Ombre for blondes

Ombre for blondes

Refresh appearance and hair can be used using various modern techniques and accessories. One of the actual ways is to dye hair. Today, ombré technique is very popular, which allows you to get a very smooth and natural transition between several shades, as if the hair themselves burned on the warm sun.

In this article, we will consider in more detail the Ombre Collection options for blondes, we learn the features of this procedure and get acquainted with interesting ready-made options from stylists.


Recently, not the standard hair dyeing options are increasingly popular, and more modern and gentle by type of ombre. Ombre is a technique that assumes a smooth, barely catchy transition from one shade to another.

Speaking of light lanes, including blonde and blondes, it is worth noting that they, as a rule, leave their natural color in the root zone, as well as up to the middle of the hair, but the ends will lighten into several shades below. As a result, the declaration procedure is considered fairly gentle compared, for example, with conventional and full hair lightening.

Ombre painting technique is very popular with long-haired blondes, as well as blonde ladies with short haircuts by type. On any length, the Effect of Ombre looks amazing.

Pros and cons

In any technique of staining, you can distinguish the essential advantages and disadvantages that can not be mentioned. For the advantages of Omebrus include a few moments.

  • This technique is considered more gentle and safe, since professional and safe painting compositions with leaving components are used to dye hair.
  • Blonde ladies are very easy to achieve the desired ombre effect from the first time, since they do not need additional initial lightening of strands.
  • Thanks to Ombre, you can significantly increase hair. It’s not a secret – because bright shades always look more voltage and attractively.
  • Ombre on blondes looks very fresh and natural. Moreover, such staining looks perfectly with any haircuts and styling. Smooth transition perfectly harmonizes with straight and smooth hair, as well as with a slightly twisted at the ends.
  • A big plus is the ability to select the desired shade or even several for dyeing under its natural color. Today, paints are produced in a huge variety. For example, ladies with a native warm shade of hair can choose a gold or caramel color, and ash or platinum is suitable to cold beauties.
  • Thanks to Ombre, you can hide significant disadvantages on the face, including excessive angularity or styling cheekbones. Someone, on the contrary, can at the expense of this staining and a true selected haircut emphasize their advantages in the best possible way.
  • It is impossible not to note the durability of staining. On average, it pleases its owner up to six months, after which color correction may be required.

Ombre on blondes looks stylish, fashionable and attractive.

We can safely say that it will not come out of fashion in the next couple of years, because it is this technique so love Celebriti from all over the globe.

As for the shortcomings of this technique, they are not so much. The most basic number of nuances.

  • Pretty high price for staining, which fluctuates within 6 thousand rubles. It is also very important to take into account that for obtaining the necessary shade, hair will have to tint. Moreover, this additional procedure should be performed not only in the cabin, but at home, since the light pigment is quite quickly washed. All waste in the end adds in a round sum. But the result, of course, can not but rejoice.
  • The minuses include non-professionalism of many hairdressers offering this fashionable dyeing service. Many specialists do not have no idea how to do it, because they do not pass appropriate training. As a result, it is offered for a high price normal highlighting, but not to the roots.


To date, there are a lot of coloring options using one or more fashion techniques. Next, consider the most popular of them.

  • Classic Orembre. Dark top of the root zone and light tips. The transition of the color with the right staining smooth, and not sharp. As a rule, stretching color. Blonde hair at the ends can be protonated in perfectly any color, for example, in pink. In general, bright and unusual shades of Ombre are found in colorful staining.

Lavender color, lemon or strawberry can be used here.

  • Scandinavian Omere Also enjoys greatly popular with blonde. It represents the opposite of classical version of this staining. In this case, the top is painted with a light shade of blond, and the tips are dark.

  • Vintage view of Ombre It is done when the focus I want to do not make a general transition between the shades, but as if on a slightly abandoned roots that create even more natural effect.

  • Multitone option Staining is done if it is necessary to make a multistage transition between several shades.

The choice of a particular type of ombre should be made on the basis of personal preferences in the color scheme, as well as the condition of the hair at the time of the alleged staining. Each of the types is done on any hair length.

Stylists tips

Before making the desired staining, We recommend paying attention to some specialist advice.

  • Girls blondes with very thinned and brittle hair before painting, it is recommended to restore hair, especially if they were repeatedly painted. Painting of weak hair can only spoil the final appearance. As a rehabilitation procedures, masks, infusions made of herbs can be used, as well as true shampoo and balm.

  • Do not make dyeing ombrid at home. It’s not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Ultimately, when the appropriate skills are not due to the corresponding skills, the result is still deplorable. When choosing this staining on your hair, it is impossible to save.

  • White Hair Outdoors should be closed to Ombre options with shades transitions. Such options look especially attractive, especially those in which the gold, caramel and even brown shades are played with each other.

  • To maintain hair health, it is recommended to wash only a special shampoo and balm (air conditioning) for painted hair. They will not flush the coloring pigment ahead of time. On the recommendations of the master who will carry out staining, it is best to choose and sample shampoo for home use.

  • You can lay the hair using a regular iron. They are not only straightened, but also make beautiful twisted curls. And also slightly twisted the light ends with the help of a cloth or a brash during drying.

Options for a note

Today, very many blonde representatives of the starry world choose Ombre. Next, consider successful options that may interest, as well as those that can be taken as the basis of your future dyeing.

  • Model Rozy Huntington-Whiteley quite a long time wore ombre. On the red carpet tracks, it could be seen with short hair, and with long, painted in this way to create a natural effect and a smooth transition between two shades.

  • Kim Kardashian Also, more than once chose a classic ombera, which in the best light emphasized her outstanding features.

  • Cameron Diaz Also is an amateur of natural effects on her hair. This is evidenced by its repeated choice in favor of Light Ombre.

  • Twins Olsen It has long been very fond of making hair rise, but their sister Elizabeth prefers more modern trends, making a choice in favor of classical, but such a fashionable ombre. On her hair medium length it looks very attractive.

How to make Ombre on blond hair at home, look in the following video.

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