Pixie haircuts for short hair: features and types

Pixie haircuts for short hair: features and types

Many different hairstyles are presented to the choice of fashionista today. To stay on the appropriate option may each. Many young lady prefer to stop the choice on the original haircut with a memorable name of Pixie. It appeared back in 1953, when the famous Audrey Hepburn appeared on the screens in the film “Roman Vacation”. Since then, this hairstyle has only gained popularity. Its more often choose rebounds, thirsty of inner freedom.


Nowadays there is a great many diverse hairstyles both on long or medium and short hair. To stay on the most suitable and aesthetic version may each. So, lover of bold and bold solutions often prefer the original haircut with a memorable name of Pixie.

Similar female haircut is made on short hair and looks very fresh and original.

For this solution, rather short strands are characterized in the head of the head. In this place, the ears and the lady’s neck are exposed as much as possible. In addition, the feature of Pixie is the presence of a short crown. Permissible existence of elongated curls located on the face and pain. Mainly popular in our time is one of the varieties of such a lady’s hairstyle, designed for ultravotor hair. Also worth paying attention to another interesting decision – short pixie bob with expressive asymmetry.

Such an original and flirting hairstyle is distinguished not only by its charm, but also enough easy care. Pixie does not have to constantly lay, making complex and long manipulations. Do not need and let the costly cosmetics.

It is worth noting that the famous Hollywood stars are often treated for this haircut. Especially attractive and harmoniously pixie looks on the young lady, having enough large face features. Often the main focus in this haircut is made precisely for bangs. Often it makes oblique, which makes a special style to the ladies.

Pixie is based on another terribly popular haircut – “Bob”. Similar hairstyles are capable not only to refresh the ladies’ image, but also make it more flirty, mischievous and windy. Together with this, the girls who said haircut fit, look with her more sexy. In addition, Pixi allows you to constantly experiment. For example, many young ladies complement such a hairstyle of long oblique bangs lasting and filmed.

Of course, this type of haircuts is permissible to apply only to the fashionmen, which it is perfect. Otherwise, ladies risk forming a disharmonious image.

Incorrectly selected hairstyle can distort the face of the girl’s face, as well as draw attention to the disadvantages that must be hidden.

Advantages and disadvantages

Pixie to short hair is a great solution if you want to change and refresh the image. However, before going to the salon, it is worth considering what the advantages and disadvantages of this non-trivial haircut. First, get acquainted with the positive parties of Pixie.

  • The advantages of this hairstyle can include widespread variability. For example, in the shortest possible time with a similar haircut, it will be possible to reincarnate from an elegant lady to a real bold rock star.
  • This hairstyle is very simple in laying. On such procedures, it will take not only a minimum of free time, but also the easiest set of styling agents – it is not necessary to spend money on expensive components.
  • If you do not know which hairstyle to pick up for the hot summer season, then the original ultra-screwing pixie will come to the rescue. Better than this haircut for the specified time of the year no options.
  • If the hair is rare from nature, and the strands are thinned, then Pixie can also become an excellent way out of this situation. So, torn tips will contribute to strengthening the effect of more well-groomed hairstyles.
  • Can not please and the fact that this haircut comes to the hair of various shades. In particular, vivid and saturated colors, coloring and timing.
  • For simple laying such a hairstyle you can use any means. All modern foams and mousses and gels are suitable.
  • Thanks to such a haircut, it is possible to repel healthy hair with almost zero. If your tips are hairstyle are in a deplorable state, then the optimal solution will be simply getting rid of them. To make it beautiful, you should contact the described hairstyle.
  • Age frames here. This hairstyle can do the fashionista of all ages.

The main thing is that she fit to their face and the familiar style.

Now consider what the basic disadvantages of Pixie are.

  • This hairstyle is so supper and nontrivial that it is not necessary to contact her creation. Not all ladies. For example, gentle charming girls such a solution is hardly suitable. Before proceeding with such a serious haircut, it is recommended to consult with an experienced master or use a special program that allows you to substitute a person under any hairstyle.
  • If the shape of the face of young ladies from nature is square or rectangular, then it is desirable to refuse this haircut. It also concerns the owner of a rounded person.
  • Another substantial minus Pixie is that with this hairstyle will often have to visit the hairdresser. Tips will need to regularly cut, otherwise they will climb into the eyes. In accordance with the growth of hair, visits to the hairdresser can increase from once every 3 weeks, then once a month.
  • Fashionable, which are not accustomed to such short haircuts, is quite difficult to get used to Pixie on your head. From a psychological point of view, a peculiar period of adaptation can get out heavy for the girl.
  • The technique of performing this haircut is not the simplest, so you can trust your hairstyle only experienced masters. Otherwise incorrectly made haircut risks spoil the whole image.


