Redish coloring: varieties and fineness of staining

Redish coloring: varieties and fineness of staining

In recent years, a very trendy has become red coloring hair. It is optimal for bright, daring and self-confident women who are not afraid to challenge the crowd and at the same time invariably cause enthusiastic views of men.


Coloring is a special hair coloring technique that allows you to combine from 3 to 20 shades, and they can be both similar to each other and contrast. Similar painting looks very impressive and make a woman truly luxurious. Redshest highlighting allows you to use a wide range of red, orange and golden shades on a label, so every woman can choose that tone that will be combined with its coloring and features hairstyles.

To whom will suit?

There are certain female types, which such coloring is more than anything else.

  • Women with a leather of warm pinkish tone are suitable for all existing shades of redhead, such an appearance is considered perfect for such staining.
  • The classic of the genre is a combination of red shock and green eyes, in this case the mysterious and slightly witch image is created.
  • Redhead shades go to blonde girls, because in this case there is no need for an additional discoloration of strands that can damage the hair. Blondes can use to color as the most tender shades of red-colored and more bold, creative and daring.
  • But if the skin has a tendency to blush often, then it is necessary to abandon such staining – red tones on the hair only emphasize this already unpleasant feature.
  • It is not necessary to resort to fiery shades and owners of problem skin, since bright paints attract excessive attention to all flaws of appearance, deriving these imperfections to the fore.
  • Women at the age should be as careful as possible with the choice of shade. Too bright “acid” tones I can emphasize the starting age changes and throw 5-10 years old chapels.
  • About the choice of shades should be thought out and brunettes. In their case, coloring requires preliminary clarification. Here, depending on the original color of the strand and structure of the hair, the very different shades are possible, which sometimes quite differ from the expected.
  • There will be no successful red coloring and on gray strands, because there are no natural pigment in such curls, so the outcome of the staining can be completely unpredictable.


Most often, in the red color, the technique is used, in which separate thin strands are painted with shades from golden orange to the crimson. As a result, soft and natural overflows from one tone to another are created on the head, they look very impressive when bright light. Coloring of individual curls creates interesting glare in hairstyle, gives hair an additional volume, and the appearance makes more expressive and dynamic. In such a performance, the main tone becomes deeper, and bright and living accents make the hair more lively and easy.

On red hair, hair often make every, this coloring style has gained popularity in the early 2000s, but still has not lost its popularity. Ombre is a gradient staining from one shade to another, most often the roots color with darker colors, and the tips are light. In the case of red color it can be stretching from brown to honey or from cherry to caramel. Possible and more restrained options in which red-haired colors are used only as transitional, for example, from chocolate on top to light redheads on the tips.

Such an Ombre is especially stylish looks at curly strands when you can make a transition more smooth. If the curls are straight, then the smooth transition between the shades achieve much more difficult.

Holders of red hair often paint their hair in the technique of armor, in fact, it is the same torture, only strands starts starting not from the roots, but with a small indent. Such a color has a great advantage in comparison with the rest of the techniques – as they grow, the strands look very aesthetically, and the border between the original and painted color is not visible, respectively, painting requires correction no more than once a quarter.

Often use other techniques, for example:

  • Shatuch, in which color only hair tips+
  • Coloring of individual zones – bangs or strands framing+
  • Rare timing – In the case, thick strands of hair are toned, which are sufficiently deleted from each other.

What shades choose?

For red color, a lot of a variety of shades use.

  • Copper – universal tone, which includes a large range of shades from bright to deep, thanks to which every woman can pick up that color that she to face.
  • Golden – This tone contains more yellow and honey, rather than scarlet tones. Such a shade is suitable for women with light skin and blond eyes.
  • Caramel – This color is rather reminded by blonde and beige shades, so it is considered the most natural out of the entire colors, it is optimal for the eyes and skin of any color, it looks great both on very young girls and the ladies of elegant age.
  • Carrot – The brightest color, which is only suitable for women who are accustomed to stand out from the crowd and catch enthusiastic views. Harmonious it looks with light skin of cold tone, thanks to which it creates a very spectacular contrast, but in combination with dark skin, such a color looks too defiantly and cheap.
  • Reddish – In this group of halftone included ruby, as well as cherry and burgundy shades, they benefitly emphasize dark skin and brown eyes. Mature women they add nobility, and young help to stand out from the total mass of peers.

