Ombre on dark hair medium length: features, types, choice of shade

Ombre on dark hair medium length: features, types, choice of shade

Ombre style hair coloring does not lose its attractiveness and relevance, from year to year occupying the leading position in the fashion world. Modern assortment of painting hair compositions allows you to create incredible images, thanks to a set of color nuances. Methods of coloring are becoming more diverse, and we see how classic mesh letters are replaced by the bold innovative ideas of stylists. Monochrome hair coloring options are now going to the past, leaving the place of the game of color accents and glare – this is exactly what the image of a modern woman looks like to keep up with the time and fashion.

Ombre style coloring can be performed almost on any softener hair – it will invariably be a bright and expressive addition of your image. However, in each case there are nuances, and today we will pay attention to the staining of dark curls.


Staining is performed at any length of your curls, but most fully this way will open in all its glory if you choose Ombre on dark hair of medium length. In Ombre, there is an opportunity to arrange visual accents and emphasize such haircuts as “kara” of various types, classic elongated “Bob”, “Bob-Kare”, and add a haircut with a cascade.

This staining looks beautiful not only on straight, but also on curly hair. In addition, in cases where your curls are voluminous and look a tight mass, after the color they will visually become easier and movable. And if you are the owner of curly curls, Ombre will help emphasize them and with the help of light glare game, creating a visual illusion of glow.

Ombre style staining implies the use of 2-3 and more shades of one tone or contrasting colors, Moreover, the withdrawal gradients can be completed gradually, with a decisive or color transitions make deliberately sharp and contrast.

Ombre can be used on previously painted hair. Especially this method is relevant in the case when it is necessary to change the tones of dark staining, in other words – “exit” from a dark color. This task is not easy and from the point of view of execution, and in order to preserve the structure of the hair. Ombre helps to solve this problem – Not all hair weight is labeled, but only their part, while visually the impression is that all curls become lighter into several subtocks.

Advantages and disadvantages

Ombre, performed on dark hair, has certain advantages.

  • In the process of staining, there is no need to darken the roasting area to create contrast with the lower parts of the strand, so the effect on the hair will be the most careful and safe.
  • It is possible to apply a very large selection of a color shades palette since natural tones and reaching bright and extravagant – they will all look on dark hair catchy and will not leave unnoticed.
  • Ombre allows for a long time to enjoy the beauty of color glare, without requiring correction or repeated staining – the hair can grow to any length and it will not affect your appearance, it will always be flawless.
  • There are no restrictions on age categories – Ombre is appropriate for young women, and for the ladies of mature age. The main thing is to choose the right color tone for staining. And you can even perform simple options for this procedure yourself, at home.
  • This type of color can be bolden by one of the most universal – it can be used on natural and already painted hair, and if you want to change the image, then the painted strands you can paint into another color or simply to comprehend them and change the hairstyle.

And now let’s look at some nuances that can be called the disadvantages of the method of ombre.

  • Ombre Staining Recently has become so popular that some women began to avoid using it. The reason is quite simple – every woman wants to be unique and unlike others, and when people are constantly meeting on the streets. People with the same type of color color solutions are involuntarily for themselves. Decide to avoid similar repetitions.
  • Not always the wizard can perform staining, which would come in exactly your type of face and the image in general. Color shades solve a lot, and choose them correctly – this is a whole science, which, unfortunately, not all hairdressers own.
  • This type of service in beauty salons can not be attributed to cheap.
  • In order to save women, make every way at home. Sometimes the result is not quite the way I wanted to see him. So seeing such examples on the street, Ombre is often discredited, although in fact, if it were performed by a professional, the effect would be different.

Ombre disadvantages – it is rather simply a chain of certain coincidences, having nothing to do with a professionally performed procedure. If ombrite to approach creatively and competently, your image will be unique and will not disappoint you.


Ombre staining technique on dark hair is also remarkable in the fact that with a variety of color shades (including even blond), it also has a wide choice of ways to use it. The most basic techniques of this technology are the following.


In this technique, the basic idea is to stretch the light tone on dark hair. Such a color transition is rather contrast, but the more blurred the border of the transition from the dark to the light tone, the more effectively looks like your image. Dark hair from the roots smoothly and naturally go to brighter ends of strands. At the same time, the staining is not at all, it is not necessary to switch to the blonde of the hair ends – you can simply make your natural tone on two or three shades lighter.

Reverse Ombre

In this case, the roar zone is subject to staining, the contrast is based on the fact that with light roots, the tips of the hair remain dark. This method is quite difficult to perform on dark hair, as it is very important to achieve smooth transitions of color from one to another, but the finished result is worth it. A significant minus here will be that maintaining a light shade in the roots will need regular correction.


Here you use a combination of several color shades, which are located on the hair in the transverse direction. Transitions between colors are made of decisive, creating the effect of a smooth input of the same color in another. With such a color coloring technique, not only natural natural shades can be used, but also multicolored tones. For example, on dark hair it looks very interesting as ash, blue or purple cross mesh.

With a clear border

The essence of such staining is that a clear, expressed transition in a horizontal direction from one color to another, without decisiveness. Such a transition can be performed in the middle of the total hair linen or at the ends. Colors for Ombre can be selected both close shades to the main tone of hair and contrast.

Turtle Omere

The main task in this method of staining is to find the most noble and naturalistic combination of colors that are most suitable for the main hair tone. Light tones must be located near the face and on the tips of the strand. Light shades need to stretch over strands as much as possible, creating thin gradations of color transitions. Staining looks quite effectively, being made both in warm and cold color colors.

