Purple Ombre: Ideas for different lengths and colors of hair

Purple Ombre: Ideas for different lengths and colors of hair

Ombre using purple paints helps to create an unusually beautiful and memorable image. From this article you will learn about the interesting ideas of such staining for hair of different lengths and colors.


The change in the image is a rather complicated and very responsible process. Every woman during his life several times decides on changing his own appearance. Moreover, such changes are often starting with hair color. Staining curls in another color helps to change the image by making it more fresh and interesting.

Purple Ombre – staining that can give new emotions and impressions of oneself. Such painting is quite popular. At first glance it may seem that this coloring is only suitable for young girls who are not afraid of experiments with their own appearance. But it is not so – Modern shades make it possible to create a unique and unique image of even older ladies.

Ombre – Staining Technique, Popular Worldwide. It remains in demand in women of different age and skin color. Purple staining belongs to color Ombre. At the same time in purple color and its various shades staining distal parts of the hair – tips. A special transition of the main color along the length of the hair to the ends allows to achieve a stunning result.

The color of the tips is selected based on the basic color of the hair roots. It also takes into account the color of the main length of the curls. In order for hair after dyeing, it seems stylish, it is important to perform a beautiful color transition from the roots to the tips.

Than “smaller” and even more than this color gradient will, the better the curls will subsequently.

Modern coloring compositions have different shades. This allows you to create truly unique images. Through mixing of various shades, the master can get a beautiful tone, which is not better suitable for staining hair tips. It can be experimed with various purple shades, increasing or reducing the color intensity if necessary.

Ombre with the use of paints of purple color can be performed on hair of different lengths. At the same time, it is possible to paint in such a way both source light and dark hair. This coloring is suitable for both girls with straight hair and having curlys from nature.

On short hair

Color Ombre on such a long hair – a fairly popular procedure. Such staining allows you to “revive” the image, making it truly unique. Before painting the hair, the master must make a haircut. If the hair was tonsured in a few weeks to such staining, then in this case, you may need a haircut correction. It defines the master individually in each case.

Purple Ombre on short hair looks pretty bright. Such staining is perfectly suitable for young girls who have the right face features. Painted in purple color hair tips make a hairstyle more extravagant. Experimentation with various styling helps to create many memorable images.

For young girls who are not afraid of bold solutions, a haircut with “ribbon” ends, which will be painted in dark purple color. Such a hairstyle allows you to create an image of a girl who is not afraid of change and open to everything new.

Purple staining of the ends of the curls is also suitable for rulesper. It looks great for such painting, made to the hairstyle of Bob and Bob. Such painting can be made not only by young beauties, but also older ladies. Purple hair tips refresh the image and give more charm.

Another haircut for short hair, to which staining with the use of painting compositions of purple shades is perfect, is asymmetry with a shaved temple. Such an option stylists recommend using young girls who love bold solutions.

To create a romantic mood, you can use staining in a pink-violet shade. This option, according to many stylists, is quite versatile and can add almost any image. However, experts advise with such staining women of mature age remember that they should not choose too bright pink shades: the hair will look ridiculous. Also, such staining may not fit the girls who work in the office.

For representatives of creative professions Great Purple-Blue Partial Coloring. At the same time, it looks good, mesmerized on the dark base color of the curls. Such staining is excellent for asymmetric haircuts.

On middle length

Purple hair staining length to shoulders allows you to create a very bright image. Ombre on such a length looks great on asymmetric haircuts with both bangs and without. At the same time, it can be both direct and oblique. To create an extravagant image, stylists recommend when holding a haircut making milling hair tips. Next, when painting, you can make more beautiful color transitions.

Purple staining on such hair length looks great on dark hair. One of the winning options is purple-red staining with the basic dark color of the roots. Such staining helps to achieve a visual increase in hair volume.

Dark-haired girls who want to do purple hair coloring, but at the same time fear experiments with their appearance, stylists advise to use the “discreet” option.

To do this, they recommend painting in a dark purple color only 1/3 part of the hair length. In this case, the transition between the main color and the tips should be the most “soft”.

On long curls

Such Lengox Length is perhaps optimal for purple staining. Color Ombre, made on such a hair length, it always looks very bright and attracts attention. It is worth noting what staining is most suitable for young girls. Many of them celebrate that they paint their hair in such a way because they feel heroes of fairy tales and real princesses.

Long Hair for Violet Ombre – Beautiful Space for Fantasy. Masters in staining use various techniques. It helps create a unique image. At the same time, on long curls, you can perform a beautiful “transition” of colors.

One of the coloring options is zonal. In this method, only individual strands are painted. For example, if the base color of the hair is light, then with this version of the purple tint separate strands in the area of ​​the top. Also, if desired, you can highlight strands with color and the face, it is beautifully emphasized.

With multitone ombra, several purple shades are used immediately. It is also allowed to staining individual spars in colors that are harmonized with purple, for example, in pale pink or dark blue. Such staining looks great not only on long hair, but also on curls long to shoulders.

Recommendations of stylists

Make purple staining can not only in the beauty salon, but at home. If the hair painting is carried out independently, then in this case, you first need to decide on the color of the paint, which will be used to dye the tips. It follows from the base color of the hair.

Masters in coloring recommend not to do purple ombre girls having haircuts made by complex technology.

For example, if a multistage technique was used during a haircut, then in this case it is better that the hair stained a specialist. At home, it can be done so that the beautiful transition of flowers on the curls, bendered in this way, simply will not work.

For painted in purple shades, curls require special care. To do this, it is better to use shampoos that do not contain aggressive components. Such gentle products are well washed with hair, but at the same time help keep the color of painted hair.

So, experts recommend using shampoos, in which there are no sulfates.

When painting Locks in purple color is painted mostly roots. Therefore, they need careful care. End of hair, especially those who were painted, require due attention. In order for hairstyle to look beautiful, on the ends of the curls it is necessary to apply special cargoing agents. For this, for example, you can use feed oil.

To save the beauty of the created image, it is required to carry out regular color correction. It is recommended to do this as the roots are growing. In order for hairstyle, it looks neat and aesthetic, curl tips must be periodically peeling.

To create styling are used, as a rule, various thermal devices. However, stylists note that tias, curls and other devices can faster contribute to the fact that the saturated purple color of the tips will sweep. They may also cause the emergence of a strong hair section, as well as their fragility. In order to reduce the negative effects from the use of such devices, experts recommend to reduce their application or if it is impossible to do it, always use heat protection tools.

How to make purple ombre at home, look in the following video.

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