Coloring involves the use of several colors. The most successful is the combination of red and white shade, while it is desirable to evil the tips or separate strands to the milk. Very spectacularly look at dark strands along with red, to achieve the most stylish result, you need to use the fundamentally different shades of burgundy and orange, they will complement each other and create chic overflows on the head.

However, any coloring on dark curls is associated with the need for their preliminary clarification, therefore the risk of damage to the structure of the hair always remains.

Coloring Blondes allows you to make a chapel in a wide variety of shades – any paint and the resulting color, as a rule, is exactly the expected. The owners of blond hair should avoid staining with bright fiery tones, They are better to give preference to a more moderate color, here preference should be given to caramel, chocolate and milk overflows.

Often, the owners of natural red hair are resorted to coloring. As a rule, such a hair is distinguished by a dense, but the natural shine is deprived. Bathes often note that their native color looks dim and lifeless, so they resort to coloring to bring the radiance and shine. In this case, part of the strands is discolored for subsequent tinting into light shades, and the part, on the contrary, color dark. Thus, on the hair is created the effect of burnt strands, which can be emphasized by staining the tips in golden colors. Such a hairstyle looks volumetric and well-groomed.

It should be noted that with red color, it is not recommended to use a black color as a dark tone, it makes a shop of neglected and untidy, as well as in the most disadvantaged color shade out of the skin, so the owner of a similar flavor acquire an unhealthy look, becoming visually older.

In this case, preference is worth sending chocolate, cherry tones, as well as saturated shades of Marsala or Bordeaux.

Hair dyeing of different lengths

Coloring redheads should be entrusted to the experienced master, because this coloring technique is rather complicated and at home correctly perform it almost unreal. Most of the masters share curls into separate strands, and then with the help of a sponge or brush, the selected shades are applied – depending on the coloring and wishes of the woman, the smears can be both ordered and chaotic.


On a short hair, staining is carried out quite simply – for this alternately choose a strand with a thickness of no more than 5 mm and apply paints with different pigments on them. Each painted curl wrap in foil and leave for 25-30 minutes. After staining, the paint should be washed with warm running water with shampoo.


Beautiful seelings on medium curls do, having previously divided the entire shop into several zones. Each of them is then divided into separate strands and paints the selected color. In this case, the entire procedure is carried out in two ways.

  • Digital of Natural Hair. Here the color selected for staining differs from the main no more than 2-3 tones and only part of the strand is painted.
  • Full coloring – all the hair is painted, and the native color is completely replaced by artificial.


The technique of staining of long curls is almost no different from the previous one, the only difference is that long curls allow you to create not only vertical, but also horizontal coloring – it is allowed here and the tent that allow you to create the effect of the reversing roots. For several seasons, he has been held among the most sought-after staining techniques. Redhead, even if the highest quality paint was used, it has a property quickly dump and becomes “dirty”. To this not happen, it is necessary to follow some recommendations.

  • To wash your head you need to use only special shampoos for painted hair. They do not contain sulfates, flushing the pigment, so the color remains saturated much longer.
  • From time to time you can use hair tonic, they are applied for a few minutes so that they refresh the shade and made the hair color is more shining.
  • Limit any thermal effect on the hair – hot temperatures make shades faded. Therefore, the hair is better to dry with cold air, and from using iron and bad it is better to refuse. If this is not possible – certainly use thermal protection mousses.
  • It is not recommended to apply in caring for red oil curls, as they quickly wash bright hair pigments.

If you follow the rules from the following video, then red coloring will remain bright, saturated and chic for quite a long time.

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