Pearl hair color: who will fit and how to get it?

Pearl hair color: who will fit and how to get it?

It is no secret that such a stone, like pearls, was popular at all times. Its overflowing, gentle color deserves admiration for the ladies of various ages. And if earlier the shade of “pearl” was traced only in manicure, clothes and decorations, today it can be quite often seen on her hair.


Pearl hair color is very beautiful and elegant. It is rightly considered one of the most luxurious and fashionable shades of the blond. His shimmering overflowers look great and on a short haircut, and on long curls. The manufacturers of paints determine this tone into the catalog of micstones, as most often it is used to re-paint the main blonde.

To achieve a beautiful pearl tone at home is not very easy, it can only be obtained on light-colored or clarified hair. Brunettes and browns need preliminary clarification. Inexperienced in matters of self-painting Lammes better resort to the help of professionals.

Under the compliance with the correct coloring conditions, the result obtained will surely please the representatives of the weak gender.

Who is coming?

Pearl color line has several positions and varies from white to dark pearls. These shades will fit most girls, the exception is the Eastern Type of Appearance: Speed ​​Leather and Dark Brown Eyes of the Collement form are absolutely not combined with the strands of a gentle pearl shade.

To experiment with staining in the pearl tone is recommended to holders:

  • Light leather and blue or gray eyes+
  • gentle olive and bronze tone of leather and amber or brown eyes.

The tone chosen in accordance with the type is well on the young girls, and on women of solid age.


Each shade of this noble and elegant color has its own uniqueness. Consider some interesting decisions.

  • White pearls. The most catchy version of all pearl shades, focuses on the face. Requires salon staining. Suits the owners of the right oval, bright features of the face and perfect skin seeking to be in the spotlight.

  • Pearl blonde. As a result of the use of light and bleached hair acquire pearls and glow pearl. Recommended ladies with green or gray eyes.

  • Silver pearls. Its foundation is a gray cold tone with a saturated pearl. Ideal for pale seruly beauties of young and middle-aged.

  • Golden pearls. Soft tone with overflowing glitter perfectly harmonizes with light and peach skin and any color of the eyes.

  • Beige Pearl. Universal warm tone, suits almost all women regardless of age and natural external data. Looks very natural and gentle.

  • Pearl-light. Looks beautiful and natural. Not only blondes, but also girls with light brown hair will be able to get this shade.

  • Pearl-pelen. The basis is a blond tone with ash and pearl pigments, which give the hair shine. Excellent owners of light and slightly bronze leather and gray-blue eyes.

  • Dark pearl. Refers to cold shades of blond. Suitable for coloring natural blond and clarified hair. Combined with any color of the eyes and skin, but more effectant in the presence of a tan. Adds stylish and severity image.

  • Almond. Interesting and noble shade of the dark pearl – something average between pale brown and muffled russes. The presence of pearl overflow and the lack of explicit dark pigment allows you to look younger.

Permissible application on the hair of dark blond. Emphasizes the beauty of the look of amber and brown eyes.

Selecting paint

To obtain a beautiful pearl shade can help sample preparations and resistant paints.

Advantages of satellite cosmetics for hair:

  • Natural components, no ammonia and peroxide+
  • Neutralize the effect of yellowness+
  • Painted seeding+
  • This is a quick way to disguise an unsuccessful color+
  • Permissible frequent application+
  • the ability to give weakened hair a thicker view+
  • a wide field for self-experimentation, since the shade is unstable and quickly washed off+
  • Easy application for self-use.


  • In the first days after use, clothing and bed linen can be swap+
  • Unstable effect, since the pigment does not penetrate into the depths of the hair+
  • Allergic reactions are possible+
  • With a longer exposure, the color may turn out too bright or dark.

Tint drugs are applied to clean wet hair. For a light shade, the remedy is enough to withstand only 2-3 minutes, for a darker and juicy can be left on his hair to 30 minutes. The shade with every wash of the head is becoming paler and washed off for 6-8 times.

To maintain the desired shade, staining should be repeated every week.

Beauty Industry presents a large selection of satellite dyes, we will analyze several popular brands.

  • Rocolor Tonic. Pearl variations: pearl-ash, amethyst, pearl, smoky topaz, pink pearl, smoky pink.

  • ESTEL. Pearl tones palette: silver-ash, pearl, polar, pearl, beige.

  • Irida. Coloring: Pearl, White Gold, Silver, Platinum, Ash Blonde, Pink Pearl.

  • Indola Color Silver. Gives blonded curls silver-pearl tint. It has a complex of purple and blue pigments, which allow you to get rid of the unwanted yellowish tone of the discredited hair.

  • L’Oreal Professionel. In comparison with other samples, it has a higher cost and is often implemented not in ordinary cosmetic stores, but in specialized hairdressers departments. Its caring formula is enriched with amino acids and proteins, which allows you to get a smooth shade without harm to hair. Pearl overflows can be achieved when using the following tones: Golden, copper-golden, beige, coffee with milk.

Resistant pearl colors can also be used at home. In each store of cosmetics there are palettes of colors that will help determine the choice. The following trademarks enjoy special demand.

  • Garnier Color Naturals. It offers soft staining, the composition includes nutrient oils that contribute to uniform saturation by pigment and restoration of hair structure. The resulting color is preserved for a long time. Shades with saturated overflow: silver-ash blonde, pearl blond, pearl blond, ivory, precious pearls, pearl-ash blond, pearl silk, cream pearl, pearl gold.

