Ombre at Kare: Features, Types, Tips for the selection of shade

Ombre at Kare: Features, Types, Tips for the selection of shade

Many fair sex representatives prefer such a haircut as a kara that is embodied in various types and is suitable for almost all ages. A successful solution and modern trend is a combination of such hairstyles with such an interesting type of staining, like Ombre. However, before choosing the desired version of the combination of haircuts and staining, it is recommended to carefully familiarize yourself with the types of ommeration, as well as some features and variations of Kare. All these nuances will be presented in detail in this article.


Ombre painting technique as such assumes lightening strands in a special way so that the color shades smoothly passed from the dark plot from the roots in the lighter through the rest of the hair. It is this painting that gives the image of a combination of harmony and contrast at the same time. But the feature of the general pattern of Ombre is largely depends on the initial hair length. Ombre on a kare will be created with some features.

  • The defining role in choosing a similar hairstyle plays face form. Not all the ladies with short hair oval faces admits the presence of ombrov, because it in itself visually changes the outlines of the skull. Kruglitis girls are better to avoid light hair at the ends, because they emphasize cheeks even more, while the owners of the face of the triangular shape of Ombre will give softer traits.
  • The type of Kare itself and its length is of great importance. On the shortest embodiments, the beginning of the color transition should be located in the ear zone, while on longer hair below the chin line change color begins in the area of ​​its line.

Mandatory condition for proper staining of hair similar length is soft transitions. This is especially true for short variations. This is caused by the fact that an excessive accent should not be created on asymmetry using color.

Advantages and disadvantages

If you want to experiment with the creation of such hairstyles, it is necessary to get acquainted in advance not only with its advantages, but also with negative nuances. The advantages of this embodiment and staining include the following characteristics.

  • A huge number of different Ombre options, each of which will emphasize the individuality of the lady. As well as such a rich selection of coloring techniques allows you to choose the most harmonious option for your hair length.
  • Another important advantage is the ability to choose various shades. Among the modern paint palette, you can find both pastel or classic tones and extravagant colored analogs, experimenting with which can be repeatedly repeatedly.
  • The huge advantage of Ombre is the lack of need to tint the reprinted roots monthly. With such a hairstyle you can pass for several months without worrying that she can lose his presentable species.
  • With the help of similar staining techniques, you can visually increase the thickness and volume of the chapels.

Among the negative characteristics of such equipment should be noted the following nuances.

  • If you need all the time to maintain a certain length of the car, then it will be necessary to “refresh” more often. And the clarification, in turn, does not most like the best way.
  • The staining procedure of this type is almost impossible to implement independently, so it is necessary to visit the salon, which can sometimes be expensive.
  • If you prefer to enter additional colors, especially bright, be prepared for the fact that most of them will wash away with every wash of the head, and about a month later you will have to go to the salon.
  • Creating a similar hairstyle is quite costly. The procedure lasts about three hours and even longer depending on the complexity of staining.


Among all the diversity of ombrov, there are options that enjoy special demand from the representatives of the fine sex and look important at different ages.


Similar Option is embodied on the square in such a way that the upper zone of the chapels is darker lower at least three shades. The brightest of them will be on the tips of the strand, but for creating a smooth transition, a third shade applied by a hairdresser is also needed to the border of two main. The darkest tone used near the roots is dark blonde, and at the ends of the square it goes into a natural blond.

Other shades close to natural hair colors can also be used.


The above option can also be represented in a more saturated embodiment – using multiple tones. Popular use of natural colors, such as beige, brown, blond. Color staining here can be represented in the form of a mix of dark base, pink and purple strands. And also often dark color passes through a dark blue tone into turquoise.

Tones can be mixed in a different order if there is a beautiful smooth transition between them.


Similar species of ombrie very specifically looks at Kare. With its implementation it is extremely important to choose the desired shades. The bright part of the hair that will be in the top of the head must be painted in the ash blonde.

It is unacceptable to use any beige shades, otherwise the impression of a bald head can be created. Dark color is also desirable to do saturated.


Separate attention deserves ombrut of a saturated red color, which will truly effectively look at the owners of dark strands. On top of the roots have a deep dark shade that goes into scarlet or red. In the process of creating a similar hairstyle, as in the case of multitoneal and double-tonal ombrov, color parts are preliminarily lit.


A feature of such staining, which looks particularly spectacular exactly on the haircuts of Kare, is the highlight of strands not along the longitudinal line, but on the transverse. With such a hairstyle, you can easily change the image experimenting with a probor.


This Ombre is implied to unvealing not only the ends of strands, but also the length of the curls that framed the face. In this case, the sample is crucial because it is precisely from its location that the hairdresser determines which strands should be more painted.


This technique suggests another contrast version. Here it is rather cut, because it is based on the fully discoloration of the lower sections of the square and their subsequent staining in saturated colors.


The basis of this color decoration is laid by the Melting Technique, carried out at the first stage of staining. It allows you to emphasize the natural tone of the strand, organically dilute it with light shades. Next, additional lightening in the background of the tips is made.