There are many varieties of this haircut for women. Each of the presented options has its own distinctive features and nuances of execution. Consider in more detail what kinds of Pixies exist and what their features are.


When they make a classic haircut, in the area of ​​the head and on the temples, the hair is aggravated to the maximum. As for the macushkin – here they are only tightly poured, and then crushed to the desired length. As a rule, the ends are processed by milling scissors until characteristic features are formed.

The main volume of such a haircut is usually focused on the top of the top.


Asymmetric hairstyles look especially bold and sexy, if they are performed in a tandem with oblique nail. Best of all such an original solution is suitable for routine owners. When performing asymmetric haircuts, very often spars on the temples leave on line cheekbone or just below. If you wish this kind, Pixie is permissible to give additional volume in the area of ​​the Mc.

The asymmetric haircut looks very impressive, but is quite difficult in sales, so it is better to contact a good and experienced hairdresser. This hairstyle performed may be in any color.


To this bold haircut, stylists advise only those ladies that can boast of perfect and proportional features of the face. It should be borne in mind that having such a hairstyle person will be given particularly active attention.

The ultra-screwing haircut is often combined with a well chosen population. This solution makes ladies’ images brighter, bold and extraordinary. Front strands at the same time may well be extended, and the rear – multi-level.

Ideally, such an original haircut goes to girls with an oval form. If the structure of his trapezoidal, then to such a solution cannot be applied – it will not work out a beautiful image.

Do not refer to the described haircut type, if there is a short and complete neck, since it is this part of the body to attract maximum attention to the ultra-screwing hairstyle.


This is another popular haircut option for short hair. It is more sustained in a sporty style and is distinguished by the presence of a good volume resembling a kind of “cap”, hence the name. Sufficiently voluminous sections on the back of the head, painshche and cruting. Ears open only partially either completely.

This type of haircut is fashionable, having a lap almost any thickness. The structure of the hair can also be anything, but it is not recommended to give a similar shape unnecessarily and lifeless strands, because in the end it turns out a naughty hairstyle, looking disharmonious and even sad.

Like symmetry, performed such a haircut often turns out to be quite difficult. Strike hair in this case should exceptionally experienced hairdresser in the cabin conditions.

Do it yourself at home doing it is not recommended.

How to pick up?

According to stylists and hairdressers, Pixie is an excellent solution for many girls and women for 30. Haircut of this type refreshing the ladies image, gives it a special charm and coquetry. However, it is important to correct selection of a certain type of Pixie. At the same time, it is necessary to rely on a number of important parameters.

By type hair

The choice of a specific type of pixie should be made on the basis of hair type. Not to take into account this parameter is impossible, since the specified hairstyle is not suitable for all hair and can be seriously mistaken if you hurry with its selection. The following features should be taken into account.

  • For the hair of a short length, most often choose the classic version of Pixi, which does not require special efforts in laying questions (for this you can not even use a hairdryer or a hot iron). In such a haircut, of course, boyish notes are overlooked, but they do not hinder the femininity and sexuality of the young lady.
  • If the hair is medium, then the cascade, “cap” or multi-layered execution.
  • On too thin and pixed hair pixie is better not to do.
  • Different types of pixie boldly choose and brunettes having dark hair, and ladies having hair in a shade blond – there are no boundaries. No less effectively and attractively similar haircuts look in Russian. In the future, similar hairstyles can be stained to give a more interesting and “living” image.
  • Pixies are suitable not all owners of climbing and curly hair. Best of all similar haircuts look if strands are wavy.
  • If the tips are highly seen, then you should not give up the specified hairstyle.

Any of the appropriate options for pixie can be an excellent opportunity to effectively remove patient hair in order to further increase new healthy strands.

By type of face

Equally important to take into account the structure of the lady of the liking, before choosing the perfect and fashionable version of Pixie.

