Redhead Sentush: Features and Execution Technique

Redhead Sentush: Features and Execution Technique

Today, naturalness and naturalness is gaining popularity in all senses of these words. Now it is unlikely to be. Girls seek to emphasize their beauty not to poisonous paints, but natural shades. This trend covered a large spectrum: this can be seen in hair staining, nails and make making. In fashion trends mainly prevail natural and inconspicuous shades.

An exception can be only a bright image that can be created using clothes and additional accessories. Stylists put a task on emphasizing the natural beauty of girls. To such a method also includes staining of the hair of the red fastener.


Coloring technique implies a smooth transition of one color to another, close in color scheme. Color difference is allowed to 3 tones. More will be unnatural look. The effect of the burnt-in the sun. It looks like staining beautifully: hairstyle becomes more voluminous and lush.

Shatus on red hair is popular thanks to harmonious color.

On long hair to make the tent much easier than short haircuts. The longer the hair is the easier to perform the transition from one color to another. On very short haircuts under the boy such staining is possible only on a long bang, and it is not always. Hairdressers recommend before painting to treat hair tips or update hairstyle. The main blow has exactly on the tips, and the seeds, damaged hair will acquire a non-dimensional and disheveled.

It is enough to update the hairstyle or get rid of the tips, and you can start staining.

Before you come to the master, you need to prepare your hair: strengthen them with masks and vitamins. Do it need 2 weeks before the intended color. Before staining, hair does not need to wash 3 days. This fact deserves separate attention. Many faint representatives think that paint is better and easier for pure hair. But this is an erroneous opinion. You will just have to make dirty curls once, and you will see the result.


Staining takes place in several stages.

  • Hair divide on 4 parts. This is not a prerequisite, but a recommendation for inexperienced masters that make the Sentul at home.
  • For further processing, we leave only one part. We divide it for some more small curls and work them, retreating from the roots of 2 cm. I comb all hair. The line where the nobody begins, will serve as a kind of border for painted and not painted parts.
  • Apply paint. On the tips goes the main part, and closer to the roots we apply small strokes. Rentally negligently. On the hair of the average length of 10 cm to the roots, we leave unpainted. On longer hair, you can leave 15 cm, and on a shorter haircut – at least 5.
  • Do not wash the paint 40 minutes.
  • Rinse your hair. You can handle hair with air conditioning. Stay in hairstyle.

Hollywood curls – perfect hairstyle for such staining.

There is also a fascus without a worst. This option is called “saloon”. The procedure is similar to the previous version. The transition to another color in this case is more pronounced. It depends on the skill of a specialist who conducted the procedure. In this embodiment, several similar shades are selected and in turn are applied.

Since the staining does not apply foil or other locomotive separators from each other, then the paints can flow to neighboring curls, mix with each other and create new shades. Thus, it turns out the most efficient coloring. 2 or 3 additional shades are bred in a separate dish. The mixture is applied to small curls.

Further staining occurs in the usual way, and the result will be very beautiful.

Pros and cons

Technique Shatus has advantages.

  • There is no age limit: Suitable for any age. Perfectly hides with gray and gives the depth of all hairstyle. Hair color is natural. Shades game craps. Young girls will be more spectacular, and ladies aged will look younger and fresh of their peers.
  • Gentling coloring. Hair is not painted at the very roots. It saves healthy hair bulbs. In the future, it will ensure the growth of strong curls. Lightening is held every 2 or 3 months.
  • Fast coloring. Preparation and timing process in technique Shatuch is held in 2 hours. It is very convenient if you need to completely change your image in a short time and appear to society in a favorable light. Refreshing hairstyle is suitable for any event. Beautiful laying does not take much time.
  • Simplicity. You can paint your hair at home. Does not require additional lighting and special skills. To do this, call the masters to the house and start the embodiment of your idea. Independent staining, subject to all required rules.
  • Natural hair view of the tent technique is an undoubted advantage. And if you want to achieve exactly the natural view of the hair after staining, then you need to choose this particular technique.

Such staining technique does not fit blondes. And the tent is not suitable for short hair. Perhaps these are all the shortcomings of such staining.

How to distinguish the fascus from other techniques?

This is a special kind of timing. As a result, you see simply burning hair in the sun. The tent is distinguished from other complete chaoticity: there is no specific sequence of colors, no clear boundary between tones. Not used foil, paper, hat. For example, with a clear or smooth Ombre, the tips are completely painted. California Melting is very similar to the tent equipment. In this way, the main difference is a deliberate lightening of hair on 5 or 6 tones. Such staining looks beautiful, but unnaturally.

Equipment Ballozh is very similar to the fascus. Difference in the application of paint on hair. Be sure to – apply paint in the form of the letter V. In the rest of the equipment no different.

Many people confuse these ways, forgetting that the Shatuch implies precisely chaotic paint.

Who fits?

Suitable like staining more brunettes or red-haired. It is on such hair that can make effective staining in the stratum style. Here you can show a fantasy in choosing a shade. For dark blond and medium-born hair selection of shades much less. Nevertheless, the technique significantly refreshes the hairstyle and reduces the years of its owner.

Blondes are much more difficult to spend this staining. Stylists in this case are most often offered to first paint the hair in a darker color and only after that make a fuzz.

Usage Henna

Henna is a long time known as the safest natural paint. Many women ask a question: can it be used in modern staining techniques. In particular, the question concerns the shit. Henna – Universal Tool for Staining in Red Color. It is suitable if you have blond strands with painted ends. If this is the first staining of the henna, then the reaction of your hair is unknown: the product can give a very bright shade, and instead of the fascus you will receive another effect. Experienced Master will not choose a henna for staining.

But at home you can make several experiments. Staining henna can be applied as creating a base color, it will strengthen hair. But constantly have to look for growing roots. Therefore, Henna is not recommended for equipment Shatuch.

Another minus of such staining – gray hair will remain gray: Henna does not cope with this task.

Hair care

Although the stratum staining is non-aggressive, after it needs to be correctly treated. For the first time it will be enough to choose high-quality balm and shampoo. Tools from one series will help to achieve the desired effect. Today in the market you can find quite a lot of products for efficient hair care. Do not forget to make nutritious and strengthening masks: it will help keep your hair beautiful.

Masks can be done by himself resorting to the recipes of traditional medicine. Suitable honey masks, kefir, egg. Read more about them in specialized literature. In some cases, it is worth useing procedures in the salons. You will be offered keratin therapy or lamination.

Hair after such procedures look very beautiful and well maintained.

On the video, see the tent coloring technique.

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