+
  • A simple comb, necessarily with small teeth, to turn out to be+
  • Special paint brush+
  • deep bowl, better if it is glass, but you can and plastic+
  • Multiple hair fixing clamps.

    After that, you can do paint preparation. To do this, you need to carefully stir all the components in a glass bowl. Meanwhile, hair must be divided into several zones: it is a temple area, a frontal zone and a zone of the head. To be more comfortable, strands should be fixed by clamps. Next, from each local zone, you must take on a straight to 2 centimeters wide and make a width. Making nosha, it is necessary to retreat several centimeters from the roots. It will be enough 6-8 centimeters.

    The paint should be applied to the combed hair, and then you can thoroughly grow it with a brush. The allotted time for dyeing should reach up to 35 minutes. Next, paint must be washed with warm water, and then apply a softening balm or any moisturizing mask on the hair. Dry hair after the rod is best natural way.

    Hair care rules after painting

    When the tent is done at home, and not with the help of a specialist, then the hair will necessarily need additional care. Locks necessarily need to wash shampoos that are designed for dry or damaged hair. In addition, you need to rub natural oils into my hair, at least once a week regularly need to squeeze the secant tips.

    You should also not use too hot water, as it removes moisture from the hair. Do not stand for too long in the sun. It is necessary to abandon the use of a hairdryer or a fluff for a while so as not to cut hair.

    Summing up, we can say that such a technology, like a fastener, is suitable for girls with any hair color. The main thing is to choose correctly the appropriate tone so that the hairstyle looks natural and beautiful. In addition, it is possible to do it at home, and in the cabin.

    Master class on staining in the technique of Shatusch, look in the following video.

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