  • Oval form. Ladies with such a form of face will be suitable for almost any kind of short haircuts – and classic options, and different new items.
  • Round. In this case, playful asymmetry will look like, an additional volume formed on the top of the top, as well as sharp spars treated with milling scissors. Suppose for such a face form and shaved temple. Thus, it turns out to visually correct the face, making it more oval, and not round. Do not suit haircuts that can visually expand or shorten face.
  • Rectangular. For the face of such a form, an extension is characterized and a fairly high forehead, so it is worth choosing such types of pixies that can visually reduce the height of the forehead and face by creating a volume on the side of the head. Admissible in this case, hairstyles, characterized by rounded forms, for example, “cap”, pack or bob.
  • Square. If the girl has such a form of a person, then it is simply necessary for an additional volume in the upper part, as well as mitigating angular traits in the lower jaw. To do this, you can safely refer to all short haircuts having a sufficient volume on the top of the top, but at the same time the lateral areas should not be too lush.
  • Triangular, heart-shaped. In such a situation, it is necessary to reduce the width of the forehead, and the chin, on the contrary, give the volume. The most successful options will be such haircuts that cover the ears, and also have spars located closer to the bottom of the face. Visually narrowing the forehead using oblique or laid for one side of the bangs. Not suitable here perfectly even and thick bangs.
  • Trapezoidal. If the fashionista has a similar form of a person, then it will be necessary to make an additional volume in the temporal area, so that the wide jaw will seem visually more narrow and neat. The ladies with the specified structure of the face are recommended to turn to more magnificent and volumetric haircuts, for example, to “hat”. Outcast ultrashort hair to the trapezoidal person will not fit.
  • Rhombid. In this case, it is desirable to choose such haircuts that will create an additional volume on the temples and the top. Also attractive will look at solutions with rear strands, the length of which comes to the bottom of the chin.

The most neat and aesthetic will be cascading short haircuts.



How to stack?

Methods of laying hairstyles of type Pixie a lot. A distinctive feature of similar haircuts is that they are stacked very quickly and easily – for this you do not need to be a first-class master or an amateur of original hairdressers.

To put different options for Pixie, first the hair is cooked well. After that, they are slightly dried (but not to complete drying). In order to form the required volume, it is permissible to let the phenomenon, hair curlers, or resort to the use of elements of the Facity. But it should be borne in mind that the creation of pomp and the volume is appropriate not always.

This season, stylists recommend to give preference to neat smooth stacking. Such an option will be harmoniously fit into a variety of settings – from wedding celebrations or dates to everyday everyday exits. Hall masters advise to lay the sides using high-quality styling agents for fixation. It is advisable to apply only to light moussam and varnishes that will not harm the structure of natural hair.

If you plan to give a short hairstyle of waviness, you can refer to the use of special wax. Its very often used to form beautiful and feminine styling with light carelessness. The wax allows hairstyle for a long time to hold the shape, but the hair themselves do not lose their elasticity. With the use of such a means, the styling will turn out not only for a durable and attractive, but will attract attention to natural glitter.

If you want to give a haircut an original form, like a rock star, then you should contact the popular technique of selected hair. With this solution, it is most important not to remake with the application of fixing stamping compositions. Otherwise, the strands will be more like a wire and become unpleasant to the touch. Careful with similar stacking It is worth being harassing hair fatty.

An interesting solution can be a hairstyle decorated in a gangster style. Make it using a special gel styling, in the content of which there is no alcohol, which can drown hair.

If you want to refresh the pixie haircut, then on strands it will be possible to just go slightly wet hands and re-form in the top of several strands.

In search of avant-garde solutions ladies turn to the creation of pankovskoe. Similar laying of Pixie does not cost without the use of special plastic “pull” for strands. Thanks to this professional tool, the specified haircut has the opportunity to lay as soon as fashionable. Hair does not lose their elasticity.

Used in laying Pixie and special creative clay. With a similar means it will be possible to easily form any type of hairstyle that you have seen in some movie or on a red carpet. But you need to consider that the clay makes the hair with frosted, so it will not get a glossy glitter hairstyle.

Beautiful examples

Pixie haircuts are different, but they all look very spectacious and attractive if they are executed by an experienced master.

So, very interesting and stylishly look short haircuts with the original effect of the roots of the roots. For example, it may be a hairstyle of a shade blond with dark rusia or even black expressive roots. The sample is permissible to make oblique, and if you wish and choke the temple. Such solutions will be especially appropriate if your image updates a young girl.

In different versions of Pixie, the ashes shade looks. It can be diluted with black strands or roots. Best of all, such non-trivial solutions are suitable for young ladies with correct features of the face and a haircut that gives additional volume on the top.

    Proper, elegant and stylish on girls look hairstyles in pixie style painted in dark brown or black shades. Gentle and neat hairstyle will succeed, if on the back of the head gently cut the hair (you can contact the cascade technique), on the painter to form a small volume and make oblique not too long bangs. The sample is advisable to make oblique. As a result, it will be possible to create a solid and elegant image.

    About how the haircut of Pixie is being done, look in the following video.

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