Cutting method of coloring

Still called contouring. In this case, emphasous shades are exhibited around the face. This is one of the most popular Ombre methods among women, since when used by using it, it is possible to adjust the oval of faces and emphasize natural advantages. In addition, light strands refresh the skin of the face, making it visually for several years younger. Light shades are applied with smooth transitions, good stretching paint on strands is important here.

There are many examples of what methods can apply color nuances in Ombre technique. Today, the best salons have whole catalogs of coloring options in this technique, the choice is really amazing imagination. Pick up your own of such a variety is a rather difficult task, but interesting, and quite perfect.

How to choose a tint?

If you appeal to the salon for the implementation of the Ombre procedure, pick up the color shades will help you will help the master colorist. But often women prefer to do this staining on their own, at home. To not disappointed the result, you need to know the nuances of this procedure. Choosing Ombre Staining, the key to success will be how the color shades will be chosen correctly.

Stylists advise to be guided in this case your colorotype, face form and common image.

Let’s consider in detail how it can be done in practice.

By type and color of hair

For dyeing ombrov, it is not so important, you have straight curls or curly. This technique is equally good in both cases, the case is only in your preferences. But the original hair color is of great importance. Since today we are talking about using Ombre on dark hair, it is worth noting that a rather wide range of colors is suitable for them.

Slow contrasts can be achieved by applying all sorts of shades of the blond.

But it should be remembered that lightening dark painted hair to the state of the blond, you can cut them, and they will require intensive subsequent care. It looks like this contrast effectively – the blond is well refreshing the face and adds his youth.

It is appropriate to look on dark hair natural shades of chestnut, black coffee, chocolate – it is considered a classic, and when using you, your hair will look like natural possible. A little more radically change your appearance nut, wheat, caramel, honey, sand and platinum. They are well combined with each other, and when they are mixed, you can achieve very interesting results.

Sometimes Ombre is made bright and extravagant – there is a technique called “flame languages”, in which bright copper, gold, orange, red, crimson or yellow. Such staining can also be used in young, and in adulthood – the result will largely depend on the intensity of the color and its compatibility with the main tone of the hair. Professional masters sometimes seek astounding results, and, it would seem, the unnatural tones are harmoniously included in the original main tone, creating a unique image.

It is possible to use and atypical shades: ash, blue, purple, pink, turquoise, blue. On dark hair, these colors look cracked, and often use young people who are open to experiments and wishing to pay attention.

By type of face

It is no secret that with the help of color can be adjusted. When you decide for yourself what you want to paint on Ombre technology, try to take into account such an important factor as your type of person, because in accordance with this type you have to select and color shades for contrasting.

For example, wanting to adjust the face extended at the top and tapering the book in the form of a triangle, use light shades of warm tones. Visually is equilibrated the upper and lower parts. If your face has large features and resembles a square, you need to know that dark strands will emphasize this massiveness, and light, on the contrary, will make your face more elegant.

The round shape of the face can be adjusted due to the stretching of the dye, aspiring from the dark crown to the bright ends of the hair. Such an appointment will create an impression of extension, and your appearance will look more advantageous. On the contrary, if your face looks an elongated oval with a high linen of the forehead, you will help clarify strands on two or three tones, relative to your original shade.

In a trapezoidal form, when the lower jaw is strongly developed and emphasizes the attention of itself, it is possible to adjust the shape of the face, lightening the hair in the roar zone. Thus, attention will be paid precisely on the bright part of the hair, distracting the eyes from the bottom zone of the face. And if you have expressed an area of ​​cheekbone, then the actions will be reverse: strands at the face need to darken, making the clarifying effect at the ends of the hair.

How to care after staining?

If you made Ombre on dark hair at home, you need to know how to care for your curls. This is not so difficult to do:

  • The first head wash after the procedure can be carried out no earlier than in two or three days – it is done to consolidate the color pigments in the hair structure+
  • Locks need to wash with special means for painted hair, the same applies to caring balms – such funds are designed to meet the intensive moisturizing effects and protection of color from sweeping and washing+
  • For long-term conservation of color intensity Do not use very hot water when washing the hair, as it enhances the separation of the skin and provokes more frequent head washing+
  • For blonde strands, you need a sketching shampoo of a purple spectrum – with him you get rid of the yellow shade of clarified hair+
  • Once a week, use hair masks that will prevent the cuts of the clarified strands, keeping their softness and liveliness+
  • In the event that you need to make stacking, and you use the devices with a strong heating (hairdryer or flux), mandatoryly handle the hair with thermal protective composition+
  • Do not neglect the leaving facilities containing natural oils – they will benefit your hair, protecting from moisture loss, and feeding them from the roots to the tips.

Care related procedures are available to each girl. However, it should be remembered that their effectiveness depends only on the regularity of application. Do not neglect these advice, and Ombre will delight you with your bright colors.

Beautiful examples

And now let’s see beautiful examples of how you can perform ombre on dark hair of medium length.

Lightening strands occupies 2/3 of the total length of the curls, emphasizing the beauty of the eye and whiteness of the skin.

Ombre in the classic style, the emphasis is on the transition from dark color to chestnut.

An example of multicone damp hair.

Staining on the hair of medium length when using the method of “flame languages”.

Ombre with caramel shades in combination with dark hair tone.

Orembraging options may be a huge number, so you should not be afraid of “being like everyone” – with a creative approach and skillful execution, your image can become the only one of its kind and in its own way unique.

Ombre Casting Option on Dark Hair Middle Length See next video.

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