Pearl Blonde: Fashion Shades and Tips for Staining

Pearl Blonde: Fashion Shades and Tips for Staining

Many women prefer light hair color, as it adds the appearance of femininity, softens the sharp features of the face and hides the shortcomings. Pearl blond – one of the most winning representatives of this palette.

Who fits?

Pearl blond looks like an ordinary light shade, but enriched with numerous silver splashes, sparkling in light. This color refers to cold, but still quite often used by even dark girls. The Glitter himself is rather considered a subtock that the classic blonde demonstrates in a new way. An unusual shade looks organically on long hair, and with short haircuts. Tone flaws include the relative complexity of its achievement, as well as the need for regular adjustment.

Pearl blonde is most suitable for beauties under 45 years old, highlighting its light and delicate skin, as well as blue eyes. An experienced master will be able to add pearl radiance even on initially blonde or brown hair. If we talk about the most combined with the tint of the color, then the speech, of course, is about cold. “Winter” women, as well as light “summer” may not even worry – it is absolutely accurately their color. As for the types of spring and autumn, they can also think about the pearl glitter, but a little in another variation.

To create a harmonious image, it will be enough for them only to add a slight spray of silver, giving the necessary flicker. Unfortunately, dark-skinned girls, as well as the owners of typical eastern appearance from such a color will have to abandon.

Shade pearl blond is presented in the rules of many manufacturers, and therefore every girl will be easy to choose the most successful option.

Pearl blonde – This is a classic option, perfectly looking at light skin and blue eyes. Sparkling silver curls emphasize the benefits of appearance, but poorly look in combination with tanned skin.

Beige or sand blond It is very beautifully complemented by pearl. The image is obtained as natural and suitable almost any color. A much better than such a combination looks not even with full coloring, but when placing or coloring individual curls.

Light pearl blonde – Tint is very beautiful, and more suitable for young beauties. The basis can only be used light color. It is believed that it is spectacular to this shade manifests itself with a short haircut.

Cold Dark Pearl looks amazing but not suitable for every girl. The minimum bias into a warm color bot or even the appearance of a tan can spoil the whole image.

Golden-pearly tone, Based on a Russian shade, is quite versatile. It fits all the “warm” girls and refreshes fresh image. Often this coloring is used to highlight. Brown is also sometimes combined with the mother of pearl, but only in the case of using a cold palette.

Silver blonde is an interesting alternative to ash or bright blond. However, it only fits for complete staining, as an option with a melting looks far from spectacular. Holders of warm appearance and light tan, it is recommended to combine a slightly pearl with almond base.

Selecting paint

To achieve a pearl blond, it is still better to contact the salon, since this shade is quite difficult, it sometimes suddenly manifests itself even if there is a natural blonde. Besides, In most cases, it is necessary to conduct preliminary discoloration. In the cabin, the Master will not use some one color, and mixing a few kernels.

Therefore, deciding still to carry out the procedure at home, you should be prepared for unusual results, and proceed to work only in the case of the initial blonde.

For a short-term, but attractive effect is ideal for tinting, For example, shampoos or balms. In order not to lose the glitter and not allow the yellowness, to use them at least once a week.

Required funds can be detected in the brands of Schwarzkopf, L’Oreal and Estel. Honored popularity also enjoy tonic, which from week to month decorate her hair pearl notch. Unfortunately, on dark strands pigment is unlikely to manifest. The brands producing tonic include Estel, Wella and Rocolor Tonic.

Do not forget about persistent paints, giving a color effect that can be saved up to 8 weeks. Color in this case is washed out gradually starting with growing roots.

You can apply the solution only on natural light or pre-clarified hair.

It is more convenient to work with cream substances. Syoss, L’Oreal and Estel brands are characterized by good quality.

Natural ingredients for obtaining a pearl shade are useless, but a small “cold” clarification will succeed when using masks based on rhubarb.

For blonde or reddish hair, it is recommended to select paint, the content of ammonia in which hesitates from 3% to 6%. Such a composition will ensure uniform staining of all strands. If the result does not like to do, then you will have to buy a composition with a lower content of ammonia, after which re-staining.

Recommendations for staining

In order to preserve the health of the hair, but still achieve a beautiful pearl, it makes sense instead of complete staining to use partial, i.e. to use timing, coloring or more complex technology.

In this case, only individual spars, creating an image, and the main hair array will be untouched by discoloration and painting.

This process is quite complex and is carried out only in the cabin, as it will be necessary to connect several kernels, create a color stretching or transitions. Only staining hair in the cabin will cost from 1 to 3 thousand rubles, while more complex procedures cost in the price tag starting from 4 thousand rubles.

You can forget about the workout procedure only when the composition is applied to blonde or brighter strands. The rest of the girls will have to make a discoloration, so as not to provoke the conflict of pigments.

Before starting the procedure, must be checked for an allergic reaction, as this situation is quite common. To do this, it will only be necessary to apply a small amount of painting solution on the wrist or the inner surface of the forearm. After half an hour, you can check whether spots, irritations or other symptoms appeared.

Directly applying paint remains the same, regardless of whether the girl has medium kara, short or long hair. The process is carried out according to the instructions, always available inside the package. Usually, Mixing the pigment and clarifier is carried out, which is immediately distributed over dry dirty hair. It is important to process and roots, and the entire length of strands. Washing the composition with warm water, it is necessary to use a balm that comes in the kit that is responsible for fixing the shade. It is worth mentioning that in the cabin conditions is spent less dye than at home. On average, one should count on one package for the length to the shoulders and two packs for longer hair.

Sometimes the problem occurs with the tips, and they have to either cut, or discolored separately from the total hair mass.

If a yellow tint occurs during the procedure, it can be removed by ash tonic.

When painting in the cabin, the final color is sometimes colder or darker than planned. This happens, as a rule, due to the fact that the Master cannot predict the reaction of before unfamiliar hair. It is not worth worrying because of the effect, since the pigment in any case has the property to wash, and therefore somewhere in a week the color will become perfect.

Experts warn that before applying the pearl blonde will have to withstand 4 months, in general, without staining. This time should be enough to wash the dark color.

Hair care after procedure

Pearl Blonde is the shade that in addition to the right care will also require regular tinting to maintain color. Picking out such a means to navigate the shadowing shampoos with purple or blue pigment. In addition, the ribbing roots should be painted immediately, otherwise the appearance will immediately become sloppy.

After quite complex staining of the hair, it becomes dry and fragile, so it will immediately need to start a wellness process. In the habit you should enter the use of funds for nutrition and moisture. All shampoos, masks, balms, air conditioners must possess the mark “for painted hair”.

Apply the compositions with colored pigment are permitted no more than once a week. If you leave the tool for a long time on the strand, then purple spots may occur, so it is not necessary to abuse. Masks and balms are usually applied according to the instructions, but in the presence of color pigment, it still makes sense to test on one of the strand.

Do not forget about natural products that give hair only benefit.

This case is about masks with lemon, lavender and green tea, as well as herbal rinsing.

A good reputation as a supportive measure deserved egg wraps.

Four types of hair coloring are presented in the following video.

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