Great option for those who are not ready to drastically change the image. Similar to Ombre implies staining of several strands or one piece of head depending on the shape of a haircut and face.

With a clear border

Such omber is differently called monochrome. It is well suited for the ladies who wear an elongated kara and want to combine bright contrast in it. Such an option assumes a sharp boundary between black and ash blonde. It is not suitable for all types of appearance, but at a competent selection will make your image truly extraordinary.

How to choose a tint?

For each girl, resolved for a combination of ombre and a kara, it is important not only to choose a suitable haircut, but also a combination of shades that will make a common ensemble. For the most successful choice, each lady should be based on a number of criteria and features of its appearance. As well as an important role plays the selected haircut and color.

On the type of haircut and hair color

The first criterion is the color of the hair. According to this sign, the classification of options was built.

  • For those who are at the heart of a natural blond shade, natural blond, beige and cream shades, ivory color can be used as a color combination element. Perhaps the introduction of golden or chocolate tones in ombre depending on the complexity of staining.

  • Brunettes as a classic option is perfect for such an ombrid, in which the basic dark will go to caramel. Black hair can also be combined with ash and as a more extravagant version.

  • The greatest difficulty is the selection of a suitable color for Ombre the owners of redheads. Depending on the original shade, the color can move both in a more rich red and in copper or even sea buckthorn.

  • Natural blondes are the most convenient to experiment with the color palette, since their color will fall on any bright color without the need for additional evilution. At the same time, the blondes can also make a transition to a darker strand, but this option is not suitable for each haircut.

To choose the most relevant type of ombre for a specific haircut, you need to consider the options for the kare in more detail.

  • If you decide to make an elongated car with a straight or oblique bang, you need to take care of the strands of the bangs too were painted. This is the need if the bang line is below the color transition line. In the case of oblique bangs, it is possible to paint only the longest part of it.

  • If you prefer a short karebob, then ombré will allow you to create an additional volume. Due to the fact that the roots are not covered with strands, and slightly below are already being discolored, the structure of the hair also changes to a tougher, which allows to turn thin hair into more lush and volumetric.

  • If you choose a kare with the elongation of the front strands, which sometimes reach the shoulders, you can make the evilution of only the front elongated sites or change the color of the strands, framing the face, as well as several sections throughout the hair.

  • Ombre using gray tones in the transition between dark and bright areas will be relevant to look at the hair of medium length, slightly above shoulders.

  • Fans of asymmetric kara must take carefully to such a procedure as painting on the technique of ambros, because in this case it will be necessary to identify specific strands that will be most advantageous to show an interesting shape of hairstyles. Therefore, it is recommended to use the services of professional hairdressers.

By the type of face and the color of the eyes

When you have already decided on the type of kara, It should also be thought about the combination of colors of Ombre with its color.

  • Spring-color girls with blond eyes, as well as light skin and hair, it is recommended to select Ombre, combining only warm shades.

  • But the cold colors will be perfectly looking at the girls who belong to the summer type. They are characterized by bright eyes of green or cold blue shades, pink skin shade, as well as light or dark curls of cold tone.

  • For holders of dark skin, brown or gray eyes, as well as brown, red or brown hair, warm shades, fits a recommendation for the autumn color, to use in Ombre not only natural warm tones, but even red, saturated red or golden.

  • Girls with very light skin and saturated color of the eyes are perfectly suitable contrasting staining techniques, including reverse ombre.

How to do at home?

Embody Ombrov’s technique at home is quite difficult, but you can still carry out such staining yourself. To do this, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the correct action algorithm.

  • The first phase of clarification begins with the separation of hair using the sample into two parts. Then these parts are divided into even smaller strands. Their number is determined by the desired thickness and thickness of the hair. Each strand should be secured by a special hairpin.
  • Stash your hair on the line where colors will be separated. This line is horizontal.
  • On the main mass of the curls, apply a clarifier, so that the composition goes uniformly.
  • To impregnate the hair, it needs to be left for a while depending on the desired shade. After about 15 minutes, it is recommended to wash off one strand and check whether the required color. If not, keep the hair on the hair longer.
  • Thoroughly rinse the shampoo hair and dry.
  • At the stage of staining, you need to divide the entire mass of the hair into small strands, prepare paint in advance according to the instructions and evenly apply it to the lavetled areas.
  • Also, as in the previous stage, it is recommended to check out after all the color haired. Upon reaching the desired shade, wash the paint without using shampoos and balms.

Beautiful examples

There are many ready-made examples of the embodiment of Ombre on hair, tonsured under Kare. Each of the following examples can be taken as the basis for its own experiment:

  • Classic color option is relevant looks on a bob haircut+

  • The transition from light to light will be appropriate on a longer haircut above shoulders+

  • Even without a strong darkening of hair, the roots can create a magnificent pastel transition+

  • Ombre on the return technology will allocate you from the crowd+

  • Unobtrusive inclusion of red tones in a light ensemble will add to your array image.

How to make Ombre on a kara, see the following video.

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