  • Wellaton. The result obtained after use is almost always surpassed. The kit includes a color whey that allows you to save the intensity of the tone, it is best to use it 2 weeks after staining. Lithuanians of light tones will undoubtedly delight seductive blonde, pearls, bright ash, shell.

  • L’Oreal Preference. Differs in high resistance, coloring molecules deeply penetrate the hair structure. Color saturation is preserved up to 8 weeks. Among the tones can be noted overflowing blonde, sparkling overflows, light-brown pearl, light-colored golden-pearl.

They will give hair an elegant and luxurious view.

  • L’Oreal Excellence Creme. It is characterized by a careful relationship to the hair, and the incoming pro-keratin fills the channels. The splendor and gloss admire the light-colored pearlescent clarifying, the legendary blond, very light-blond, sensational blond, light-blond ash, light-blond beige, mystical blond.

  • Faberlic Krasa. Shades blond ultra-spiriting, blonde pearl ultra-spiriting, blond ash ultra-spiriting is quite worthy competition to salon clarification, as it does not absent yellow. Beautiful pearl overflows can also give the following shades: Scandinavian blond, very light beige blond, light ash blonde, light golden-copper blond, pearl blond, champagne.

  • Syoss Oleo Intense. Paint is enriched with nutritional oils that give the curls of softness. Absolutely harmless, since ammonia is not present in the composition. Manufacturers promise resistant color intensity up to 6 weeks. Beautiful blonde tones will be a platinum blond, bright blonde, pearl blonde, beige blond.

  • Brilliance Schwarzkopf. The paint has a handy texture, and its reflecting particles give hair the effect of magical radiance. Charming colors are obtained when using tones Middle Blonde, Gold Luxury, Pearl-Silver.

  • Palette Schwarzkopf. Very popular paint from Russian women. The absolute advantage is the inexpensive cost, from the disadvantages – the effect of yellowness during the first clarification. After applying clarifying tones, tinting is usually required. Excellent result can be obtained using tone beige blonde, silver blond, diamond blond, pearl blond, glamor almond.

Subtleties of staining

Pearl color of fashion and attractive, gives freshness image. On dark hair it turns out in two stages.

  • Lightening. Better to exercise it in the cabin. More bold and confident young ladies can take a chance to hold it in its apartment. Optimally Applying Professional Brands: Farmavita, Lebel Materia, Selective Professional, Estel. You can purchase such funds in salons or specialized departments for professionals hairdressers.
  • Toning. It should not be done immediately, but a few days later. If toning is assumed to be a sample shampoo, you can use the tool the next day. If the priority is persistent paint, then it is desirable to wait 2-5 days.

Now consider the phased staining process.

  • Conducting allergies. To do this, mix in the minimum volumes of paint with an oxidizing agent and drop it on the wrist of the hand from the inside. If 30 minutes after applying, the skin state remains unchanged, there are no red and irritation, then the drug can be used. The appearance of itching, blisters or redness – evidence of an allergic reaction, and the paint should not be used.
  • Application of coloring composition. Wash your head before dyeing optional. Painting process is made in gloves. According to the attached instructions, you need to prepare the painting mixture. On the shoulders should throw a towel or a special cape to protect the clothes and the skin from random ingress. Short hair paint pretty easy. It will correct to start applying the composition with the backbone, to advance to the temples, and then to the top. With the transformation of long curls requires greater diligence. They need to be divided into four parts by the samples, and then secure invisible. The drug is first applied to the probes, then on the roots, starting with the occipital part. After the root processing, the bargains are shot alternately, and strands occurs along the entire length.
  • Waiting for a period of impact of the composition. On the hair he is withstanding about half an hour. To achieve easy tone, it is enough to leave for 10-15 minutes, and, to get a deeper and resistant color, you can enlarge the time to 45 minutes.
  • Washing dye. After the expiration of the drug is carried out. The head is substituted under the water stream, while paint must be thoroughly combined with hands and rinse well strands to transparent water. Shampoo apply optional.
  • Using Balzama. In the set of any stack of paint enters balm. After washing the paint, it is applied for several minutes to curls and washed off with water. Its use enshrines the resulting color and completes the process of staining.

Care for curls

The main care after staining is preserving the color and additional moisturizing, as a tendency to dryness appears, it is noticeably at the tips of the hair. Extend the brightness of the color and maintain a good view only when tidy.

  • In the first week, it is impossible to use deep masks so that their components do not damage the coloring pigment, and the color remained bright.
  • It is recommended to use shampoos and balms for painted hair light, with soft caring properties.
  • When swimming in the pool, it is necessary to preserve a waterproof rubber cap, otherwise water can damage the hair structure.
  • By laying with forceps or catching, it is necessary to use a thermal protection tool so that under the influence of high temperatures, the coloring pigment has not collapsed.
  • As an additional source of moisture and protection against fragility, it is desirable to use vegetable-based masks enriched with proteins. They will help restore moisture and give gloss hair.
  • If the result was not pleased with independent staining, then its correction should be trusted only by a professional hairdresser.

With proper staining and subsequent care, the changes received will emphasize the female charm and will undoubtedly bring joy to the owners of light hair with a gentle pearl tint.

L’Oreal Hair Pain Overview Pearl Blond See In the following video.

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