Ombre on dark blond hair

Ombre on dark blond hair

Today, the beauty industry is gaining all the big turnover, and it concerns that not only the leather and makeup care procedures, but also hairdresser art. Every season stylists offer their customers a lot of types of services, not only inventing new techniques, but also improving old. One of the interesting types of hair coloring is Ombre. Especially lucky in this place girls and women having dark blond hair.

What it is?

Ombre is dyeing hair in order to give them a look slightly burnt out in the sun. Such a solution allows you to visually adjust the face form and rejuvenate it. Translated from French the word ombre means “shadow”, and this name is not suitable for this technique. Usually On the roots, the hair is darker, and below – for several tones lighter. This allows curls to blossom beautifully and play the sun. Ombrov feature is also a different coloring technology – for example, the transition between curls can be almost invisible to the eye, and may have a clear, explicit border.

Ombre staining has a number of advantages, consider them more.

  • Ombre is suitable as a young girl and mature, and even an elderly woman. In this case, the style, style of clothing or life does not matter.
  • In the arsenal of stylists there will always be hundreds of shades, any of which can choose for themselves the owner of blond hair.
  • With such technology, hair does not suffer, especially if they only paint their ends.
  • Ombre does not require frequent and immediate corrections, the hairdresser will have to appear only once a quarter.
  • If the coloring does not give the desired result, the tips of the hair can be simply compatible, thus returning to the proven style.
  • Ommeration will allow effectively, but without cardinal action, change style and image. In addition, after such a staining, dull blond hair acquire brightness and shine.

With such a number of advantages, Ombre has its drawbacks.

  • If you have too weak, thin curls, especially with sequential tips, with the procedure should be closed, engaged in treating hair.
  • On too short hair make such staining either will not work, it is simply lost and will remain invisible to others.
  • The price in a good salon will be quite high. In addition, not every wizard will be able to make decent staining, because the procedure is characterized in difficulty, if you do Ombre throughout the length.
  • If you chose Ombre, you will have to carefully select shades. Wrong shade can completely spoil the hairstyle.


There are several types of ombrov, which are well suitable for ladies with dark rusia hair.


Classic Ombre is designed to provide curls of burnout effect. In this technology, as a rule, 1-2 colors are used, and the boundaries must be smooth, blurred. Such an Ombre looks very natural, fits girls with any type of face and hair length. However, it seems especially beautifully on long strands.


A similar type of ombre is also very well suited for long hair, as well as curls of medium length. There are pronounced color transitions, however, the master picks up a shade, similar to the color of the girl’s hair. Looks ready for the result natural and beautiful.


Sharp or Bitonal Ombre – an option for girls who want to change their hairstyle. This technique is a clear border, which creates the visibility of the thrust.


In something, this type is similar to the classics, but in this case more attention is paid not to tips, but roots. They are artificially darken, making a harmonious color transition. Suitable like hair technique of any length, including short. It looks very nice on hairstyles.


    On dark blond hair, color Ombre looks most effectively. Here you can choose tones, not only close to the color of the hair, but also colors, in no way unusual: pink, blue, purple. Script for experiments is open, so stylists recommend combining several bright tones. This allows you to get an unexpected, but interesting result.

    Separately, it is worth saying Ombre on hairstyles with bangs. In many cases, the masters do not touch bangs at all, especially when it comes to short hair. But if the hair is long or medium length, bang painting allows you to even more improve the image. For example, you can paint several tips to warm tones or take one bright shade and make “feathers”.

      How to choose a shade?

      Girls having Colorotype “Winter”, The shades are perfectly suitable, emphasizing the “coldness” of the image. It can be silver, ash-gray. In addition, restrained colors visually lengthen hair and refresh the skin of the face. Another “winter” ladies can be recommended to be color Ombre in pink, lilac, dark purple colors.

      Girl spring” will be able to drastically change its appearance, if you turn on the warm, cozy tones. It can be caramel, honey, light chocolate flats. But the cold colors should be avoided because the pale and unhealthy skin shade will be provided.

        Concerning “Summer” colorota, then almost all shades come here. Extremely will look at both cold and warm tones. Coloring milk, light red, gentle pink. For more extreme options, girls can prefer bright orange, red, blue.

        “Autumn” girls All warm shades of autumn will fall to taste. This is a rich orange, burgundy, light and dark brown, coral, honey.

        Procedure of coloring

        Of course, for such staining, like Ombre, it is best to turn to a good master. He will not only help choose the right shade, but will do everything at the highest level, so you will definitely be satisfied with the result. Nevertheless, there are situations where there is no time to go to the salon, all places are busy, there is not enough amount, or you just want to try your forces on your own. For this incident, there is a step-by-step instruction that will help to implement the desired staining.

        1. Before staining, it is not necessary to wash the head, because coloring in Ombre technique it takes better when the hair is a little dirty. However, the curls will have to wet a bit.
        2. Make the middle of the sample, and divide the hair into two equal parts, tie the rubbers.
        3. Both parts do so that the curls become fluffy. Then take a brush for painting and apply for each part in advance diluted paint.
        4. As soon as this stage is completed, wrap the foil strands and stand half an hour.
        5. Having removed the foil, wash the paint and evaluate the result. Then you will need to continue staining, now we start not from the bottom, but by 4 cm above the place of the last score. Act in the same way, again we turn into foil and wait for ten minutes.
        6. After the time of time, the foil must be removed, wash off the composition and again, as the first time, to script it. Wait for 10 minutes, we wash everything.
        7. Last Stage – Washing Head. Well wash your hair using shampoo and rinsing balsam. Now it remains only to wait for their drying.

        Subtleties of care

        Ombre staining on dark blond hair involves mandatory and careful leaving for curls. Read the rules offered by stylists.

        • A few weeks after staining it is recommended to use sample tonic. They will help you save the color and live gloss.
        • From time to time apply masks, and every time after washing, use balm. Useful components that are in these means fit their hair will provide them with vitamins and will make it stronger.
        • Apply oil on the tips of strands, it will help to prevent the cross-section of the ends and give them softness.
        • In the summer, take care of the hair from long staying in the sun. Try to wear dressings or hats.
        • Limit the use of the hair dryer and curb, and if you still have to apply them, be sure to apply thermal protection compositions.

        Ombre on dark blond hair shown in the video below.

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